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Top attractions in Sri Lanka
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These Places near Sinharaja forest reserve are not to be missed.

The reserve is well-integrated with the local community residing in several hundreds of dotted frontier villages. The villages are more common along the southern frontier, although the existence of several vast farms along the northern border has contributed to only a few villages. Locals are gathering herbal remedies, edible seeds, berries, fungi, other non-timber forest items like bee honey and a sugar sap from a nearby Caryota genus palm tree. Local residents travel around the forest to gather things above while they aren’t occupied with other farming pursuits. Furthermore, the pure clean water that comes from hundreds of streams is the primary source of water for all residents live across the reserve. Local residents have been trekking from South to North across the forest for centuries to make their yearly trip to the Adams Peak.

Sri Lanka
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Places To Visit Near Sinharaja Forest Reserve

Weligama Beach

Weligama beach is one of the safest beaches to experience some relaxing time as well as becoming a favourite for beginners to surf. Typically people come here to take surf lessons, snorkel or click great pictures of the popular stick fishers. Along the beach, you can also find many hotels dotted. Taprobane Reef, a tiny rock island, is one of the most important items to visit at Weligama.

Weligama Beach
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Adams Peak

The hike to Adams Peak is the most popular and touristy trail in Sri Lanka. It recommended that we climb the 5,200 odd stone stairs in the night so that they can enjoy the spectacular sunrise by the time they reach the top of Adams Peak. For all religions, Adams Peak or Sri Padas has a significant significance. While Buddhists claim that it is Lord Buddha’s left foot, Hindus believe this to the footprint of Lord Shivas. After being exiled from the Garden of Eden, Muslims and Christians believe it was Adams first step.

Adam's peak
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Koggala lies in the south coastal region. This is a less known place amongst the people. Therefore this place attracts fewer crowds. Though it has been famous for a while, it has attracted much less crowd recently. It may, therefore, be possible to spot a less-visited or crowded location where one can plan a vacation or a vacation. Koggala is an ideal place to snorkel.


Another great snorkelling location in Colombo is beach Mirissa. This particular beach has always been one of the first places where to enjoy whale views. However, it turned out that this particular place was an excellent diving spot. There are around 5 diving spots around Mirissa beach which are ideal for both beginners and snorkelling masters. Beginners are provided with PADI training courses and there are also travel centres.

Mirissa Sri Lanka
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Dutch Church

This is an old Sri Lankan church and a place of significance to the orthodox pulpit, as the specimen used in here. Here you will encounter the hexagonal form and the finely grained calamander wood with satinwood frames. There is an excellent sculpture under the pulpit in Pomegranate style, and a sounding board with hoops and iron rods has been placed on the wall. Based on the Portuguese Capuchin monastery in 1754, the church was called ‘Groote Kerk,’ which was founded in 1640, after a protestant term. Gertruda Adrianna Le Grand, who is the wife of commander Gaspar de Jong, founded the now Dutch church for the donation, and it was their son’s long prayed birth for.

Crow Island

Crow Island sits across Polhena Bay, where the Indian Ocean reaches the Nilwala Ganga River. The island has a great esthetic value, covered in lush green and wilderness, walking tracks, mangrove plantations and freshwater lakes. The island contains a combination of species. The Crow Island Beach Park has an array of parks, rides, and play areas perfect for relaxing. The sea is choppy along the Crow Island and is therefore not suitable for swimming or bathing.

Polhena Beach

Polhena Beach is the place where blue whales can be watched, or if the travellers feel a little more adventurous and want to snorkel, you. To avoid the tourist crowds and enjoy the beach vibe one should preferably keep a weekday reserved for Polhena. The safest choice is to get to Polhena Beach by bus towards Matara.

Star Fort

It was developed by the Dutch to deter foreign enemies from attacking. The fort is made up of 6-points that form a star with a point facing all directions. Two large canons are affixed to each point. The Star Fort is still protected by a deep moat from all sides and houses a well in the centre offering water within the territories. In addition, there are two prisons also in the forts premises. It was later taken over by the British to undertake administrative work. Even today, the Fort stands as a remnant of Sri Lankan colonialism. In addition, there are two prisons also on the forts premises. It was later taken over by the British to undertake administrative work. Even today, the Fort stands as a remnant of Sri Lankan colonialism.

The Lady Hill

Located next to the throbbing core of the city and the Island’s very best shorelines, and reasonably remote to give a proportion of peace and calm, which the observer visitor anxiously anticipates after a fatigued episode of touring and inquiry. Entering the Lady Hill gateways, one is fortunate to obtain a building framework, recalling the inheritance of the old Colonial Dutch time period, from the opening of the controlling passage down to the regular paved street. Selling great speciality drinks and delicious appetizers, this mountain top location is an idyllic place to see a beautiful sunset and experience supreme relaxation

Best time to visit Sri Lanka 

The worst season to reach the west and south coasts and mountains are typically from December to June, whilst the toughest weather on the east coast is from April / May to September. Two major monsoon seasons decide the island’s climate, and because they overlap, Sri Lanka can be used as a year-round holiday destination. While planning a trip to Sri Lanka, is no rocket science, a trusted travel agent would be an added benefit. Starting with tailor-made itineraries to have one-stop-shop for all travel needs, Pickyourtrail not only ensures quick and trouble-free travel but also keeps the cost-efficiency under control. To know more, sign in to

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