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Lake Goygol
Written by Punith Jain on June 27, 2023 Share on

Lake Goygol: All that you need to know- Azerbaijan Tour packages

Azerbaijan’s second-biggest city, Ganja sits on the banks of the elusive Lake Goygol. Huddled up in the lower Caucasus mountains, Lake Goygol is undoubtedly Azerbaijan’s most beautiful lake. This stunning lake sits 1500 metres (4921 feet) above sea level amidst dense forests and lush greenery. The greater Goygol area splits into 19 different lakes! The complete lake stretches for more than 6 kilometres in length. Although opened up recently for the tourists to visit, Lake Goygol is a must-visit attraction in Azerbaijan.

How to reach Lake Goygol

Lake Goygol
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Lake Goygol is located 45 kilometres away from the Ganja city centre. Its a one hour drive from Ganja city. You can either take a private cab, Marshrutka- routed taxicab or the public minibus to reach here. The adventurous road leading towards the lake boasts soothing scenery and stunning views of the lower Caucasus Mountains. Make your vacation a memorable one with our Baku tour packages.

For a budget-friendly trip, public minibus is the best option with a little more waiting time. You can pre-book a private cab which is slightly expensive but offers a hassle-free experience. The roads are not easy and the ride can get a bit bumpy!

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Why visit Lake Goygol?

History of Lake Goygol
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A 12th-century earthquake created this iconic mountain lake of Goygol (meaning blue lake). The general Goygol area is split into 19 other lakes and is enriched by dense forests. As it is crystal clear, you can see the rich marine life 8-10 metres below the waters with your naked eyes.

Arguably, Azerbaijan’s most beautiful lake, thousands of tourists visit this breath-taking lake annually. Goygol National Park, another tourist attraction in Azerbaijan boasts rich wildlife and aquatic life.

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Best time to visit Goygol

Due to lake Goygol’s high altitude, the weather is slightly pleasant and cool throughout the year. The Best time to visit Azerbaijan is during the summer(April to June) and spring months(September to October). However, each season brings its own feel and ambience of this place. The landscapes keep changing and you will experience a whole new place during each season. Travel Tip: Avoid visiting this place during the weekends to stay clear of crowds and have some ‘me time’.

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Attractions in and around Lake Goygol

Dadivank Monastery
Credits: Google images
  • Goygol National Park: A vibrant place that spreads over 12,755 hectares, Goygol National Park was established in 1925. This national park in Azerbaijan boasts immense flora and fauna with some breathtaking landscapes. It is home to thousands of unique species of plants and wildlife. Visit this national park by booking a Azerbaijan tour package with us.
  • Dadivank Monastery: It is believed to be built during the first century AD by St. Dadi, a disciple of Thaddeus. Truly the heart of the Caucasus, this authentic monastery is engulfed between high mountains, dense forests, and gorges.
  • Goygol Resort: Surely one of the top resorts in Goygol, this pocket-friendly resort in Azerbaijan surely attracts many tourists annually.

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Azerbaijan is an offbeat tourist destination full of fire, vast amounts of natural reserves, bubbling volcanoes and authentic architecture. Your visit to this ‘Land of Fire’ will surely be a memorable one. Reach out to the experts at Pickyourtrail for your personalized, hand-curated international tour package. Check some of the Europe packages here. Do drop us a ping on Whatsapp to connect directly with the destination expert.

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