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Rekindling romance at the Isle of Gods

For those of you familiar with the 2009 Dharma Productions movie, Wake Up Sid, you must be aware of the climax too. Here female protagonist Aisha is shown as having realized that her falling in love with the Mumbai city was because she was in fact in love with the male protagonist Sid Mehra. This might just surmise the Bali experience for honeymooners. This island province of Indonesia, nestled along the Indian ocean provides a potpourri of honeymoon experiences – all endeavouring to help you celebrate love!  Read on to learn more about rekindling romance at the Island of Gods, as Bali is fondly referred to.

Romance at nature’s hotspot~

Honeymoon is an occasion to get away from the humdrum of daily life. What better place than a natural hotspot like Bali? Be it a walk in the forest or a lazy afternoon along the coastline or a trek on a volcanic mountain – Bali has it all! Given the geographical traits of Bali, you will be blessed with experiencing the best of all terrains – beaches, mountains, forests, cliffs. The abundant varieties of nature hotspots are not only a treat to the senses but help you and your partner rejoice each other’s company in privacy. Bukit Asah, a slanting plateau-hill located in the Karangasame village in Bali is beautiful place to catch the sunrise at, especially with the love of your life.

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For private moments~

What does young romance need apart from love? Well privacy, of course – plenty of it. Keeping this in mind, the hospitality industry of Bali has dedicatedly created programs and itineraries to give couples the much needed space. Be it arranging a meal among the rice paddies or a cliff top dinner, privacy is treasured as much as quality and comfort. Even the nature seems to have altered and created spaces that intend to help couples get away and reclaim their romance without the risk of being spied on by voyeurs. Private tours, dinners at secluded locales are the norm of the Bali honeymoon experience now.

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That adrenaline rush~

Are you both adventure junkies? Do you inner children delight at the prospect of another adventure, another day to sport your running shoes and not look back? Do you hope for your honeymoon to be nothing short of a saga that is both exciting and filled with passion & romance? Craft your romantic-adventure at Bali because, yes, Bali DOES have it all. Trekking the active volcanic peak Mount Batur, white water rafting along the Ayung river or even a jungle safari perched on an elephant’s back. Bond over the adrenaline high that Bali promises you by enrolling for hikes, biking, canyoning or underwater exploration among coral reefs.

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Sink into luxury~

Do you, after a hectic wedding schedule, hope to celebrate love but maybe with that added dose of comfort? Fret not, Bali’s hospitality sector is credited to be the world’s most luxurious! Almost all huge hotel establishments in Bali have completely internalized the concept of villas while working to diversify the suite experience by employing different themes. The Aman Resorts, for instance, offer choice between a pool, a garden and a deluxe suite – each designed to their dedicated theme. The Balinese massage – offered as a couples spa experience – is another chance to pamper yourself in endless luxury, while revelling in the romance – a product of the beautiful experience you shared. Check out Balivillas for any type of villa rental included luxury.

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Cooking up a romance~

If off-beat is your forte and both of you rejoice in shared experiences, cooking together seems to fit the bill, doesn’t it? Private cooking classes are offered to couples, with an experienced chef leading you through the entire procedure. You are invited to visit the local market to purchase the necessary ingredients – bargaining et all, alongside your spouse – to gain insight and appreciate the local shopping experience. The meal is then prepared under the watchful eye of the chef. After being beautifully plated, it is served to you and your partner in courses. Savour the Balinese flavours as you dig in to the fare you just put up.

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Make your own jewellery~

Yes, you have been engaged. Yes, you both now sport rings that have been chosen after much window-shopping and consideration. But ever given a thought to making your own jewelry? Maybe your own matching pair of bracelets or rings that you can say you have probably crafted for each other? Local craftspeople and jewelry makers hold workshops where couples may learn to forge that beautiful moonstone onto a silver band. Or if you rather not get down and dirty, you and your spouse could bond over designing those perfect pair of earrings or that intricately fashioned bracelet for each other. This is not only an opportunity to bond but also an occasion to show how much you mean to each other. What is more heartfelt than a necklace or a bracelet forged personally – by you?


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On cloud nine~

Ever want to embrace the clouds with your partner and shout from clifftops each other’s names? Bali lets you experience that ‘I am on top of the world’ feeling with your better half. Hop into the helicopter for a 60 minute ride that will take you along Kuta’s coastline, across Ubud’s river gorges and to the caldera at Mount Batur. Let the wind play with your hair and kiss your faces as you float above the beatific scenery that Bali is and lose yourselves to the sights and sounds – especially the sights – of Bali. But, on the other hand, great time to bring out the camera, eh?

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The culture trail~

Does discovering any place for you include dipping into the culture the place radiates with? Welcome to Bali – the land of Hindu minority in a largely Muslim Indonesia, the land of temples located by the water. Tanah Lot, Uluwatu – both are located by the Indian ocean – temples offer only a peek into the Hinduism that has in its grasps all of Bali. Goa Gajah, literally Elephant Caves, offer a view of the architectural complex that it is. If, along with all the romance, inner peace is what you crave, Goa Gajah, initially built as a site for meditation might just be your destination. If you happen to step into Biku, a restaurant in Seminyak, you might just secure attendance with Jero Asri Kerthyasa, the royal princess of Bali, who along with her two sons owns the joint. Among providing 20 different kinds of Asian tea, Biku serves as a restaurant while providing even tarot card reading services – to be booked for in advance.

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Bali beaches~

If letting the ocean waves lap your feet up in the beach sand or just sun-bathing on the beach shore happens to feature on your list of romantic things to do, Bali beaches are a must. Apart from the tropical breeze and the enchantingly clear water rushing at the shore, Bali beaches are versatile. Versatile in the experiences they let you in on. If partying by the beach with other people is your jam, then come aboard to Kuta beach that also happens to blessing for surfers – courtesy, the high waves. Located across from Uluwatu, the Balangan beach is your secret hideaway beach to escape the crowds that the beaches attract. If snorkeling is a gateway to your “us” time, the Nusa Dua is the beach you need to head toward.


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Visa on Arrival~

Everybody wants to avoid the hassle that is almost synonymous to the word, Visa. Visa on Arrival is service that Bali provides to a list of countries – inclusive of India, that’s right – that lets you collect your Visa on landing in the Denpasar. This visa is valid for 30 days and maybe extended to 30 more days on additional payment.

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The foodie factor~

Of all the good things in world, food seems to top it all. Bali, apart from being synonymous to paradise, is a foodie heaven too. Although beef is banned according to local traditions, Balinese provides a fusion of culinary experiences to the traveller. Despite being home to other cuisines, the Balinese food experience is one to look out for. Giving couples the special treatment, hotels have hatched up new experiences to meteorically intensify the romance with food. The ocean-view experience has the couple seated by the cliff’s edge and dig into a 3 course meal. Another sees cruising on a luxurious catamaran as couples are indulged in lovely music and mouth-watering food.

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Ready to kindle that honeymoon romance you have been anticipating? Head over the Bali – the land of beaches, mountains, volcanoes  and much more. Drop us Postcard, so we can craft you that perfect honeymoon – to the moon and back! Visit the Pickyourtrail website and customize your International tour packages

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