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Kerala in May
Written by Amirthavarshini on October 14, 2020 Share on

May The Month Of May Be With You!

There are some places incredible in their own way that are waiting to be known. One such miraculous state bounded by oceans, backwaters and scintillating greeneries is Kerala. Such a place is indeed a dream destination for everyone. Owned by god himself, this heaven on earth can be visited throughout the year. However, the place adds up grace and charm during the onset of monsoon. Everything you see here will look more beautiful and fresh during this season. So if you are planning to visit the place during May, here are certain things to know before leaving. To summarise, this article is all about Kerala in May- the weather, hotels, things to do and attractions to visit. Without any further delay let’s progress into the article!

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Kerala’s weather in May – Temperature

During May, the temperatures decrease slightly and the volume of rainfall increases in Kerala. Visit the place when the monsoon season is just around the corner and you will fall in love all over again. Though the temperature remains at 29°C, slight drizzles and winds will make it apt for an evening stroll. By the end of the month, the mercury decreases gradually making Kerala in May a hit.

lake of Kerala in May
Image credits: Unsplash

Kerala in May – Hotels

  • Asokam Beach resorts and spa:
    If you want to spend some laid back time while admiring the backwaters of Kerala in May, Asokam beach resort is the best pick. Also, you will have the best times at the rooftop restaurant in the hotel.
  • Treetop resort, Silent Valley:
    Do you often miss your home while travelling? Here’s Treetop resort offering you a home-like atmosphere in the most presentable ways. The ambience, service and food here are simply top-notch.
  • Emerald resort:
    If you want to enjoy your trip to Kerala in the lap of luxury, Emeral resort has all that you are desiring for. With all modern amenities such as a private pool, spa and yoga, the resort simply stands out as the best in Kerala.
  • Coconut Island:
    Head to this private Island-like resort if you are aiming for a completely tranquil trip. The traditionally designed wood cottage will always have your heart.

Things to Do in Kerala in May

Thrissur Pooram Festival

How crazy are you about elephants? If you truly love these gigantic tuskers, you will surely enjoy visiting Kerala in May. Head to Thrissur City, the cultural capital of Kerala where you can witness elephant processions and parades during this month. The Thrissur Pooram Festival offers an elephant pageant. It is indeed a treat to the eyes watching them walk gracefully and gently through the streets. If you are travelling with your little ones, these pageants are a must-see here.

Elephant rallying
Image credits: Unsplash

The Alleppey Backwater Tour Company

Take an excursion trip along the Kerala Backwaters. It is a perfect option for your entire family to enjoy. Happily sail along in a houseboat for a truly unforgettable experience with the Allepy Backwater Tour Company. Initially, the boats were not so comfortable to spend a whole day in it. However, currently, the houseboats have turned into mini-hotels with all modern amenities such as furnished bedrooms, modern bathrooms, stylish kitchens and cosy living rooms.

House boats of Kerala in May
Image Credits: Unsplash

Tea Gardens in Munnar

How can one visit Kerala in May and miss visiting The Tea Gardens in Munnar? These are one of the most popular attractions in Kerala that everyone must visit at least once in their lifetime. Take part in a walking tour around the gardens before sitting back and enjoying a refreshing cup of green tea produced in the fields you visited.

Find peace in the tantalizing rays of setting sun, emerald greeneries and gushing backwaters of the divine land. Visit the mesmerizing state of Kerala in May and you will never feel like returning back. The cosy home-like environment that the state offers is truly beyond comparison. Find solace in the land of Idly, dosa and Puttu. Head to the Pickyourtrail website and start browsing the travel packages to Kerala. Now you can connect with us via Whatsapp and craft your dream itinerary at ease! Come, unwrap the world with Pickyourtrail!

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