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Long Weekends 2018

Nervously trying to figure out your upcoming New Year resolutions? Here’s something to take your mind away from the jitters – weekends, that’s right! Even if none of your resolutions work out, you could atleast pride yourself with being prepared for taking on the weekends next year with much gusto. Start planning with Pickyourtrail – we always have your back. 🙂


Long Weekends

Dec 30 – Jan 2 (New Year) | Jan 12 – 17 (Pongal) | Jan 20 – 22 (Basant Panchami) | Jan 26 – 29 (Republic Day)

January Long Weekends in 2018

Vacation ideas:


Why: A warm and dry climate herald the beginning of the year in Myanmar. The temperature is anywhere between 20 degrees C – 25 degrees C

Where: Survey Pagodas, markets and the Reclining Buddha at Yangon.

Visit the beautiful Buddhist temples of Bagan

Set sail across the vast Myeik Archipelago

What: Naga New Year – At Lahe village, herald the new year once more with the native Nagas.

Anand Pagoda Festival – Watch the temples in Bagan transform and host a variety of singing, dancing, theatre and stand-up comedy events.


Why: A mild and warm weather dots this month. The temperature remains anywhere between 22 C – 32 C

Where: Island hop through the Langkawi archipelago. Psst . . you can also pick up duty-free souvenirs from here.

Take a weekend getaway to the pretty and quaint town of Melaka.

For the nature lovers, head over to the Taman Negara National Park – one of the world’s oldest rainforest, take a quick hike on the rope walkway here.

Sign up for any of these adrenaline raising baits!

What: For a Pongal away from home, head over to Penang and join in on the local celebrations

Royal Langkawi International Regatta – Touted to be held between 8 – 13 January, this has come to be known as Asia’s premier sailing event


Why: The more cooler and forgiving months in the Philippines, the temperature is at an average of 26 C

Where: Catch a live fire show or a music event at the Boracay island

Explore the picturesque rice terraces of Banaue. Locals call it the eighth wonder of the world.

Known for its resilient nature, visit the San Agustin known for having withstood 7 earthquakes.

Cool down by ponds, ornamental gardens and acres of cobblestone path walks at the Rizal Park.

Explore the city on a Jeepney.

What: Pasungay and Pahibag – Held on the fifteenth and the third week of January in the Iloilo city of Panay island, these are bull-fighting and horse-fighting festivals of Philippines. A lot tamer than the Spanish bullfight, no animals are harmed or killed in the festival.

Sinulog Festival – Held over 9 days on the third week of January, this is one of Philippine’s grandest festivals. Expect street parties, dancers, music and colourful costumes.


 Long Weekends 

Feb 10 – 13 (Maha Shivarathri)

February Long Weekends in 2018

 Vacation ideas:


Why: The weather is cool and temperatures are anywhere between 21 degrees C – 32 degrees C. A great vacation idea if you enjoy rains.

Where: At the heart of Bangkok, visit the Grand Palace.

At the day’s end, take a Thai massage to truly rejuvenate.

On days you feel adventurous, climb the Sathorn Unique skyscraper and catch some of the best views of Bangkok

Take a trip to the stunning Ko Phi Phi island and visit the shooting locales of The Beach and James Bond movies.

Laze around at all of these seven beautiful beaches of Thailand.

What: Chinese New Year – Celebrated on February 16 2018, it is best witnessed at Chiang Mai or Koh Samui.


Why: With a mostly cool, dry weather the temperature ranges anywhere between 23 C – 29 C.

Where: Explore mountains, limestone cliffs and rice fields of the scenic town of Vang Vieng.

Visit the tranquil Buddhist monasteries of Luang Prabang.

Take a walk in the Xieng Khuan or Buddha park, adorned by 200 statues of Buddha and other Hindu Gods and demons.

What: Vietnamese Tet & Chinese New Year – This festival is all about noisy parties, firecrackers and visits to the temple.

Sri Lanka

Why: Maintaining an average temperature of 30 C, there is a good chance of sunshine and minimal chance of rain. Now is also a great time to spot animals at National Parks and whales and dolphins at the coast of Mirissa and Kalpitiya.

Where: Take a boat ride and try your hand at watersports at the Madu Ganga river

Go on a tea-tasting spree across the estates of Nuwara Eliya

Catch the sunrise near the Lion’s Rock by climbing the Pidurangala Rock

Exotic, indigenous and wild  – meet the animals of Sri Lanka on your safari through Yala National Park

What: The National Day – Celebrated on February 4, watch parades, performances, and dances throughout the country. Schedule your visit to Colombo so you can catch the military parade and show.


 Long Weekends

Mar 1 – 5 (Holi – Mar2) | Mar 29 – Apr 1 (Mahavir Jayanthi/Good Friday)

March Long Weekends in 2018

 Vacation ideas:


Why: With temperature at an average of 28 C, Maldives radiates the perfect amount of sunshine. No rains to play spoilsport, scuba diving, snorkelling, and hiking are best done now.

Where: Catch sunset and some dolphins making fabulous flips in the horizon at Cinnamon Hakurra.

Explore the beautiful underwater world up on your paddleboard

Head over to the Banana Reef by the North Male Atoll and snorkel away to the sight of beautiful corals and marine life

Tour a manmade island – head over to the Hulhumale island

What: Everyday is a celebration of nature, sunshine, beaches and getting away from the daily humdrum. Why don’t you celebrate today by exploring new islands? Feel like Columbus.

Also Check out: Maldives package | Maldives honeymoon packages


Why: With a temperature average of 14 C, this month signals the arrival of the Spring season. And spring = cherry blossoms.

Where: Travel through Japan aboard a Shinkansen or bullet train at exhilarating speeds of 200 kmph.

After a full day of exploring, dig into some heartwarming Ramen.

By night, take a walk under cherry blossom trees with the moon lingering above.

Be entertained at a kabuki show. If you are all for elaborate costumes, dance, music and drama you will love it. Here is what one week in Japan has to offer.

What: Cherry Blossom festival – With cherry blossoms in full bloom, there’s no time to waste. Starting March 15, toast to cherry blossoms at a Japanese tea ceremony, and music concerts. At the Matsue Jozan Koen Festival in Shimane watch cherry blossom trees lit by the night.


Why: This month sees a gradual shift from winter to spring making it a pleasant time to visit. The temperature averages at about 20 C as nights continue to be cold.

Where: Visit the ancient city of Petra by the night to witness it transform by the night lit entirely by candlelight.

Breathe and take in the mesmerizing desert landscapes of Wadi Rum on flight tour of the region.

Give into childlike wonder as you float atop the Dead Sea.

Live one day as a Bedouin does. The perks? A story, some roasted coffee and a campfire by the night. Not to forget, counting stars to fall asleep.

What: Amman International Theatre Festival – Held during March every year, this is competitive theatre fest with performances by the theatre talent from and around Jordan.


Why: One of the best months to be at Vietnam, expect bright skies, sunshine and a warm, balmy weather. With an average temperature of 20 C – varying by the region – it is an excellent time to trek and try your hand at adventure activities.

Where: Visit the ancient town of Hoi An and explore the cultures that make up this potpourri – Chinese wooden houses, French colonial buildings and Japanese pagoda-covered bridges

Up for a bit of exploring and mystery? Explore the World War 2 dated Cu Chi tunnels at Ho Chi Minh.

Greet the balmy sun outside! Chance upon limestone islands, islets and cliffs as you explore the waters of Halong Bay on a kayak.

Hike the 12 km long Ho Chi Minh trail through the Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park.

What: Cow Racing festival – Yes, this actually exists. Marking the end of a Khmer year is a race between the best pairs of cows aiming to make two laps with a tow and a “rider” leading them with his whip.


 Long Weekends

Apr 13 – 16 (Tamil New Year)

April Long Weekends in 2018

 Vacation ideas:


Why: With an average temperature of 29 C, Singapore promises balmy outdoors and more days under the sun.

Where: Tour the hip Haji Lane neighbourhood with its vibrant street art and cute cafes.

One of the best places to take in panoramic views of Singapore climb aboard the Singapore Flyer.

Start your day with the Singaporean breakfast favourite – the Ya Kun Kaya toast is bread lathered with coconut jam and butter to go with soft boiled egg. Eat like a Singaporean for a day.

Go bar and restaurant hopping along Clark Quay. Take a cruise here to catch glimpse of Singapore’s highlights.

What: World Gourmet Summit – Held in April, it has been called Asia’s premier haute cuisine festival. From sampling the best Bordeaux and Tuscany wines to fine dining experiences crafted by Michelin-star chefs and hands-on cooking workshop, it promises to be quite the fest for all you foodies out there.

New Zealand

Why: With a temperature average of 20 C, New Zealand is generally cool and pleasant this time of the year. A great time to go hiking, given leaves are changing to their autumn colours.

Where: At the Bay of Islands head over and tramp through the scenic Cape Brett. Once there, climb the lighthouse there.

Take a dip in one of the mud or hot water pools as you walk through Wai-O-Tapu at Rotorua.

Atop the Sky Tower of Auckland and take a Sky Walk. And if you dare, take a jump from up here.

En route to the dramatic Hot water beach, stop by the beautiful Coromandel Cove. Next, head to these beautiful beaches.

What: Arrowtown Autumn Festival – If you aren’t here why are you even in New Zealand. No town is decked better. Touted to take place between 19th – 25th April, the festival promises music, food and more. Keep updated here.


Why: With temperature hovering around 15 C, it is springtime in Paris. Which means misty mornings, and nature is in full bloom.

Our tip: Dress in layers and carry water-resistant shoes and jacket for the rare rainy day.

Where: Go shopping at Champs de Elysees. Sssh, here are some bargain shopping secrets.

Take a trip to the Palace of Versailles and awe at its splendour

Take a walk in the Jardin du Luxembourg and chance at the original piece from which Statue of Liberty was inspired.

What: Foire de Paris – Starting in late April, this is a fair that runs through May. Taste wine and foie de gras at this fest.

Foire du TrĂ´ne – Running until late April, this is proper city fair with merry-go-rounds, roller coasters and other rides along with mouth-watering carnival food adorned stalls.

Paris Marathon – One of the rare occasions seeing the closing of Champs de Elysees, the marathon is an interesting way to sightsee Paris. Taking you through the Bois de Vincennes and to Avenue Foch, you can take the walking route if you aren’t up for running.


Why: With an average temperature of 16 C, it’s springtime in April.

Where: Set to the backdrop of Atlantic ocean, explore the charming Lisbon on the century-old wooden trams.

Frequented by the great JK Rowling herself, visit the Livraria Lello bookstore in Porto. It is also said to have inspired the Hogwarts Library in the Harry Potter series.

Definitely go down to Pasteis de Belem and taste some pastel de natas. These are Portuguese version of custard tarts.

In Algarve, catch the best sunset at Cape St. Vincent. 

Take notes from our traveller Vijay Ram.

What: Obidos International Chocolate Festival – Held in the medieval town of Obidos, for an entire month, this place is decked in chocolate sculptures, holds competitions and becomes every chocoholic’s dream.


 Long Weekends

Apr 28 – May 1 (May Day)

May Long Weekends in 2018

 Vacation ideas:


Why: Ready to take on the summer, Amsterdam hovers at a pleasant 14 C.

Where: Take a walk along the full bloomed tulips at the Keukenhof Gardens -only open till May 21!

If you miss the canals, you have missed a huge part of what Amsterdam offers. Set sail and take that cruise. This is one of the many reasons it made it to our curated list of honeymoon destinations.

De Pjip is the place to be at. Wander the lanes of this Latin Quarter – stop at the pubs or restaurants that call out to you. Ready yourself for a foodie overdrive.

Wander the Vondelpark – the largest in Amsterdam. Just settle in for a picnic, take a walk or crack open a cold one at one of the cafes here.

What: Remembrance and Liberation Day – Celebrated on May 4 & 5, the citizens pause to pay respect to victims and soldiers of World War II. Join the celebrations of May 5 along with everyone – here a rock concert, there a late night party. Join in!

909 Festival – Join this 12-hour techno music fest and dance your day away at the beautifully landscaped Amsterdamse Bos park on May 26.


Why: With temperatures hovering at 11 C average, find Norway in a burst of spring colours.

Where: Get atop the North Cape at Finnmark for one of the most dramatic views of Norway’s coast.

Take a cruise by and admire the scenic Geirangerfjord.

Walk in the Vigeland park and admire some masterpieces of the sculptor, Gustav Vigeland.

At the charming town of Bergen, take a close look at the Bryggen buildings adorning the harbour here.

Try your hand at any of these adventure activities in Norway.

What: May Day – Also the National Day of Norway, it is held on May 17 and witnesses children’s parades, community potlucks and a sense of festivity pervading the streets of Norway.

Florence & Tuscany

Why: With temperature averages of 21 C and 13 C, the weather is nothing short of pleasant and accommodating in these places.

Where: Watch out for the street signs that line Tuscany – among the many comically altered street signs there’s one even to show “art knows how to swim”.

The best time to be in Tuscany, head out the town of San Miniato and taste the regional special – truffles.

From Indonesian kopi luwak to the Peruvian coffee, Chiaroscuro’s espresso bar coffee varieties from 15 different countries.

Known for being a botanical wonderland, head out to the beech forests of Apuan Alps – now bursting with wildflowers and colours of springs.

Head over to the charming town of Chianti for a Sunday market and stumble upon some of the best local finds – cheeses, handicrafts and more.

The birthplace for gelato, taste it best at the family-run joint of Vivoli.

What: Barberino del Mugello – Starting April 29, this is a four day fest dedicated to live music concerts, performances, and stalls of food that bring the crowds to the streets.

Sagra Della Cipolla – Celebrated on May 1, and also called Breath of the Onion festival is a food festival dedicated to the Treschietto onions. The time we took some notes about cherishing our food from the Italians, it seems.

Side note: Chianti seems big on antiques and local handicrafts. If you are on the sprawl for some or just a connoisseur of arts, plan your first weekend of May here.

Read more: Take some notes from our traveller Kashmira Chawak.

Hong Kong

Why: With an average temperature of 26 C, the days are set to get really, really warm here.

Where: Go beach hopping – a new beach everyday. Carry sunscreen especially if you want to head over when the sun is bright.

Victoria Peak is a must-do. On the tram ride up here, enjoy some of the best views.

Hong Kong is a beautiful mixture of cuisines from all over the world – take some time out and taste them all. Here’s a street smart guide you will need.

Choose a day when the air is pleasant and head out to Disneyland. You don’t come this far and not experience some Disney magic!

What: Cheung Chau Bun Festival – Held on the Cheung Chau island this 4 day fest involves papier mache effigies, building bamboo tower and bun-baking. Join in this quirky fest and partake in some Taoist ceremonies and music, parades, lion dances and bun scrambling competition that involves people climbing bamboo poles to win some buns.


 Long Weekends

June 14 – 18 (Idul Fitr)

June Long Weekends in 2018

 Vacation ideas:


Why: With a temperature average of 14 C, Poland remains warm and pleasant throughout this month.

Where: Take a tour of the Auschwitz Concentration Camp – its dark, we know, but it will change your life forever. We are not being dramatic, our traveller Vijay Ram confessed this to us.

Visit the sand dunes at Slowinski National Park. Who would have thought!

Survey the complex of the beautiful Krakow Castle. It is beautiful inside and out – this much we can confess.

Try a Pierogi on you street prowl through Poland. A dumpling of sorts is versatile, given the enormous variety of fillings available. Our personal favourite is ruthenian pierogi filled with potato and cheese.

Note: There are special restaurants called the pierogarnia whose menu is an extensive list of pierogi dishes.

What: Wroclaw Good Beer Festival – It isn’t called good for anything. Held around mid-June, this festival aims to promote beer from small and medium-sized breweries in Poland and abroad.


Why: With a daily average of 22 C, there is a reason crowds are rushing to get here.

Where: After the long winter, the Adriatic sea opens once more to sailing enthusiasts. Take a cruise along this 100 island strong archipelago.

You have seen them on wallpapers – the UNESCO listed Plitvice lakes are 16 interconnected interchanging lakes that you can admire up close on a wooden walkway passing by them.

A Game of Thrones fan? Visit the medieval coastal city of Split and survey the medieval fortresses and winding lanes that featured in the TV series.

What: Love International – If you love the ocean and some partying, get here. Love overdose? Once you take a look at the onsite nightclub, the boat parties, the A-list DJs playing some tunes between 28 June – 5 July, you will agree too!


Why: With an average temperature of 16 C Scotland is in the prime of Spring – the landscapes are greener than normal.

Where: Given spring is all around, Isle of Skye becomes even more prettier in June. Take a day out to explore its fairy pools and waterfalls.

Go off the beaten path and to the pink sand beaches of Lunan Bay along the Angus coastline.

Take a boat ride to the iconic Fingal’s cave sitting on the uninhabited isle of Staffa.

With castles lining up a scenic countryside, take one castle tour everyday to get you started.

What: Leith Festival – To be held between June 9 & 17, this celebrates the Leith community with music, theatre, and even pageants.

Moray Walking Festival – A one week festival kicking off on June 15, this is a great way to explore Scotland’s many castles, hills, forests, coastlines, rivers and even towns! Keep track here.


Why: If you aren’t here for the Northern lights, then, this is the best time for Iceland. With a temperature average of 9°C, this is the warmest Iceland ever gets.

Where: Head over to Husavik near the Arctic circle to go Whale watching.

Under the midnight sun, go horse riding on the handsome Icelandic horses.

Survey the stunning Jökulsárlón glacier lagoon surrounded by beaches the colour pitch black.

Take a close look at Iceland’s gorgeous waterfalls. Special mention to the iconic Seljalandsfoss along the Ring Road.

And, most definitely, rent a car and take an unforgettable trip on the Ring Road.

You can discover this place for free – here’s how.

What: Secret Solstice Festival – Held around the summer solstice between June 21 & 24, this is a music festival is known for its outrageous venues – from inside of a glacier to inside of a volcano! Its headliners in the past have included the likes of Radiohead and Foo Fighters.


None found! This is a month you will have to figure out. Here are some places you can consider going to:

The Carribean


Why: With an average temperature of 27°C, the Carribean is sunny and pleasant this time of the year. Time to bring out the surfboards and live the beach life.

Where: Learn to surf like a pro at one of the rugged beaches of Barbados.

Take a hike through the El Yunque rainforest and up to the Pico del Toro for breathtaking views.

Love the ocean but unsure about taking the plunge? Take a submarine tour and awe at the beauty of corals, fish and wrecks in Aruba.

Shed ceilings and gaze at stars on some far-off beach in Antigua.

What: You can be a part of the Portland Jerk Festival if you love everything meat – taste delicacies chicken, pork, sausage and more.


 Long Weekends

Aug 11 – 15 (Independence Day) | Aug 19- 22 (Bakrid) | Aug 23 – 27 (Onam)

August Long Weekends in 2018

 Vacation ideas:


Why: It is summer here! Which means almost 18 hours of sunlight, a mild weather and an average temperature of 18 – 19 C.

Where: An iconic attraction, take a hike up to the Cliffs of Moher and awe at the dramatic views from up here.

Explore the beautiful nature of Ireland on trek through Killarney National Park. For movie buffs, this is the very pretty place where Holly Kennedy (literally) lost herself in the movie P.S I love you.

Take a road trip around the Ring of Kerry.

What: Puck Fair – One of the oldest street festivals of Ireland, Puck Fair is held between August 10 & 12. Expect merry making and a lot of drinking. Stay updated.


Why: With an average temperature of 18 C, it is autumn here – which means scenic vistas of carpeted by fallen leaves almost everywhere you go.

Where: Tour through the gorgeous Vasa Ship Museun

Just 45 minutes away from Stockholm, head over to Sigtuna – the first ever city of Sweden, and admire the ancient architecture and ruins here.

Want to meet The Vikings? No need to time travel. Just head over to the island of Birka on a traditional Viking boat and experience the Viking life for a day.


Why: If autumn is not all fallen leaves and sweater season for you, Aruba is the right fix with balmy sun and beaches. Be greeted with an average temperature of 29 C.

Where: Explore the wildlife and fauna of Aruba at the Arikok National Park.

Laze around, dine and party along the Palm beach – a 2 mile strip blessed with glamorous hotels, restaurants and bars.

Explore the landscape on a jeep. Wind in your hair, sun on your dashboard – it’s summer all the way.

Teaming with beautiful marine life and colourful coral, snorkel in the clear waters of the ocean in Aruba.

What: Keep track of what’s happening in Aruba here.


 Long Weekends

Sept 1 – 4 (Janmashtami) | Sept 13 – 16 (Ganesh Chathurthi) | Sep 29 – Oct 2 (Gandhi Jayanthi)

September Long Weekends in 2018

 Vacation ideas:

Barcelona, Spain

Why: With an average temperature of 26 C, Barcelona is all clear skies and sunshine – ready to bid farewell to summer.

Where: Admire the impressive work of Gaudi as you take a walk in the Park Guell and visit Sagrada Familia – both unfinished works of Gaudi.

Watch the buzzing street of La Rambla in live action – shop for souvenirs, dine at a cafe or just stand by and watch a street performance.

Drive to the rugged and scenic coast of Costa Brava and settle in for a magical day of beach, sun and waves.

What: Le Merce Festival – Held for 5 days starting on September 22, this street festival celebrates the onset of autumn with concerts, fireworks and events like Fire Run, Human Tower, a Parade of Giants! Stay updated.

Budapest, Hungary

Why: September sets off autumn in Budapest with a daily average of 17 C – making it the fourth warmest month of the country

Where:  Watch a show at the theatre of Hungarian Opera State.

Take a walk on the Chain Bridge here for mesmerizing views of the Danube river.

Hop into a limo and take a ride around the city.

Get to Fisherman’s Bastion and catch amazing views of the city.

What: Sweet Days Chocolate Festival – Held between September 14 & 16 in front of the Stephen’s Basilica this time the festival will include a whole range of delicacies like donuts, whiskey, palinka, coffee, chocolate and other street foods.

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 Long Weekends 

Oct 18 – 21 (Dussehra)

October Long Weekends in 2018

 Vacation ideas:


Why: With a daily average of 23 C, Mauritius is just the right amount of warm for your day at the beach.

Where: Raise the stakes at Casela World of Adventures and go ziplining, mudkarting, and canyon-swinging.

Lush foliage and wildlife welcome you at the beautiful La Vanille Natural Park.

Go beach hopping across some of the most softest, turquoise-hued beaches in the world.

What: Diwali – Why here, you ask? Watch the already beautiful island nation turn into a fairytale wonderland by the night with lamps adorning house fronts. If you want to avoid the noise of firecrackers, this is a great escapade.

Read more: Other places to explore in October.


 Long Weekends

Nov 3 – 7 (Diwali)

November Long Weekends in 2018

 Vacation ideas:


Why: With an average temperature of 21 C , Argentina is pleasant this time of the year.

Where: Explore the bohemian San Telmo neighbourhood in Buenos Aires.

Catch a tango show or two here. And then read this essential guide to South America.

Get away from the city for a day to charming El Tigre. Shop away at its market Puerto de Frutos.

What: Zombie Festival – Begun by a group a horror-movie fans, it has gained more momentum now. Watch the San Martin Square fill up with zombies and dance to the choreography of Michael Jackson’s Thriller.

Parana’s Costume Party – Held in the beautiful city of La Paz on November 27, another great fest to watch streets flood with people dressed in a variety of colourful costumes.


Why: With mild pleasant weather the temperature average of 31 C makes it a great time to go trekking and hiking.

Where: The surf is great this time of the year. Head out with your surfboards and conquer some waves.

Slide or board down Central America’s youngest volcano – Cerro Negro.

Among limestone cliffs and turquoise water, take a leap from the Somoto Canyon.

What: Stay updated about Nicaragua’s events.


 Long Weekends

Dec 21 – 25 (Christmas) | Dec 29 – Jan 1 (New Year)

December Long Weekends in 2018

 Vacation ideas:


Why: With an average temperature of 25 C, Cambodia is pleasant to go and pulls quite a proud.

Where: Survey the beautiful complex of Angkor Wat and Thom.

Head over to the mystical ruins of the Beng Mealea temple.

Tour Tonle Sap – a floating village with its own temple, too. Other things to make your day at Cambodia!

What: Bon Om Touk – Held in this month this Cambodian Water festival is celebrated with three days of concerts and boat rides.


Why: With balmy skies, the temperature is at an average of 24 C

Where: Try the locals’ favourite snack here – the Chivitos, a sandwich served with ham, bacon, mozzarella, olive, tomatoes and eggs.

Explore the fortified walls of the cobblestoned town of Colonia.

Try your hand at watersports at the resort city of Punta del Este.

What: Navidad – Christmas celebrations kick off here at 12 am and continue down at the beach of Montevideo with a drink in hand.

It’s never to early to start planning your long weekends, trust us! Download your very own 2018 Long Weekend Calendar.

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