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9 Best Places to Eat in Amsterdam To Get a Taste of Local Cuisine

The prim little Venice in the North is a breathtaking town full of aesthetic wonders. Be it the pretty rock-paved streets, unique canals or the landscapes of the pretty shops, the place is full of beauty that nobody fails to admire. Yet, there is much more to the city than just pretty housefronts and the Red districts.

Food in Amsterdam is an ever-evolving mix of different cuisines, owing to the changing tourism. Every cafe in each street is world famous with distinct styles of their own. Tourists from all over the world dream about the city all their lives. The vibe in the streets and the kind of culture amongst people is remarkably fashionable. This also contributes largely to the food in the region. The entire atmosphere relies heavily on Instagram so be sure to click away every piece of food you come across, you’ll be a star overnight! Here is a quick Amsterdam food guide Pickyourtrail lists out, so you could get a taste of Amsterdam.


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10 Best Places to Eat in Amsterdam

  • Bar Botanique
  • Buffet Van Odette
  • Restaurant de Kas
  • Panorama Rail Restaurant
  • The Culinary Workshop
  • Sotto Pizza
  • Tujuh Maret
  • Bridges
  • De Silveren Spiegel

1. Bar Botanique

Bar Botanique Croissant
Image credit –

Cute cafes with deep characters are the centre of Amsterdam’s food scene. There is one coming up every other week and people of the city just cannot get enough of it. These cafes add so much to the food scene here that it has become a growing trend of late. Bar Botanique is the closest it could get to eating in a glass jungle. The whole place is a pleasant colour of Kale green enclosed by the silhouettes of heritage glass windows. The decor itself is a piece of art; you could work here all day, drawing inspiration from the surroundings. The service is a wonderful array of comfort food. Salads come in all tastes of beautiful visual arts. Sandwiches, croissants, puddings, and coffees are specialities.

2. Buffet Van Odette

Eggs Benedict
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Light colours play around the general mood of this cafe. Serving up brisk breakfasts all day seems like something that started here. Lunches and dinners tend to stay on the lighter end of the spectrum. Eggs come in every style, with B Cumberbatch on the rise. Veggies are included in foods to improve the goodness levels. On warm sunny days, tablets are laid out outside the porch overlooking the canals and the energy levels incline in the extravaganza. Cold hot chocolate kinda days are also welcome here.

3. Restaurant de Kas

Restaurant de Kas
Image credit –

A Michelin star restaurant with warm undertones of nature. The whole place is a large greenhouse originally built for farming. If you like the idea of dining in a vast greenhouse, surrounded by life-sized plants, you should definitely get here. Food is everything a Michelin starred restaurant with an aura like this would serve. Epicurean food is at its top notch with ingredients picked up from their own farms and flowers that are handpicked from their gardens. Every dish is plated with utmost care and love for the art of food making.

4. Panorama Rail Restaurant

Panorama Rail Restaurant
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All aboard the Panorama Rail for a lunch of your time! Yes, people in Amsterdam do not like average lunches or travel but they like both, together. This wonder train takes you around Amsterdam’s best scenery and countryside. On its journeys, it passes through villages, towns and large landscapes, all the time serving you hot meals of love. Hop on this train if you like a full 7-course European dinner while adding to your travel diaries.

5. The Culinary Workshop

Black Pasta
Image credit –

You could learn cooking while eating. I wish every learning in life was this simple. Strictly speaking, this restaurant, as the name suggests offers a different dining experience. With food being created from different themes like ‘black’, ‘ocean’ and ‘honesty’, you design your food under the guided assistance of the staff and feast on it. At the end of the day, you would have experimented, had adventures and a great meal.

6. Sotto Pizza

Pasta Dish
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With dishes lying in close proximity to Italian cuisines, the city is full of eager high-end restaurants that specialise in Italian food. Sotto Pizza is one such joint which heavily leans on customer happiness and value for money. So enter this place with high hopes that you will have a great day that doesn’t end up with you taking a hit on your pocket. The pizza served here is one of the best in the country. Don’t even get me started on the kinds of pasta.

7. Tujuh Maret

Image credit –

Traces of Indonesian cooking styles are found all over Dutch cuisine, thanks to their attempts in colonisation. Nobody should visit Amsterdam and come back without trying good Rijsttafel. Doesn’t the name itself have a nice ring to it? Even if you haven’t had Indonesian before, step in and try your firsts. The dish translates to rice table, which is a complete set of tiny plates full of saucy Indonesian assortments. It is simply delicious and inexpensive here. Thank me later!

8. Bridges

 Bridges Gourmet Food
Image credit –

This is another Michelin star wonder of Amsterdam which focuses mainly on seafood. There is a specific A la carte menu but the unique takeaway is the Chef’s table. You could sit there and have a dish of Chef’s choice but the main element is you could watch all the ruckus that goes on in making a dish. It is so much fun because that is the closest it gets to a live screening of Masterchef. The chef, Andrès Delpeut is the youngest Dutch chef to earn a star. The food he directs is unusually fantastic.

9. De Silveren Spiegel

Candle light dinner
Image credit –

De Silveren Spiegel looks like an ornate Dutch church that was meant to be a place for candlelight dinners. Another Michelin star gem, the restaurant is Amsterdam’s answer for quality haute gourmet food. Dutch food is presented in the most beautiful way, so beautiful that you go crazy. I personally could look at those painting worthy plates all day. The food will definitely smite you too.


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