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Hulhumale Island View
Written by Punith Jain on April 13, 2020 Share on

Smart island city of Hulhumale

Lying in the South of North Male Atoll, the charming Hulhumale Island is one of the most beautiful man-made islands in the Maldives. This artificial, reclaimed island lies around 8 kilometres off the North East Coast of Malé and is approximately 7kms away from the Velana International Airport. The whole island sprawls throughout a large 188 hectares and is made up of a delightful combo of urban and island lifestyles. The Hulhumale Island turned into born out of the shallow blue Hulhule lagoon, lined with driftwood and coral, and embellished with a grid of roads that faintly resemble runways. Despite being artificial, it feels unusually natural.

Situated inside the South of North Male Atoll, Hulhumale Island attracts a large number of globetrotters and honeymooners all over the world. This is a synthetic island that meets each prevailing and future business and industrial housing demands that arises within the Male vicinity. As in line with the census conducted in 2016, the cutting-edge population of Hulhumale Island is 40,000. The city is likewise stated to be the first metropolis to be advanced as a smart city in the Maldives, which makes this region one of the most visited places amongst travelers in the Maldives. The lovely environment, white sandy beaches, crystal clear water, coconut groves, journey sports, and the lip-smacking Maldivian seafood provides even greater appeal and pleasure to the travelers’ experience.

Hulhumale Island Aerial View
Hulhumale Island,  Picture courtesy: Wikipedia

Hulhumale’s Geography and Attractions

Although there are many man-made islands, the island of Hulhumale is unique and became designed to increase the limits of Male. In terms of the overall area, it’s barely different from other Maldivian islands. It’s freshly planted timber, open beaches; golden-white sand and azure blue waters are without a doubt awe-inspiring. This island is well-known for its golden-domed mosque. The island of Hulhumale was built to increase the landmass of the Male city and also enhance tourists’ experience here. Green architecture and green strength have certainly been the constructing blocks of this island and there are numerous more inexperienced tasks in development. It is, in truth, the first of the inhabited islands to go against littering. A stroll via the island would show properly-deliberate bins and proper waste disposal systems on the island.

Hulhumale Mosque
Masjid al Sheikh Qasim bin Al-Thani Mosque in Hulhumale

Hulhumale Island is placed at a distance of 6.5km from Velena International airport and has a lot to provide to the vacationers. In addition to taking part in adventure water sports activities to taking a walk at the seaside with the cherished ones, this island will supply tourists and revel in what they may cherish for their lifetime. Tourists can also indulge themselves in daylight activities like playing volleyball, badminton, different adventure sports activities like Kayaking, scuba diving, Surfing, snorkelling, and cruising. Another purpose that makes this location pretty popular amongst travellers is that each one of the water sports available here is quite low-priced.

7 Things to do in Hulhumale Island

  1. Stroll around and embrace the serenity of Hulhumale Beach
  2. Shop your hearts out in the Centro mall, an all-inclusive place for shopping luxury brands, classy salons, spa, and world-class dining outlets.
  3. Take a day trip to the capital city of Male. Most of the guesthouses in Hulhumale can organize various day trips for the guests.
  4. If you are an animal lover, then get a chance to enjoy a private tour of Dolphin watching. This tour takes place in a local speed boat and the dolphin watching area is 3-4 miles off the coast.
  5. Deep dive into the Hulhumale Central Park and get closer to nature. This is a car-free zone and you will find lawns around a pond while strolling.
  6. For food-lovers, you could visit The Sea House, the most popular restaurant in the Maldives serving delictable cuisines.
  7. Pay a visit to one of the oldest and eye-catching architectures of the Sheikh Qasim bin Al-Thani mosque, located in the north-east of Hulhumalé.

Basic FAQs

How far is Hulhumale from the airport?
It is 7kms away from the Velana International Airport and there is a bus-shuttle that departs every 30 minutes from the bus stop beside KFC. It costs MVR 20 per person approximately.

Hulhumalé isn’t overly congested like Malé?
The roads in Hulhumalé are extensive, with beneficent pedestrian walkways.

What about Hulhumale by Ferry?
You can go to Malé directly with a 20-min ferry ride. It costs around MVR 5-10, and it departs every 15 minutes.

How about the restaurants and cafes?
There is a stretch of pristine beach with lots of cafes close by, which are economical and serve a variety of cuisines.

How about shopping?
This man-made island has a lot of minimarkets, souvenir shops and even a supermarket (Redwave City Square) for souvenir shopping.

Is there an entry fee to enter the island?
There is no entry fee to enter the island and is very well connected by roads from the Male city.

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