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Breathtaking places to visit in Ernakulam in 2024

Kerala is, without a doubt, a fascinating and exciting destination to visit in summer. While its neighbouring states get affected with blazing temperatures just as February ends, you can visit Kerala in summer as it receives a rather pleasant climate during this season. With a pleasant weather year-round, Kerala also provides as an outstanding destination to spend your summer holidays. Check out the breathtaking places to visit in Ernakulam below.

Travellers visiting this place will find it deprived of those suffocating crowds of tourists in the summer months, making it an isolated and comfortable spot for your lovey-dovey adventure or a fun trip with the family. From soothing hills, rich green cover, diverse fauna, alluring backwaters, stunning beaches, delicious cuisines, to ancient temples, Kerala possesses the best that one could ever ask on their holiday.

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History of Ernakulam

Did you know that in early times, a bag of Indian black pepper was considered to be worth a man’s life? Centuries ago, merchants in Kerala were selling spices in exchange for gold and precious stones. In fact, it was also the evergoing spice trade that put India, especially the Malabar Coast, on the world map. In those days, Ernakulam was the centre of a famous spice route that brought the likes of popular explorers like Vasco Da Gama and Pedro Álvares Cabral.

Today, the influence of various civilizations such as Persian, Chinese, Dutch, Portuguese, Jews, French and English are visible in the art, architecture, cuisine and communities of Ernakulam. Check out the places to visit in Kochi that will definitely let you live its history.

10 places to visit in Ernakulam in 2024

1. The Museum of Mattancherry

A walk through the lanes of Fort Kochi will definitely draw you to the rustic and old-fashioned section of Mattancherry. Back in the days, this Cheri (street), was filled with mutton butchers, and so it ended up being called “Muttoncherry” which over the years changed into “Mattancherry”. Today the place displays centuries-old architectures and various social and cultural marks left behind by foreigners. Declared as a heritage site by the government, Mattancherry has also been an influence to historians, film-makers, travellers and artists alike. One of the many reasons why it is in the list of top 10 breathtaking places to visit in Ernakulam below.

2. Vypeen Island

Vypeen is one of the recommended places to visit in Ernakulam in one day. A short and beautiful ferry ride from the city will take you to this idyllic island. You can see it surrounded by beaches, backwaters and an array of restaurants and hotels. A desktop worthy landscape away from the bustling environment is what makes Vypeen island one of the greatest places to visit in Ernakulam for lovers.

3. Thattekkad Bird Sanctuary

It is one of the first bird sanctuaries in Kerala and undoubtedly a heaven for nature lovers. In the words of Salim Ali (world-famous ornithologist), Thattekkad is the “richest bird sanctuary in India” since it houses hundreds of different endangered species of migratory birds. This thick forest has plantations of mahogany, teak, rosewood and rubber running through it. Make sure to bring along a pair of binoculars to get a sight of the birdlife. The best time to visit would definitely be between November and March when the weather is pleasant.

Thattekkad Bird Sanctuary
Credits – Wikimedia

4. Cherai Beach

Located on the north end of Vypeen Island in Kochi, Cherai beach is a 15 kilometre stretch of wild and healthy beauty. Although not surprised by hotels or major restaurants, you will find the beach surrounded by small shacks selling local snacks like pakoras and chips. Astonishing lagoons, wide paddy fields and coconut groves beautify the road to the beach. Ernakulam sightseeing is not complete without a visit to Cherai beach, if you are a beach lover.

Cherai Beach
Credits – Unsplash

5. MG Road

You can call the MG Road as the Times Square of Ernakulam as well. You will be able to find grand clothing stores, expansive jewellery stores and fabulous eateries serving multi-cuisines, filling the road of both sides. Visited mostly by the young and modern crowd, MG road is a shopaholic’s paradise.

6. Hill Palace

A prominent Heritage museum which displays a countless number of archaeological artefacts and belongings of the Maharaja of Kochi. This famous palace was built in 1865 and comprises of forty-nine buildings with enchanting gardens and a children’s park. It is opened to the public from 9 am to 12 pm and from 2 pm to 4.30 pm.

Hill Palace
Credits – Wikimedia

7. David Hall Art Gallery

A Dutch bungalow near the Dutch cemetery in Fort Kochi got refurbished to become a major attraction for art enthusiasts. The gallery displays work by prominent and local artists. This place fascinates travellers and they will find a cosy garden restaurant which serves a variety of cakes and snacks; however, the café specialises for its fresh and crispy pizzas.

8. Folklore Museum

Folklore Museum is one of the famous tourist spots in the city. It is a three-storied complex that displays cultural exhibits and tribal artefacts. The Museum design was inspired by the Malabar architecture. The museum is opened to the public from 9.30 am to 7 pm on a regular basis.

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9. Princess Street

Vasco Da Gama is said to have lived in the building at the end of this street. Upon your visit, you will find the streets filled with eateries, bookstores, cafes and small hotels. Similar to MG road, Princess Street is also a shopper’s delight.

10. Santa Cruz Basilica

A visit to one of the oldest cathedrals across the country is a must and also one of the finest architectural wonders in India. The spectacular ancient painting inscribed on the walls of the building is the unique characteristic of this cathedral.

Ernakulam is a social centre where travellers and locals get together to exchange ideas and have fun. Travellers with a knowledge of adventure and curiosity will have a great time in Ernakulam. Had a look into the breathtaking places to visit in Ernakulam? So, what are you waiting for? Book a trip to Kerala with your loved ones and explore this historical place with Pickyourtrail.

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