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Most Beautiful Parks in Baku
Written by Rhea Alex on June 27, 2023 Share on

The Most Beautiful Parks in Baku

Have you ever wondered where you’ll find the long stretches of endless boulevards, some amazing parks and just lush green landscapes all the way through? Well, Azerbaijan is home to some of the most unique and picture-perfect green surroundings you’ll find.

The entire region more or less transcends tourists into a whole new world, of beauty and charm, unlike any other. So, if you’re someone who enjoys nature and would love to stroll through some of the most stunning city and countryside lands, this has got to be just the place for you. Filled with wonder and amazement at every single nook and corner, the country itself is a living testament to what nature can truly offer. Tourists are most definitely going to find some of the most beautiful Parks in Baku, during the course of their journey. Explore the beauty of the parks with the Baku tour package!

It provides for a rich and refreshing environment, far away from the mundane city backdrop and life. For the love of fresh air, some tall aged trees, flowers of varied kinds, endless lands filled with splendour and awe – Azerbaijan truly takes you back down memory lane. It reminds each one of us of the excellence and beauty that the most beautiful parks in Baku have been inevitably blessed with.

So regardless of whether you’re on your honeymoon, a family vacation, on the quest to find the most beautiful parks in Baku or maybe even a fun trip with your best friends; Azerbaijan has something pure and distinct on its cards. Be it the straight boulevards, the plethora of open spaces in close proximity to the Caspian Sea or maybe even the surprisingly low lying building – you’re most definitely in a for an adventure that you’re going to love.

All of these places are just some of what you could explore and experience. They offer some of the most relaxed and pleasant settings you’ll find when in Azerbaijan and undoubtedly have got to topmost of your lists. 

If you would love to soak in some of the most beautiful parks in Baku, Azerbaijan, a read through this article is all that you need. Find below some great places for you to hang out and enjoy. 

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Most Beautiful Parks in Baku, Azerbaijan

  1. Baku Boulevard
  2. New City Park
  3. Upland Park
  4. Central Botanical Garden
  5. Izmir Park
  6. Zabitler Park

Baku Boulevard

Located just about 3.5 kilometres along the coast of the Caspian Sea, tourists find the ‘Baku Boulevard,’ also popularly referred to as ‘Milli Park,’ situated. The entire area has gained much popularity over the years and is considered to be one of the most beautiful parks in Baku, wherein the locals like to hang out and enjoy.

The part itself came into existence in the year 1909 and has gained much acclaim ever since. Tourists visiting the park can stroll through some of the lovely gardens in the region,  Mini-Venice, fountains and even the Baku Eye. It’s only as the night begins to set in that you can witness families and children making their way to the park. 

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New City Park

The ‘New City Park,’ is situated just a few minutes away from the eastern part of Baku Boulevard. What’s unique and different about this park, in particular, is the quietness and less crowd that the park has to offer. Thus, in turn, has lead to it being recognised as, one of the most beautiful parks in Baku.

Not only do tourists get a peaceful environment to relax in but they also get the privacy they’ve been looking for. You could sit on the many benches that are perched within the most beautiful parks in Baku or maybe even take a walk and soak in the views of the park in isolation.

If you’re lucky, one of the best things about the park remains the amazing sight of hundreds and thousands of fish that you can witness in the Caspian Sea. 

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Upland Park

Placed right at the topmost region of Baku, the ‘Upland Park,’ also known as the ‘Dagustu Park,’ is located just about a couple of minutes to the southwestern region of Icheri Sheher. Tourists can enjoy some of the best views of the city’s skyline from this very park.

The ‘Upland Park,’ is also one of the cleanest parks you’ll find in the whole region and thus, makes the park even more attractive for tourists. If you’re a first time visitor, keep in mind that you’ll have to climb about two-hundred-and-something steps of a funicular, to reach all the way to the top. This view is easily one of the most romantic and picturesque views you’ll find in the region. 

Central Botanical Garden

The ‘Central Botanical Garden,’ is considered to be the best of the best parks in the whole of Baku. The garden itself stretches for about 16-hectares and covers about 3 kilometres of land, towards the western region of Icheri Sheher.

The whole park is home to about 2000 varieties of shrubs, flowers and plants. It was only after the opening of the Soviet Union, that was considered to be under this unit in 1935 – that the famous gardens developed into what it is today. The expansive lands of the garden, coupled with all of the endemic plants and species, easily make the gardens a true delight. 

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Izmir Park

Situated in the northern regions of  Icheri Sheher, more specifically in the ‘Yasamal District,’ is the rather small but popular ‘Izmir Park.’ The park itself finds itself about  2 kilometres away from Icheri Sheher, and makes for the perfect setting for tourists to take in some fresh air.

It undoubtedly is one of the most relaxing things you could do when on your vacation in Azerbaijan. Also commonly known as the ‘Firefighter Garden,’ only because of its close proximity to the region’s fire station  – the very story behind this park is yet another interesting story. Tourists are eager to find out the legacy and history behind one of the most beautiful parks in Baku, as they talk to some of the locals in the region and truly experiencing the real essence of the park. So make the most of your vacation and head over to the ‘‘Izmir Park,’ for a small little break. 

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