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Best Time to Visit Azerbaijan
Written by Rhea Alex on June 27, 2023 Share on

When is the Best Time to Visit Azerbaijan?

Popularly referred to as the ‘Land of Fire,’ Azerbaijan remains an amazing destination to travel to and explore at any given point of the year. The climatic zones that grace the region and the diverse landscapes that make up for most of the place have both contributed to year-long travels to Azerbaijan.

Whether you’re looking at exploring the lowlands, experiencing some of the best sights – as the seasonal migratory flock by or maybe even heading on a hike towards the Caucasus Mountains – Azerbaijan has something in it for everyone. The cultural diversity of the place and the rich heritage that comes along with it makes it a great travel destination all through the year. Make your vacation a adventure by trying out a hiking in Azerbaijan.

For those of you first-time visitors to the region, we’re sure there are a number of questions running through your mind. When is the best time to visit Azerbaijan, being just one of the many questions on your list? We’ve gone ahead and detailed out all you need to know about the above. A read through the blog is all that you need. 

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Tourists who are looking for a warmer environment to travel through could most definitely skip the rather icy cold winters in the region. For all your brave travel lovers out there, an exceptional ambience for you would be the ‘New Year’s Day celebration,’ and the ‘New Year’s Eve,’ parties that take place in the capital city of Baku. The city itself lights up during this time of the year, with dazzling lights, countless parties, restaurants, bars and many other entertainment centres throughout the region. Though most of the celebrations take place all through Azerbaijan, ‘Baku,’ remains the most active and pumped up amongst them all. Make a memorable trip with our Baku tour package.


Along the famous ‘Caspian Sea,’ winters are relatively calmer and mild while the interior regions remain cooler. Some of the parts of the ‘Caucasus Mountains,’ receive a good amount of snowfall during this time of the year. If you’re someone who loves a bit of adventure and would enjoy a shot at some of the best skiing resorts in the region, head over to the ‘Tufandag,’ and ‘Shahdag.’ Though only a few visit Azerbaijan during the winters, the accommodations can be snapped up during this season. 

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The widely acclaimed ‘Persian New Year,’ also known as the ‘Novruz Bayrami,’ graces the region towards the latter half of the month of March. The Zoroastrian celebration has been declared with a National holiday year on year, as spring sets in and honours the entire region. Tourists can witness a plethora of dishes and a wide spread of food and drinks, as the locals take over and make way for a hearty feast. 


Right at the foothills of the ‘Caucasus Mountain,’ range, lies the ancient town of ‘Sheki,’ finding itself dating all the way back to about 2000 years. The entire region is filled and immersed in a great deal of cultural and historical significance. The ‘Georgian border,’ is one among the many other tourist’s attractions in the region that remains the most popular of the lot. For tourists visiting Azerbaijan, a trip towards ‘Sheki,’ has got to be a must-do on your list. 


If being greeted by the name ‘May 28,’ sounds interesting to you, a journey to Azerbaijan during this very date could be a surprise element to your trip. The 28th of May has been regarded as the ‘Republic Day,’ of Azerbaijan and stands for that significant day wherein the ‘ Democratic Republic of Azerbaijan,’ came into existence in the year 1918. 


The month of June, which makes for the summer period in Azerbaijan could be rather hot. Tourists witness temperatures reaching about 40°C in the capital city of ‘Baku,’ every once in a while. The weather in the region finds itself dependent on a number of factors – the humidity coming straight from the ‘Caspian Sea,’ being just one of them. The scorching summer heat combined with the humidity makes it extremely difficult for tourists to travel and sightsee the place for themselves. 


Though the summertime is considerably hot as you make your way towards the lowlands, the temperatures are rather pleasant towards the highlands. This, in turn, makes for some great hikes that tourists can venture out on. If you’re looking for some comfortable temperatures during your visit, make your way up to ‘Quba,’ or ‘Sheki.’ The month of July has been widely recognised as one of the best months to hike while you’re in the Caucasus Mountain range. 


If exploring and experiencing the entire region is your first priority and the hot summer isn’t exactly a concern, a ‘Baku,’ visit is something you could consider. The ‘Absheron Peninsula,’ are some of the best beaches in Azerbaijan, tourists will also find a lot of locals enjoying the beach weather. 


Located in the central regions of Azerbaijan resides ‘Lake Goygol,’ one of the most scenic and picturesque places you’ll find in the entire country. The surrounding landscape, forests, blue waters and the mountainous backdrop – makes ‘Lake Goygol,’ an exceptional sight to behold. A flood of tourists is seen making their way up to the late every year, hoping to catch a glimpse of this stunning environment. 

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One of the most notable differences that you’ll notice when in Azerbaijan, remains the transition time between the autumn and summer seasons. The very nature of the transition seems a bit abrupt, as the clouds find themselves rolling into the October season. It is during this time of the year, that ‘Baku,’ receives cooler temperatures and a good amount of drizzle. 

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Only very few tourists are seen making their way to Azerbaijan during this time of the year, as temperatures plummet drastically during this season. But for those of you that love to watch bird migrations and for all your wildlife enthusiasts, this is a great time to catch some extraordinary sights. 

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From a wide array of themed Christmas markets to restaurants, bars and a plethora of festivals – a taste of festivity is what you’ll get during this season. Tourists can soak in the lively vibes and amazing ambience of the entire place. 

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