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Chatuchak Market in Bangkok
Written by Siddhi on June 18, 2020 Share on

Chatuchak Market Bangkok: Your Go To Shopping Haven in Bangkok

I believe you are all set to plan your vacation to Bangkok! Apart from sightseeing, shopping has always been a major part of a vacation to carry beautiful memories back home! Bangkok in Thailand has got a lot of shopping malls and markets but none can match this top market! The Chatuchak Weekend Market is one of the number one shopping paradises of Bangkok and its huge market area has gained itself a huge number of visitors to this the world’s largest weekend market. The market is around 1.1 square km with thousands of shops with almost unlimited offers so that visitors find something interesting here.

Chatuchak Market in Bangkok
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An unimaginable number of shops and stalls lined up in these streets attract millions of visitors to enjoy this shopping hub. Visitors can start their shopping from clothes, jewellery, beautiful paintings, interesting antiques, Thai handicrafts, food, art by local Thai artists, plants, furniture, delicious restaurants, amazing cafes to the popular Thai souvenirs that can be given as gifts to our loved ones, everything’s available in this market!


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Let’s look at what the Chatuchak weekend market has got for all its visitors in detail and you will be needing a pen and notepad to note down your favourite shops to have a crowd-free visit. You can also get to know useful information on tips about opting hours, how to get there and what to buy at Chatuchak Weekend Market.

Chatuchak Weekend Market Experience

Silk stalls in Chatuchak Market
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Visiting the Chatuchak Weekend Market will give you the experience of pure Bangkok markets. Visitors can experience an endless selection of products in a huge maze filled with shops and stalls. This one main reason is why the market is considered to be one of the largest markets in the world. You will be overwhelmed by the huge offer on all products and at a reasonable price, You can see a fantastic selection for clothes and some of them are the best shops in Bangkok. Especially there are small designer shops where you can creatively craft your products and are interesting. There are even shops which sell second-hand and vintage clothes in this market and these will be the right place if you are looking out for vintage clothes. You will also find age-old branded handbags, jerseys, washed-out branded jeans and newly prepared shoes.

The antique department in this area is highly recommended, where local designers exhibit unique skills in crafting Thai furniture. You can shop for unique pieces here. For all shopaholics, you might feel hungry while shopping in this huge market, so to your rescue, there are numerous small stalls between big shops which serve cool drinks and small snacks. This makes shopping at Chatuchak Market pleasant. There are also amazing restaurants and good street food in this area. Visitors exhausted by long shopping tours can get a Thai massage directly inside the market.

Shopping Guide for Chatuchak Market

Shopping stall in Chatuchak Market
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Divided into sections and the market has 27 sections overall. Every narrow street falls under a section and will show you where you are right now. You can either roam around the market exploring one alley following another alley or you can directly visit the locations of your choice.

  • Section 1: This is the section for amulets, books, collectables, grocery stores and cafes.
  • Sections 2 to 4: These sections have beautiful furniture, paintings, ceramics, facilities and collectables.
  • Section 5 to 6: For wardrobe shopaholic, this section has good clothes, both hip designer clothes and second-hand vintage clothes. Along with beautiful fashion jewellery, watches and cool accessories are available with great offers.
  • Section 7 to 9: This is the section for antique lovers and can definitely find something unique. It also has artefacts and crafts, furniture and ceramics.
  • Sections 10 to 16: General consumer goods, household appliances, pets and some clothing
  • Section 17 to 19: This section boats ceramics and food stalls
  • Sections 22 to 26: Visitors looking to buy furniture, antiques and handicrafts can head here
  • Section 27: The final section has books and collectables, food

How to get to Chatuchak Market

Chatuchak Market is located in the north-eastern side of Bangkok, in the Chatuchak district. The market is well connected by the public transport system. You can get to Chatuchak by Metro. Of course, you can also rent a car to the entrance of Chatuchak, which is economical.

Best Time to visit the Chatuchak Market

The Chatuchak Weekend Market is not a night market but a weekend market and takes place only during daytime. Some sections of the market are also open during weekdays, but most of them are open only on the weekend. The opening hours of Chatuchak Weekend Market is from 09:00 AM to 06:00 PM. You can avoid crowds in the morning before lunchtime. Also, there’s a night market every Friday, which starts from 06:00 PM to 12:00 AM.

Food at Chatuchak Market
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Shopping tips 

  1. Morning 09:00 AM will be the best time to visit Chatuchak Weekend market and at that time very few visitors shop at the market. Afternoon, the market remains really crowded and busy.
  2. Carry a bottle of water with you as the market becomes crowded and remains warm during the day time.
  3. You can bring out your bargain-skills and buy products at amazing prices.
  4. Carry enough cash with you, very few shops accept credit cards or debit cards.
  5. Don’t miss out to visit the green Chatuchak Park and relax by the lake.

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