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A picture of a leaf that was taken in a dark background in Wayanad
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Plan Your Beautiful Getaway To Kuruvadweep From The Busy City Life

Wayanad is a delightful destination in the state of Kerala in India. With its pristine rivers and misty mountains, Wayanad has made itself to be one of the best hill stations in South India. If you love the colour green, then you must visit Wayanad to witness the different shades of green because of its rich natural beauty. It is still said to be one of the places, which retains nature unspoiled. Apart from admiring the natural beauty, you can also try some of the activities which include trekking the green hills, exploring the ancient caves, taking a boat ride and witnessing the unique wildlife. Though Wayanad in Kerala has so many places for the tourists to visit, Kuruvadweep is something unique and well worthy of a visit.

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An amazing picture of tents in Wayanad in Kerala
Photo by Goutham Krishna on Unsplash

Kuruvadweep in Kerala

Kuruvadweep or Kuruva Island is a natural paradise in Kerala. It is blessed with rich flora and fauna which is the best part about this island. Gracefully located in the middle of the river Kabini, it is said to be one of the beautiful places in Wayanad. The forest on this island is evergreen and makes it perfect for trekking. Also on the rivers, you can enjoy bamboo rafting which is a must-visit in this place.

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A picture of a man sitting on a boat in Kuruvadweep in Kerala
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Covering an area of 950 acres, Kuruvadweep in Kerala has a wide range of birds and butterfly species. This forest is completely maintained by the Forest Department of India. Any tourist who wants to enter the island needs to get a pass from the department. Apart from this, you may also find many attractions nearby to keep your day exciting.

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A scenic view of the forests in Kuruvadweep in Kerala
Image Credits: Google Images

How to reach Kuruvadweep

Kuruvadweep Island is easily accessible from all the major cities in Kerala which makes it a popular destination.

Below are the ways by which you can visit the island:

  • By Road: You can take a bus that runs via NH 766 to reach Kalpetta. From there, take a boat ride to reach the island.
  • By Train: You can take a train till Nilambur Railway Station. From there, get a cab to Kalpetta and to reach Kuruvadweep, you can take a short boat ride.
  • By Air: Reach the Calicut Airport and take either a cab or a bus to reach Kalpetta. From there, take a boat to reach Kuruvadweep Island.

Entry fee and operating hours

Here is the entry fee that the tourists need to pay and the time they should visit Kuruvadweep Island in Kerala:

Entry fee:
It is INR 80 for Indian (Adults), INR 55 for Indian (Children) and INR 150 for foreign nationals.
Operating days:
Tuesday to Monday
Operating hours:
9:30 AM to 3:30 PM

Tips before visiting Kuruvadweep in Kerala

  • Make sure you don’t carry plastic items on your visit to Kuruvadweep in Kerala.
  • People are not allowed to swim in the water on the island.
  • There will not be shops for you to eat. So make sure you have your meal before entering the island.

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An amazing view of the sky in Wayanad
Photo by James V Sajeeve on Unsplash

If you are someone who loves nothing but a true natural island, then Kuruvadweep in Kerala should be at the top of your bucket list. You will have a peaceful vacation at Kuruvadweep with a few awesome things to do as listed above. So, when are you planning to visit this awesome island? Visit the website of Pickyourtrail to get the packages to Kuruvadweep in Kerala. Plan your trip and we will help you have a great vacation with seamless customer support via the Pickyourtrail application.

Happy exploring!

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