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River rafting
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Kolad River Rafting: A Detailed Guide On Everything You Wanted To Know!

Among several other attractions that Maharashtra’s Sahyadri belt is renowned for, the river Kundalika is fast gaining popularity among tourists as an adventure sports destination. Located in Maharashtra’s serene Raigad district, Kolad is a vibrant, tiny village full of natural beauty, especially during the monsoons. Those who are looking for a bit of adventure venture out to experience the Kolad river rafting, which is enjoyable, thrilling and often challenging too! Among the lush green mountains and rushing rivers, Kolad serves as a perfect destination for travellers who want to spend a relaxing time in the lap of nature. Here is a guide on Kolad River Rafting

river rafting experience
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Best time to visit

As it is located in the middle of the Sahyadri mountain range, Kolad ‘s environment is mainly hot all year round. That makes it perfect at any time of year for rafting. Many visitors, however, prefer the monsoons for a Kolad River rafting trip, particularly between June and September months. The water level in the river increases during monsoons and during this season allows for an exciting adventure journey.

Kolad dam
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While the winters are often good, the greenery seen during the monsoons is no substitute for any other day, with a touch of comfortably cold air. In reality, winter is the longest rafting season in the Kundalika River. Throughout monsoons, the water volume in the river rises and this season makes for an enjoyable adventure journey. Although the winters are always pleasant, with a touch of comfortably cold weather, the greenery seen during the monsoons is no substitution for every other day. In fact, winter is the longest Kolad River rafting season.

Summers are avoidable because it gets marginally hotter and you may be dehydrated while rafting by the natural humidity of the mountainous area. However, if during summers one chooses to go out to Kolad just to beat the heat of the city, it is advisable to carry enough electrolyte-based fluids to keep your energy levels high. March to June are summer peak months when rafting works in Kolad.

Kolad River Rafting Experience

White Water Rafting in the Kolad River is one of the country’s best choices today, as the river is a regulated flow from the Bhira Dam. The level of flow of the river depends primarily on the water emitted from the dam. The flow provides white water rafting experiences across a 12 – 13 km long period and the rafting trip usually lasts for around two hours. The section of the river used for rafting is solely based on the water release from the dam and the movement between two rivers, rendering it a totally secure rafting path because there is no risk of rapid rises in water or heavy undercurrent.

Kundalika river
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Each visitor wishing to engage in rafting on the Kolad River is taken to a training session on different paddling strategies and protection precautions to be followed in case they slip off the raft. Only those with no previous rafting or swimming experience will enjoy white water rafting at Kolad due to the protection steps. All the rafting professionals here are trained and have had considerable experience navigating numerous Indian waterways, such as Alaknanda, Bhagirathi, Indus, Zankar, Bramhaputra, and Kali. 

Kolad River Rafting operation begins at 8 AM in the morning and at 14 years, the minimum age needed to go rafting here is set. The Kundalika river provides two degrees of rafting, namely Grade 2 and Grade 3, based on the level of water movement. Although Grade 2 involves a simple understanding of river-wide manoeuvring strategy, Grade 3 is a much more thrilling journey with challenges such as abrupt drops and roaring waterflood, demanding major rafters manoeuvering techniques.

White Water River rafting at Kolad – Getting there

For many surrounding towns, Kolad is well connected by road and train. The village is located about 120 Kilometers from Mumbai, the nearest and most well-connected city. There are several ways to get to Kolad once you enter Mumbai-by road (own car or bus) and train.

By car

If one decides to get to Kolad by car from Mumbai, it would take around 2 hours and 30 minutes to get to the village. The entire road is resplendent with the Sahyadris’ scenic elegance. All you shutterbugs, get ready on the road to take beautiful images! Along the path, one will experience formidable cliffs, lush greenery, foamy waterfalls, sparkling lakes and ponds.

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By Train

Via the Konkan Railways Kolad is well linked to all major cities within Maharashtra and India. The train journey to Kolad from either of the closest locations, much like the road path, is full of scenic beauty and adds to the adventure experience, particularly while travelling in a large group. There are two direct passenger trains which connect daily between Mumbai and Kolad. It is the most cost-effective way to move off Mumbai to Kolad. The trip by train takes roughly 2-4 hours depending on which train one is taking. Another alternative to get to Kolad by rail is to take a shuttle train from Diva to Roha and take an auto-rickshaw or local bus from Roha to Kolad on the highway.

By Bus

Many travelling by bus to Kolad may opt to get on one of the busses bound to Mumbai-Goa and get off at Kolad as it is on the Goa road. This path comprises both Maharashtra state transport busses and private buses, each providing online booking services. Travellers were also able to select the path from Mumbai-Ratnagiri when taking the bus to Kolad. If one wants to take a bus to Kolad there are plenty of choices open. During the day, busses ply this path many times, offering visitors more opportunities to pick a period of choice to enter their destination.

River rafting
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