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Scenic Caucasus mountain
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Surreal Mountain Hikes in Georgia – The trekkers’ paradise

Georgia is an amazing natural destination, with untouched forest and alpine settings, thanks to its unique location. And, depending on the time of year there are umpteen trails that you can choose from among undisturbed flora and fauna. Recently, the country is investing heavily on good road connectivity to remote areas. This will open avenues for more Mountain Hikes in Georgia in the pristine settings.

Scenic view of Georgian landscape
Credits: Google Images

With ample forest cover and diverse mountain landscape, there are a lot of hiking options in Georgia. We have curated some of them, which are definitely the most beautiful Mountain Hikes in Georgia.

  1. Chaukhi pass hike
  2. Trek from Omalo to Shatili
  3. Black Rock Lake Trek
  4. Trek from Mestia to Ushguli
  5. Mkheri in Svaneti hike in a day
  6. Keli plateau trekking
  7. Trail of St. Andrew’s at Borjomi-Kharagauli park
  8. Udziro lake Trek in Racha

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1. Chaukhi pass hike

Hiking along Caucasus
Credits: By pozziss from Pixabay

This is a very popular trek connecting two regions Kazbegi and Khevsureti. The trek passes through three alpine lakes with different colour Blue, Green and White known as Abudelauri lakes, which is surreal. Also, the imposing massif of Chaukhi with its seven peaks adds on to the charm of the hike. While returning, you can take a different route via Sadzele pass for a change in view.

Distance: 20km (one way), 51km (via Arkhoti pass), 36km (via Sadzele pass).
Duration: 1-2 days (one-way), 3-5 days (two-way – depending on route).
Recommended for: Experienced hikers who have already done moderate trekking. This trek is best combined with a prior Kazbegi region tour.

2. Trek from Omalo to Shatili

A good option if you are interested in culture and history, this trek covers several ancient fortresses. Apart from that, the trek takes you through some untouched mountain landscapes and natural sights. Known as “Georgian dolomites”, you will cover the Tusheti and Khevsureti mountain regions in this extensive trek. Atsunta Pass at 3431m is the highest point which you will pass through. Also, get a chance to interact with the ancient local communities in the mountain villages.

View of rocky Tusheti and Khevsureti mountain regions
Credits: Wikimedia Commons

Distance: 70km (via Atsunta pass).
Duration: 4-5 days.
Recommended for: Experienced hikers who are looking to explore the mountain region of Georgia extensively.

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3. Black Rock Lake Trek

On the way to Black rocks - Lagodekhi park
Credits: Paata Vardanashvili Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, Wikipedia

If you are a wildlife enthusiast, hands down go for this trek. Get to see Brown bear, Grey wolf, Eurasian lynx and spot a variety of eagles. Unlike other Georgian trails through rugged landscapes, this trail is quite green. Do head out for the oldest natural preserve the Lagodekhi park which is the highlight of the trail. The trek ends at Black Rock lake at 2800 m. You can choose to return on an alternate way which was opened in 2016 for a change in view.

Distance: 45 km (trek ends at Black Rock from where you return).
Duration: 3 days.
Recommended for: Moderate hikers who are looking at wildlife along with scenic trails

4. Trek from Mestia to Ushguli

Mestia village in Svaneti region
Credits: Wikimedia Commons

The most popular trek among Mountain Hikes in Georgia connects Mestia village in Svaneti region with remote Ushguli mountain village. Apart from offering great natural and historical sites, this trek passes through villages. So you can comfortably spend the nights in a local home and get to interact and know the local culture. You can also choose to take an alternative route through higher Zuruldi massif to catch better views on day 1. Also, for the adventurous, take the route through Lagem pass on the 4th/final day across high mountains.

Distance: 60 km.
Duration: 4-5 days.
Recommended for: Hikers looking at local interaction along with scenic trails.
Tip: As you get to spend nights in villages, no need to carry a tent!

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5. Mkheri in Svaneti region: Hike in a day

Views from Mkheri trek
Credits: Wikimedia Commons

Mkheri is a perfect trek for beginners passing through forests and alpine regions. Get to see a surreal view of Caucasus range as you trek along the alpine zone after crossing the forest. Starting at Latali village, the trail is very well kept as it is used by locals too. The highlight of the trek is Mkheri church which is more of a landmark amidst the panoramic mountain views.

Distance: 14 km.
Duration: 1 day.
Recommended for: Beginners looking for a mixed forest and mountain trek experience.
Tip: Please carry enough water from Latali for the whole trek as natural sources are few on the way

6. Keli plateau trekking

On the way to Keli Plateau
Credits: Eric Saris from Pixabay

This is an offbeat trek which explores the volcanic Keli plateau starting from picturesque Truso Valley. As the trail is close to disputed South Ossetia, expect to find very less tourist in this part of Georgia. Also, you can check out gorges of Mna and Suatisi, towards the north of Truso for some unique rock formations.

Distance: 38 km.
Duration: 3-4 days.
Recommended for: Trekkers looking for an offbeat, uncrowded trail
Tip: Security is a concern in this trail, please follow the guidance of Georgian border police at all times

7. Trail of St. Andrew’s at Borjomi-Kharagauli park

Trail of St. Andrew's at Borjomi-Kharagauli
Credits: Wikimedia Commons

One of the more developed treks among the Mountain Hikes in Georgia, this trail goes through Borjomi-Kharagauli National park. This is the largest national park in Georgia and has developed infrastructure catering to the hikers. Situated in the lesser Caucasus region with gorgeous views, you get an option to climb Sametskhvario, the highest peak in the park as well.

Distance: 55 km.
Duration: 4-5 days.
Recommended for: Moderate level Trekkers looking at basic comforts
Tip: Sleeping arrangements can be done in tourists centre, you can offload your tent.

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8. Udziro lake Trek in Racha

On the way to Udziro lake in Racha
Credits: Wikimedia Commons

This hike is a slightly offbeat option allowing you to have a glimpse of greater Caucasus mountains. Often neglected as compared to Svaneti valley, Racha is actually much more scenic but less developed. This actually keeps much of the crowd away and the trails undisturbed. The view of the lake at 2600 m is just surreal and worth every effort to reach it. Trek start point is Shovi village, passing through the shadows of Dolomisistsveri mountain finally descending into Glola.

Distance: 19 km.
Duration: 2 days.
Recommended for: Experienced Trekkers with full camping gears

Georgia, the land of wonders is really a trekker’s paradise for everyone wanting to get close to nature. The mighty Caucasus mountain range across the country offers the ideal setting for Mountain Hikes in Georgia amidst the wilderness. The good part about any Georgian trek is also the cultural aspects in which you get to meet locals and stay in their villages. For discovering more ideas and to book your international holiday, do visit pickyourtrail and help us curate the trip of your dreams. You can also leave a Whatapp enquiry for exploring options to any destination.
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