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Kerala, India
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Best Time to visit Kerala in 2024: Knowing God’s Own Country

Even though Kerala is an all-year destination, the best season to visit Kerala relies upon which place in Kerala you’re visiting. While a few places are generally charming during the rainy season, others are best visited throughout the winter season. Usually, the best occasion to visit Kerala is during September to March, when the climate is lovely, making it simple for visitors to investigate the bunch aspects of the state – the hill stations, seashores and backwaters. Here we take you through the best time to visit Kerala.

The best ideal opportunity to visit backwaters in Kerala is the winter season, which is from November through February. It is the point at which the climate in Kerala is excellent for nearby touring and vessel trips in the backwaters. Being the pinnacle vacationer season, winter is additionally the best an ideal opportunity to visit Kerala with family for a paramount occasion. Then again, the hill stations in Kerala like Munnar get a great many visitors in the summer season, from April to June. It isn’t appropriate to visit Kerala in the rainy season. 

Climate in Kerala 

Fisherman boat in Kerala
Image Credits: Unsplash

Summer Season in Kerala 

Summers in Kerala are from March to May, and this is the point at which the climate is blistering and humid in many parts of the state. The moistness makes it challenging to appreciate touring, even though it gets colder in the nights. Hill stations stay cool during summers also, so one can doubtlessly visit places like Munnar, Thekkady, or Wayanad during the summers. Places, for instance, Kochi, Alleppey, and Kumarakom, then again, turn extremely rainy and inconvenient for being outside. You may have to sit back and chill in your resort when you visit Kerala during Rainy season. 

Rainy Season in Kerala 

Rainy, from June to August, is ideal for visiting most pieces of Kerala, including the backwaters, beaches, and hill stations. In a rainstorm, one can appreciate an invigorating atmosphere just as witness the vibrant green views as the state in full sprout. The rainy season is also perfect for enjoying Ayurvedic treatments and spa it offers rest from the dampness, and the wet and chilly climate touches off a feeling of revival. What’s better than being surrounded by abundant greenery and the sense of distress and laziness leaving your body in waves under the master hands of a specific masseuse! 

Winter Season in Kerala 

December indicates the beginning of winters in Kerala with milder temperature till February. The winter season is ideal for visiting the backwaters, and the beaches since tides are lower, and the climate is cold and beautiful. Winters make the hill stations cooler than the usual. In winters, places, for example, Munnar and Thekkady offer unique perspectives on fog clad peaks and foggy tea plants, a hypnotizing sight for those with an affinity for nature strolls. Truth be told, Monsoons are the best time to visit Kerala for the vacation. They are many places to Visit in Kerala during Monsoon.

Kerala is one of the most delightful spots to visit whenever of the year. It is accepted that December to February is the most significant months to visit. That might be along these lines, yet I additionally realize that the rainstorm makes enchantment in Kerala! Here are some brilliant reasons and places to visit in Kerala in the storm. 

Top 5 Reasons why one should visit Kerala during Monsoon

1. Onam Festivities 

Onam Celebration in Kerala
Image Credits: Unsplash

To be in Kerala during the Onam celebration is a pleasure. Onam is the harvest festival and one of the most significant festivals of Kerala. You will have the option to enjoy the rich social heritage of Kerala through community dances like Kathakali and Mohini Attam, the world’s most established hand to hand fighting structure – Kalaripayattu, decorated elephants, flowers, customary games and expound feasts. Celebrations carry on for around 10 days, ending with Thiru Onam.

Where: Kochi, Trivandrum, Thrissur, and Kottayam 

The famous Snake Boat Race, Vallamkali, on the river Pampa is likewise part of the festivities. Observers, cheering for their favoured group, crowd the sides of the stream, as several rowers line their boats to complete the race first! This is truly a spectacular thing to experience in Kerala.

Where: 117 kilometres from Thiruvananthapuram 

2. Best Time For Ayurvedic Treatments 

Ayurvedic treatment and herbs in Kerala
Image Credits: Unsplash

People specifically visit Kerala to have Kerala Massage and Ayurvedic treatment. As indicated by the old customs of Ayurveda, the best and ideal opportunity to experience these medicines is during the monsoons. The climate is excellent – damp, cold and pollution-free, opening up the pores of our skin, making the treatment progressively successful. The post-treatment period is likewise significant for the body, so the chilly, salubrious rainstorm climate permits you to chill off as your body recovers in euphoria. 

Where: Find Ayurvedic resorts and wellness centres on five-star resorts and even an Ayurvedic houseboat.

3. Scenic and Majestic Waterfalls 

Athirepally falls in Kerala
Image Credits: Unsplash

What better season over the Rainy to see the waterfalls in their full greatness. One can without much of a stretch go through hours looking at the magnificence of the lovely waterfalls and grasping the surrounding beauty. Did you know, Athirapally Falls, situated around 47 km from Thrissur was one of the shooting areas of the Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Abhishek Bachchan starrer Guru. Wayanad during Monsoon is the best place to visit and has beautiful waterfalls for you to get lost.

Where: Athirapally and Vazhachal, around 80 kilometres from Kochi | Thommankuth, 74 kilometres from Kochi | Thusharagiri, Kozhikode and Palaruvi, Kollam. 

4. Perfection Of The Lush Green Hills 

Hills of Idukki in Kerala
Image Credits: Unsplash

Mattupetty is a charming place to enjoy the magic of the rainstorm! This slope station roosted at the stature of 1700 meters in the Idukki slopes is most famous for the dam and vast lake. It will be a dazzling loosening up occasion, with some extraordinary strolls to see waterfalls or you can sit inside and watch the fog-filled hills. At the same time, the downpour scrubs the earth. 

Where: 13 kilometres from Munnar. 

5. Unwinding on the Backwaters 

Alleppey Backwaters in Kerala

A short getaway to Kerala isn’t finished without riding the backwaters. Recruit a customary houseboat and journey down the 900 km stretch of backwaters. Locally available enjoy the solid South Indian food and simply relax. Simultaneously, you spot numerous types of aquatic life like otters, turtles, and crabs and lovely birds like the kingfishers, terns and cormorants that rush the spot. You can likewise enjoy nearby luxuries, for example, drink which is best delighted in a while cruising and loosening up your way down the backwaters. The rain just adds to the magnificence with new greenery all around, making it picture perfect!

Where: Alleppey or Alappuzha, 62 km south of Kochi.

Well, Kerala, the “God’s own country” has a lot to offer for you throughout the year. Just book your vacation to Kerala with Pickyourtrail and add the best things to do to your Itinerary. 

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