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Places To Visit In Vagamon

Vagamon in Kerala is a small hill station from within the limits of the district of Idukki. This sleepy town, once a quiet and forgotten countryside, is now the centre of major tourist activity. One of Kerala’s must-visit locations, Vagamon is one of India’s very few places not yet touched by commercialization.

Despite its remoteness, the place is very easily accessible and provides a mixture of nature-friendly sights that residents of the city can pay for something. The town with its bunch of Vagamon tourist spots is a treat for everyone. There are just a few spectacular places to visit in Vagamon before you leave this hilly area. Also worth adding to your itinerary are the tourist sights near Vagamon.

12 Places To Visit In Vagamon

If you plan a trip to Vagamon and wonder what else is worth seeing other than Vagamon Lake and Marmala Waterfalls then you can start reading. There is plenty to explore from the forests to sacred places. Check out these picturesque places in Vagamon to explore on your next trip to Kerala:

  • Vagamon Pine Forest: Something For Nature Lovers
  • Marmala Waterfall: A Pristine And Unspoiled Spot
  • Thangal Para: A spiritual place to Trek Up
  • Barren Hills: For The Love Of Lush Green Meadows
  • Lake Vagamon: A beautiful lake for exciting activities
  • Mundakayam Ghat: Peaks Touching a Grey Sky
  • Vagamon Falls: Eye Pleasing And Refreshing
  • Idukki Dam: A Gorgeous Geometric Marvel
  • Kurisumala: Sacred, Pristine And Calming
  • Vagamon Meadows: Find peace with spectacular viewpoints
  • Murugan Mala: Known For Its Splendid Rock Cut Temple
  • Pine Hill: Actualise Walking In The Woods

1. Vagamon Pine Forest: Something For Nature Lovers

Vagamon Pine Forest
Source: Google Images

The Pine Forest is the first place to hit in Vagamon leaving all other tourist spots out in Vagamon if you’re a forest lover. A popular moviemaker shooting spot, this sparse wood is originally manmade. The forest still stands to overlook the enchanting valley, created during the British Raj. The Maramala Falls and those are Vagamon ‘s twin biggest attractions.

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2. Marmala Waterfall: A Pristine And Unspoiled Spot

Marmala Waterfall
Source: Google Images

One of the top places to visit in Vagamon is Marmala Waterfall, situated along the Erattupetta road. Marmala is a 131′ waterfall nestled in dense greenery, a location as natural and unspoiled as Vagamon itself. The waterfall, which fell within what is officially a private estate, was an obscure spot even until a few years ago. The Marmala Waterfall is rapidly becoming one of Vagamon’s most-visited tourist sites.

3. Thangal Para: A spiritual place to Trek Up

Thangalpara, while known as a place of pilgrimage, is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Vagamon. Thangalpara, as the name goes, refers to a huge rock which sits at the edge of a precipice which was once the resting place of the revered Sufi Saint, Hasrath Sheik Fariduddin Baba.

4. Barren Hills: For The Love Of Lush Green Meadows

Although the name doesn’t do much to attract the tourists’ attention, Vagamon’s Desolate Hills is one of Vagamon’s most tempting places to visit. The hills change from lush to bare in different seasons, as the cycle of the season rolls on. This is one place to be if you want to experience all the four seasons in Kerala.

5.Lake Vagamon: A beautiful lake for exciting activities

Lake Vagamon
Source: Google Images

Vagamon Lake is a spectacular sightseeing spot within this town’s borders. A natural companion to this sleeping, peaceful town of Kerala, the lake is bordered by hilly elevations clad in greenery, making it one of Vagamon ‘s places to see. Vagamon Lake isn’t an enormous one, but it’s big enough for boating, rowing and the like. It is one of the most prestigious tourist spots in Vagamon.

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6. Mundakayam Ghat: Peaks Touching A Grey Sky

Blue hills and a smoky grey sky hanging over them. So it looks like Mundakayam Ghat most days. A popular sunrise and sunset point and one of the highly recommended places to visit in Vagamon, the rocky and unfavourable road leading up to this place makes it all the most elusive.

7. Vagamon Falls: Eye Pleasing And Refreshing

It is one of Vagamon’s most charming places to see. Vagamon is among the picturesque places in Kerala, with lush green hills and beautiful weather. And Vagamon Falls places even more emphasis on its landscape. Watching the white water swoop down the hill is a refreshing sight. Also known as Palaruvi, for families and couples, it is a favourite picnic spot. That is also one of Kerala’s most popular waterfalls.

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8. Idukki Dam: A Gorgeous Geometric Marvel

Idukki Dam
Source: Google Images

The Idukki Dam overlooking the beautiful Periyar River is a geometrical wonder. The construction of the dam which is a double curvature arch gravitates people throughout the country and enlists itself as one of the tourist places of Vagamon Kerala. Overlooking a scene that is tantamount to the imagination of a painter, this place is a must-see for anyone who admires nature. That is one of Idukki’s most popular tourist spots.

9. Kurisumala: Sacred, Pristine And Calming

The name ‘Kurisumala’ originates from two words in Malayalam, ‘Kurishu’ meaning cross and ‘mala’ meaning mountain/hill. Kurisumala is one of the most striking tourist spots in the Vagamon region. Perched on the top of the hill this spot features a Jesus Christ statue holding a cross. It is also frequented by pilgrims on Good Friday

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10. Vagamon Meadows: Find peace with spectacular viewpoints

If you are searching for stunning tourist spots in Vagamon to sweep you off your feet and join you with its elegance then look no further. You’ll be spellbound by the lush greenery and scenic views of Vagamon Meadows. The nebulous hills with their own beauty give harmony in all of it.

11. Murugan Mala: Known For Its Splendid Rock Cut Temple

One of the top places to visit in Vagamon, Murugan Mala is known to be home to a magnificent rock-cut temple dedicated to Lord Murugan. Murugan Mala isn’t just about that though. The site has a spectacular terrain which makes it a great sightseeing spot and the weather conditions add to the effect.

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12. Pine Hill: Actualise Walking In The Woods

This one may not be as famous but is one of the highlights to be seen in Vagamon. Pine Hill can make you sound like you are. No bruises! The place offers nothing to see but taking a stroll here will make you feel relaxed and at peace. Here, the term ‘Rolling in the Woods’ could become a living reality.

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