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Written by Rohitha Bollipalli on November 16, 2022 Share on

9 Best Party Places in Amsterdam That Offer the Best Nightlife

Amsterdam is rated one of the happiest cities in the world to live in and even that fact is somehow a huge understatement. Everybody is friends with each other and everything seems to lead to a night of partying. This scene is very hard to come body, but somehow, the canal city had managed to crack it long back. There is something special about Amsterdam’s every other street and even cafes have something going on all the time. You could walk into any random establishment and easily have the time of your life. This curious phenomenon largely aids the nightlife in Amsterdam.

9 Best Party Places in Amsterdam

  • Sugar Factory
  • Bourbon Street Blues Club
  • Cafe Hill Street Blues
  • Wynand Fockink
  • The Waterhole Live Music Bar
  • Shelter
  • Tolhuistuin
  • OT301
  • Oedipus Brewing

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1. Sugar Factory


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Sugar Factory is the place to be if you want everything corresponding to ‘nightlife’ in one location. Theatre happens here at regular intervals, so be on the lookout for those events. The most beautiful aspect of this club is the kind of DJs that come to showcase their talents and the ever-evolving party themes.

2. Bourbon Street Blues Club:

Bourbon street ranks pretty high in the list of best clubs in the world. Good beer, good food and great music are always guaranteed. To some, it is a great rendition of New Orleans’s actual Bourbon street. The roaring 20’s music and the classic French touch is evidently felt throughout the time here. Since the date of it’s founding in 1990, the place has seen so many artists of the game who emerged from the streets of Amsterdam. Jazz, Blues and Swing are all celebrated paradigms on the stages of Bourbon street.

3. Cafe Hill Street Blues:

Cafe Hill Street Blues makes you go head over heels for the graffiti-ed spaces, that are splashed all over the place. Every inch of space is covered with intricate artwork that sprang from every creative mind that ever entered this place. It has been turned adeptly into this cult-classic hideout spot recently. Cafe Hill Street Blues got its name from the police station that was situated nearby. It is now arguably one of the most Instagram-worthy places in the city. The food and the drinks have a quality that only Amsterdam’s resto cafes can achieve. The place sure serves up the best hot chocolates and croissants in town. Every evening is dedicated to a genre. The reggae, rock and hip-hop are heard blaring even a few blocks away. On a totally different note, I’d like to state this fact: the upstairs space is a stoner’s paradise with an entire marijuana menu.

4. Wynand Fockink

This is a beautiful bar that is dedicated entirely to wine tasting. Located just around Dam Square, this is a delightful little place with chic interiors and light-flooding windows. Wine-tasting centred bars do not get a lot of buzzes because according to a few, nightlife is all about drinking and frolicking. But Wynand Fockink, rather known as ‘Proeflokaal’ in Dutch, brings so much life into this concept with an added authentic vibe. You can only enter as a group, so make sure you have as much as 7 people tagging along. Old wines and liqueurs find their rightful place down the cellar, some of them dating back to centuries.  Draft beers, fruit brandies and genevers are matters of absolute joy that come in antique bottles. Try out their Bride’s Tears, Perfect Bliss, Jack in the Cellar, Walk in the Woods and Half and Half. They taste as artistic as their names do too.

5. The Waterhole Live Music Bar:



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The Waterhole live music bar or The Waterhole is such a special bar-turned concert hall. It will remain that way for a long time because of the fine taste the owners possess for music and the people who turn up event after event. For ages, it has been a hub for music lovers and party animals alike. This comes with a great line-up of awesome bands across genres and an even better bar cabinet. If you’re ever in Amsterdam, party-goer or not, get yourself here and witness the super amped up atmosphere.

6. Shelter:

Do not mistake this club for an underworld venue for street fighting. Despite its Fight Club ambience, it is one of Amsterdam’s best for kickass parties and bomb nights. The shady air provides comfort to those who need a change of air and a haven for those murky nights. The design, sound quality and the culture here are very different from the rest of the nightclubs in Amsterdam.

7. Tolhuistuin:

Tolhuistuin is a complete building complex that is completely pretty by itself. The garden, campsite and the grand ballroom-lookalike dance floor are all platforms for crazy to partying. It is popularly known for being its cultural vibes and nonetheless, it’s nightlife scene. By day it is a cafe/restaurant that brings out the chic in the room, by night it dons uber cool party lights. Theatre, concerts, shows, talks.. whatever may it be, Tolhuistuin is the place to go to. Great Booze is also a great reputation to hold.

8. OT301:

Music, dance, theatre, shows and soul events are OT301’s main focuses. The whole event-bar exists to bring partying folks together during weekends and give them crazy memories. In fact, it is less of a bar and more of a cultural centre. Independent artists and sub-culture groups have marked this place down as their go-to spot. The parties and events go on way into the night, stretching out till mornings. On the top floor, there is a local cinema that showcases all the ongoing movies from all over the world. The atmosphere is in a very comfortable place owing to the hip people who run it. There’s even a table tennis night, for laughing out loud.

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 9. Oedipus Brewing:


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Oedipus Brewing is more of a huge brewing tavern than a club. The taproom is very famous for it’s freshly brewed beer that flows all over the place in river like floods. Trying out their new types of local beer is one of the most trending things to do in Amsterdam. The Oedipus Thai Thai, Basil citrus lemonade, Mama pale ale and Ring your mother are some of the banging drinks you should try.


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