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Sunset view in Bangalore
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Romantic Getaways near Bangalore: Top 7 Places To Visit For Couples

Rich with endless weekend getaways for couples, Bangalore has moved beyond the conventional notions of attitude in shopping centres and… ahem… Hotels. Against all ideas and generalizations, this most happening metro of the country offers many excellent places for couples loaded down with the virtue of nature and absolutely romantic views, all hidden in confined corners. For couples who wish to feel the sharp sting of love, Bangalore is the opportune place to be.

Ready to let you’re most loved to realize the amount you love them? Try to wander off to all these romantic places in and around Bangalore with your partner.

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1. Lumbini Gardens: An eco-friendly Boating Park 

Garden path in Lumbini Gardens
Image Credits: Unsplash

Doused in bright climate and housed in a beautiful area, Lumbini Gardens is one of the most visited romantic places in and around Bangalore. With an eco-friendly boating park, a large artificial beach, and a combination of rides, there’s no limit to the measure of fun you can have here with your partner. Enjoy the vast range of activities and let the great weather carry you more like one of the most surprising places to visit from Bangalore for couples. It is safe to say that you are prepared to grasp the happy vibes at this grand place with your accomplice yet? 

Where is it? The banks of Nagawara Lake, Outer Ring Road, Hebbal 

2. Bangalore Palace: Replica Of The Royal British Palace 

Bangalore Palace
Image Credits: Unsplash

The Bangalore Palace isn’t only an epitome of magnificence and style, yet also of love and romance. A replica of the illustrious British Palace in Berkshire, the palace has dance halls, rambling grounds, and a grand engineering total with gothic windows, transcending turrets, and crawling ivory.

It is the ideal place for a glorious and whimsical date with your lady, which is the reason it is included among the romantic places and around Bangalore. You two could either go for a stroll down the vast gardens, explore the fantastic doors together, or ride the Royal Carriage Horse that will cause you to feel like the lords and kings of old. Your partner will, without a doubt, always remember this royal date with her king! 

Where is it? Palace Rd, Vasanth Nagar, Bangalore

Timings: 10 am to 5:30 pm 

3. Sakleshpur: Riverside Camping 

Searching for some loving and yet an offbeat place for your date? Riverside Camping in Sakleshpur is the ideal answer! While outdoors on the banks of river Cauvery, you and your accomplice can go for a spot of boating or kayak ride on the river, have a go at exciting adventure sports like zip-lining and diving or you can set out on a light trek to discover the wild around.

One ought to first visit during winter or spring when the place is in full sprout. It is without a doubt the best place in Bangalore for couples looking for a tranquil getaway from the disarray of metro life. With only the purely natural magnificence around and your darling close by, the whole experience makes sure to be romantic! It’s ideal for a one-day trip in Bangalore for couples. 

How far it is from Bangalore City: 221 km 

Time Taken: 3 hours & 50 mins using NH75. 

4. Lalbagh Botanical Garden: The Collection Of Tropical Plants 

Lalbagh Botanical Garden in Bangalore
Image Credits: Unsplash

Famous for its glasshouse which holds a yearly blossom appears, Lal Bagh houses India’s most fabulous collection of tropical plants, aside from an aquarium and a lake. The Lal Bagh Botanical Garden in Bangalore is an example of natural beauty and tranquillity, a total complexity to the loud and crowded metropolitan it is situated in. It is the perfect backdrop to spend some quality time with your partner. Walk around the greenscapes of the garden with your date and explore its lively flower ponders, hand in hand.

Where is it? Lalbagh, Bangalore 

Ideal Time to Visit: 26th January and 15th August when the garden has its yearly flower show. 

5. Bannerghatta National Park: Vivid Zoo 

The Bannerghatta National Park is an excellent package of a great deal of touring choices and exercises across the board place. With a distinctive zoo, a pet corner, an animal rescue centre, an aquarium, a snake house, a safari park, an old temple, and adept places for trekking, the entertainment hub offers significantly more than most other nature, and wildlife places in the nation. Take your darling on an enhancing safari visit into outstanding amongst other romantic places in and around Bangalore and let him/her experience the enchantment of nature. The national park is among the quietest and tranquil spots for couples in Bangalore. 

How far it is from Bangalore City: 43 km

Time Taken: 1 hour 22 mins 

6. Nandi Hills: Goodness Of Nature 

Top view of Nandi Hills
Image Credits: Unsplash

What betters a place for romance than amazing compared to other monsoon getaways nearer to Bangalore, one that has all the decency of nature blessing enclosed by green foliage. Nandi is certified for being one of the most romantic places in and around Bangalore civility its charming hills, perfect lakes, great posts and heavenly resorts, making it a relaxing and a chilled weekend trip from Bangalore. Couples can enjoy the unbelievable views on the Palar, Pennar and Arkavathi rivers that begin from here or have a date by taking part in activities like paragliding. This is among the best places to visit in Bangalore for couples. 

How far it is from Bangalore City: 61 km 

Time Taken: 1 hour 28 mins 

Tip: Leave the premises before nightfall to keep away from a horrible encounter with dacoits. 

7. Grover Vineyard: A Date With Wine 

Grover Wineyards in Bangalore
Image Credits: Google Images

A date isn’t dating without wine! What’s more, what preferable place to have that over the beautiful vineyards of Bangalore! The party season from February to April, when the vine is on fire with shading and sprouting with new, delicious grapes, is the perfect time for couples to visit the Grover Zampa Vineyards in Bangalore.

Regardless of whether you enjoy a healthy tasting of the best of wine, or just decide to stroll down the pleasant plantations holding your darling’s hand, a date here at a standout amongst other dating places in Bangalore will be nothing but precisely magnificent. It is best experienced when you Go a Bike trip to this place.

Where is it? Grover Zampa, Bangalore

Well, there are many places to romance with your partner but the above list will definitely steal your heart. Just grab a bike or go on a self-drive to these romantic places which will steal away your hearts. Plan a vacation with Pickyourtrail to have the best experiences around Bangalore.

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