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11 Best Cheap Tropical Destinations for your next vacation

Planning a vacation is never easy but it surely is something fun to do as well. Have you been planning for a trip to some tropical destination and are not able to decide on which one to go for? No doubt, Tropical destinations exist all over the world. You ask for what type you need, either relaxing on the beach and tanning your body or hiking through the colorful and thick jungle or hiking up a volcano, Tropical destinations have it for you. To lessen your burden, PickYourTrail presents the 11 Best Cheap Tropical Destinations for your next vacation.

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1. Cozumel, Mexico

This tropical destination is best to visit from March to June, as the prices during this period will super cheap and also you can get great deals & be able to enjoy the sunny weather throughout. A typical day spent in Cozumel is mostly on beaches with no expenses at all. If you plan on going a bit extra, you can avail for a day pass at one of its local luxury resort and spend the entire day enjoying the pool. You can also visit the local market and bless your taste buds with delicious snacks and that also at a very reasonable price.

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2. Dominican Republic

This tropical destination is best to visit from April to June, and during these months the prices are relatively less as compared to the other months. Dominican Republic is not as cheap as compared to the first one but is surely worth visiting during the above-mentioned months as you can see a 50% drop in rates. From the weather point of view, you can enjoy the sunny days throughout in comfort. You can save yourself a good amount of money by staying at All-Inclusive resorts which are in smaller towns like Samana and Bahia de las Aguilas and not going out for eating as the taxes and all will make your snack time a bit expensive.

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Dominican Republic
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3. Palawan, Philippines

This tropical destination is best to visit from June to November, these months welcome the monsoon. And the rains make the weather very comfortable to go for a good walk and explore the destination even more. Also, the rain is not throughout so, that should not be a concern anymore. Visiting the destination at an early stage after the Monsoon starts is a great decision as from September, there occur storms which might put you back when it comes to experiencing the destination. Staying at the coastline of either Puerto Princesa or El Nido can help you save a good amount of money & enjoy nature also witness the magnificent view. For all beach lovers, Palawan is a retreat as all beaches are free to access plus you can go to a few affordable attractions also like Palawan Wildlife Rescue and Conservation Center and many more.

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4. Bali, Indonesia

This tropical destination is best to visit from March to May, and it is quite famous when it comes to tropical destinations and many prefer to travel here. The rates during the above-mentioned months are pretty less and affordable. You can expect a bit of rain since it is a monsoon season but rain won’t be throughout so there you have a pro point to travel to Bali during these months! Beaches, Temples & many beautiful Palaces are free for all to enter and relax. You can even go hiking the mesmerizing mountains with comfortable weather and enjoy the breathtaking view from a good height.

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5. Luang Prabang, Laos

This tropical destination is best to visit from February to November, and it is pure heaven for backpackers. The rates during these months are super less and very much affordable. Explore the local markets for snacks and fill your stomachs at a very reasonable rate. Even a good 4-star hotel will cost you one-third of what you pay in Europe and that also with a good quantity of food. You will traditional wooden houses here, also a good number of temples and one of the famous 16th-century Wat Xieng Thong temple. Luang Prabang is for all whoever wishes to travel to some tropical destination. You can go for a hike to Mount Phu Si for witnessing a worth-the-effort kind of sunset. There are various attractions to visit and explore at no cost at all. Just pack your bags and get ready for an amazing trip to Luang Prabang.

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Luang Prabang
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6. Koh Rong, Cambodia

This tropical destination is best to visit throughout the year. Apart from what Koh Rong has to offer to its tourists, the place is less crowded and the stay plus the food is very cheap as compared to its neighbor, Thailand. It is purely a treat for budget travelers as they can experience more and pay less. Being the most developed island in the country, Koh Rong has beautiful beaches to relax oneself. Just like the Maldives, it is a paradise with fantastic coral reefs and sandy coves where you can sit and look at the eye-warming sunset. You can even enjoy the speedboat tour over the azure waters. You can spend a whole day on a boat or rent the snorkeling equipment at a very reasonable rate.

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Koh Rong
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7. Costa Rica

This tropical destination is best to visit from May to Mid-December, as it is the “Green Season” during these months which means you will see a good amount of rain & thick clouds and more greenery in the mountainside. Another advantage for traveling during these months is that you will find less crowd and keeping the COVID situation in mind, your safety won’t be exposed that much if you plan on traveling post lockdown to Costa Rica. The Volcano Arenal, a very heartwarming and the most beautiful hike in Costa Rica is doable at a very reasonable rate, it is a self-exploratory hike with all routes properly maintained with signs and directions. You can also explore various national parks which carry an affordable entrance fee and spend the entire day canoeing, trying hot springs, or even horseback riding. Head out to the small towns including San Jose and Arenal for a very budget-friendly stay.

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Costa Rica
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8. Koh Samui, Thailand

This tropical destination is best to visit from October to Mid-December, as the monsoon season takes charge but you can witness the sunny days during December. This place is most famous for its Beaches and you can get wonderful deals for your stay and food if you travel anytime between the above-mentioned months. Koh Samui has some pristine beaches to sit and relax oneself and watch the sunset with your very own eyes.

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Koh Samui
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9. Hoi An, Vietnam

This tropical destination is best to visit from September to March, as the weather is such where you can see short but heavy rainfalls during the afternoon time but later can enjoy the evening by walking and enjoying the beautiful weather. Hoi An is an Old Trading Port & it is pure heaven with budget-friendly beach hotels offering great amenities for couples to have a memorable honeymoon. You can also experience the turquoise waters and soft white beaches of Da Nang which is very nearby. The prices for stay, food & transport drop down to almost 50% during the above-mentioned months.

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Hoi An
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10. Langkawi, Malaysia

This tropical destination is best to visit from September or October, as the weather brings in the greenest time which is perfect for visiting the seven pools of Telaga Tujuh, walking on the Sky Bridge. Situated in the heart of the Andaman Sea, Langkawi Island offers you a variety of things to do in a very budget-friendly manner. It also offers pristine beaches with excellent views and very affordable accommodations throughout the year. To save some extra bucks, visit during the above-mentioned months and explore the beautiful Langkawi.

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11. Aruba

This tropical destination is best to visit in September and October, as the temperature during these two months goes up and you can spend most of the time in the water and keep yourself away from the heat by relaxing on the beach and watching the sunset with a magical view. Not only that, if you are keen to do something apart from the beautiful beaches, you can walk on the California Dunes, explore the Balashi ruins, and ride the free tourist trolley through Oranjestad town. During these months, Aruba gives stay, food & any activity which you plan on doing at a 50% rate from the original rate. So on the upper side, you can actually plan on staying for a good amount of nights.

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Tropical destinations are a must-visit for anyone because they take away all the stress and gives you back the best version of yourself. Truly, the feeling of being able to get away from the routine stress and go for a budget trip to a beautiful destination is so surreal that anyone would plan for one. Head over to the PickYourTrail and customize an itinerary for yourself to one of the top 11 cheapest tropical destinations. Make this trip happen and take away long-lasting memories from it!
Thanks, reader! Happy vacationing 🙂

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