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How To Customise Your Itinerary Using our Trip Planner App?

About Pickyourtrail

Pickyourtrail is India’s leading online travel company that delivers tailor-made international holidays for all pocket sizes. Jump on the bandwagon with us and explore destinations at your own pace with completely customized tour packages. Play with our unique matching algorithm and price comparison to build your own itinerary according to your taste and budget. Aren’t you excited already to check out our trip planner app? Here’s all that you need to know about the Pickyourtrail trip planner app to craft your own itinerary.


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What’s special about Pickyourtrail?

Pickyourtrail is the only D-I-Y holiday booking platform in the world that empowers users to curate customised vacations in less than 2 mins. The peculiar itinerary building platform makes Pickyourtrail stand out from other travel companies as it crafts your itinerary considering factors like your interests, trip duration, and budget. Also, we offer online support and assistance throughout your trip. Ultimately, we will be taking the driver seat right from planning until you get back to your hometown.

Diving deep into our trip planner app

Step 1: Installing the trip planner app

To begin with, open the Playstore app in your android mobile or Appstore in your IOS mobile. Click on the search option and enter “Pickyourtrail” in the drop-down box. Click on the topmost suggestion popping with a green icon. Yes! You’re almost there. Once you find the right app, choose the install option and we have come closer to you now!

Step 2: What next?

So far so good! What next? Select the “plan a holiday” option. You will be directed to a page where you can select a destination of your interest. Aren’t you excited already to craft your vacation all by yourself?

Plan a holiday using PYT app
Plan a holiday using PYT app

Step 3: Start curating your train of thoughts!

Let us know about the destinations you’ve travelled earlier so that we can show you the non-trodden directions. If it is your first holiday, get ready to fill the first page of your passport with a beautiful fairy tale!

Step 4: Work on your plan Z

Plan B- isn’t that so basic? Are you still planning to make this or that choices when you have a shedload of opportunities to craft your own itinerary? Select your dream destination from the list of places available and start building sandcastles in mind until you board your flight to visit the real ones.

list of countries that you can explore in the Pickyourtrail app

Step 5: Let us know about your squad

Once you select the destination, you will be directed to a page where you can let us know about your co-travellers. This helps us choose hotels, flights and activities accordingly. Isn’t that useful?

What kind of traveller you are?
family details

Step 5: Getting in the mood

Are you a ball of fire during your vacation? Go for an itinerary that is packed with a number of activities that will always keep your mojo high. Instead, if you want to have your hair down and enjoy a relaxing vacation, go ahead with the laid back option. There’s always a bridge that connects the two extremes. Similarly, you can opt the moderate option to have the right mix of leisure and activities.

Type of vacation

Step 6: We care about your wallet too!

Let us know about your budget and we’re here to help you out with the most affordable resorts, flights and activities. Play a mix and match game with a wide array of suggestions that will blow your mind off.

budget range

Step 7: Choose your itinerary!

Once you’ve chosen all the required categories, you will be suggested a number of itineraries according to your likes and comfort. Have a glance at all the recommendations and work on alterations to craft a perfect itinerary to your dream destination. And the most interesting part is that you can make use of the customise option in the bottom left to optimise it further by adding and removing activities, hotels, etc. Once you are done with customisation check the live price and book your itinerary. Oh, wait! Do you need to discuss the plan with your squad? Just save your itinerary now and book later.

Itinerary suggestions in Pickyourtrail app

Step 8: The final leg!

Once you’re done with all the mix and match experiments, go ahead make the payment! Do you know what’s the exciting part here? You can also book now and travel later. Isn’t that interesting? Check out the easy EMI options on our website and pack your bags already.

If you still find it head-scratching, just lean back, and without a shadow of doubt contact our team that is ready to help you out in all possible ways! Our travel ninjas are just a call away to plan your itinerary based on your preferences and budget. Just step on it and I’m sure you’re going to love it! Got some feedback or suggestions on how to make travel planner app much more impressive? Send us an email on We’ve love to make it work for you! Let’s unwrap the world!

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