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Maldives Cruises from India – All that you need to Know!

Maldives reminds us of Lavish water villas in Maldives, soft sand beaches, turquoise waters, flourishing greens, and blah blah blah. Are you tired of such cliched narrations about the Maldives? What if there is a much more interesting and classy way to make your Maldives trip more captivating? That’s spot on! We’re discussing the exciting Maldives honeymoon packages from India that include Maldives cruise which is outside the world of blue skies, shore excursions, and the immersive waters.

Maldives cruises offer something really breathtaking to all worldwide travelers planning to holiday here! As thrilling as it may resonate, we’re pretty sure that not all your inquiries have been resolved yet. Hence, whether you’ve been delaying your cruise trip or are planning to embark on one, here’s an extensive list of FAQs that often puzzled all the travelers, when it’s about a cruise, especially when it is from India to Maldives.

Maldives Packages Starting @ ₹78,000

5* Resorts. Water Villas. Customizable Itineraries.

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Maldives Cruise from India – Interesting Facts

People will get to enjoy vacations in the Maldives which will be memorable for an eternity because of its Mystical Islands. A stay in this cruise provides an experience to all visitors that outlines the real sense of luxury and adventure unearthing the perfect islands with phenomenal underwater marvels. The sand breaks on a cruise will be yet another amazing experience for the visitors of the Maldives.

Reasons to book Cruise To Maldives

Before booking the trip, is it mandatory to know what’s exclusive about the Maldives cruise trip? No! But because it is the prime way to get around the Maldives indeed, and undoubtedly the finest method to explore the hidden treasures of this tropical paradise. It is not only cost-effective but also saves a lot of time and energy for the travellers. Whether you opt for a luxury cruise or a catamaran, the foremost way to get to the heart of Maldives is via waterways. It is certainly one of the most remarkable things to do in Maldives.

Ideal duration to book the Cruise to Maldives 

To be on a safe side, it is for the best that explorers do not stay on a cruise for more than 5 days which is more than enough for exploring the Maldives. Including all the coastal excursions, and the time spent at the sea, a limit of 4 to 5 days would suffice for a cruise ship to the Maldives, in order to avoid any kind of seasickness and to return home without flaring a hole in your pockets. (just kidding)

Whether looking for a honeymoon in the Maldives or perfect getaway with family and friends, these spectacular cruises in Maldives will surely make your vacation the most memorable one!.

Maldives Cruise terminal
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Best time to book the Maldives Cruise

Are you looking for the Best time to visit Maldives? Maldives enjoys a tropical climate that encompasses of a dry season, and a wet season. Out of the two, the dry season which extends from November to April is considered to be the ultimate season to witness the true magic of Maldives as well as to take a Maldives cruise from India. To enjoy a cruise to its true essence, the dry seasons happen to be the unbeatable one as the humidity is relatively less, with rarely any rain. Hence, the climate remains clear for shore excursions, and smooth sailing and visiting Maldives by cruise during these months would be substantially recommended!

How much does a Cruise from India to Maldives Cost?

The expense of a cruise package from India to Maldives is based on the destination of origin, the number of days a vacationist spend on the cruise, and the type of cruise he or she has opted for. The Maldives cruises, to a great degree, start from either Mumbai or Kochi, which are the major ports in India. So you can either propose to start this cruise from Mumbai or from Kochi. Ranging from luxury to budget, an approximate cost for a  package from India to Maldives cruise starts at INR 31, 000 per person. This package excludes taxes, port fees, and other additional charges for personal expenses.

Best Maldives Cruises

You can either choose to take a cruise directly from India to Maldives or take a flight to the Maldives and then board a cruise. In either of the case, we would suggest you choose to board a large-size cruise which is preferred for long-distance cruising both in terms of luxury and comfort. You can also choose the catamaran cruise which is recommended for island hopping experiences. We have listed some of the best Maldives to India cruise below for you to understand and make the best choice for your vacation.

Costa NeoClassica – Costa Cruise Lines

If you are looking for “Luxury on Budget” the NeoClassica is the ideal choice for your cruise vacation.


  • Kochi – Male – 3 nights 
  • Mumbai – Mangalore- Kochi – Male – 7 nights 
  • Male – Colombo – Mormugao, Goa – Mumbai – 7 nights

Average price:

  • INR 25,000 per person on double occupancy basis


  • 1300 passengers in total

Maldives Honeymoon Packages Starting @ ₹78,000

5* Resorts. Water Villas. Customizable Itineraries.

Maldives Honeymoon Packages

Things to do on the Costa NeoClassica Cruise 

  • Shore excursions 
  • Ecotours 
  • Special Culinary events created by Chef Bruno Barbieri
  • Gym and Aerobics with instructors 
  • Access to Pool and Jacuzzis
Relaxing on a Maldives cruise
Credits: Unsplash

MS Island Sky (ZE) –  Noble Caledonia

They specialize in Small-size cruises and are sought after for their journeys from the Arctic to the great waters of French Polynesia. Their Maldives cruise offers 59 spacious suites and is best suited for folks looking for ultimate privacy.


  • Mumbai – Goa – Mangalore – Kochi – Trivandrum – Colombo – Kandy – Galle – Uligamu – Baa Atoll – Olhahali Island – Male – 16 days

Average Price:

  • 3 Lakhs per person on double occupancy basis


  • 120 Passengers

Things to do on your Cruise to Maldives aboard Noble Caledonia

  • Shore excursions
  • Onboard entertainment 
  • Spa and wellness
Sunsets in mMaldives cruise
Credits: Unsplash

MV Aquamarine – Louis Cruise

The Indian arm of the European cruise organization Louis Group, they have more than 70 years of experience in the tourism industry. However, The Louis Group is known for its fleet of 12 luxury ships and also their 20 luxury hotels in Cyprus and Greece.


  • Kochi – Maldives – Kochi

Average Price:

  • INR 20,000 per person on double occupancy basis


  • 1200 Passengers 

Things to do onboard the MV Aquamarine Cruise to Maldives:

  • 05 complimentary meals a day at designated restaurants
  • Avalon Dining Room
  •  Bistro Buffet, Lido Buffet
  • Swimming pool & fitness facilities
  • Gala evening shows & Disco
  • Entertainment onboard
  • Library & Cardroom
Luxury Maldives cruise
Credits: Unsplash

Jalesh Cruise Lines

Your Cruise from India to Maldives couldn’t get better than Jalesh cruise. In addition to 7 days of endless pampering and lavish meals, Jalesh cruise is the ideal option for travellers looking to experience a world-class cruise.


  • Mumbai – Mangalore – Kochi – Male 
  • Mumbai – Goa – Colombo – Male

Average Price:

  • INR 25,000 per person on double occupancy basis 


  • 1300 passengers

Things to do Onboard the Jalesh Cruise:

  • Access to pools
  • Jacuzzis 
  • Bars 
  • Shopping center 
  • Theatre

Hope we’ve solved your concerns to an extent regarding Maldives Cruises. In case, you still have any queries, feel free to drop them in the comments section below and we will try to answer them in the best way possible. You can also visit Pickyourtrail for honeymoon packages to relish the best of what the beautiful islands have to offer. Happy Cruising!

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