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Sinhagad Fort
Written by Rhea Alex on July 28, 2020 Share on

Sinhagad Fort – Explore the trail of the unknown

About Sinhagad Fort

Not many tourists are aware of the famous ‘Sinhagad Fort,’ that has contributed a great deal to the history surrounding the lands of Pune. Located in the southwestern region, the ‘Kondana,’ or also known as the ‘Sinhagad,’ tribe, finds its place in history. 

The fort in itself was built years ago, in the hope that it would support Maharastra, in the ancient battles of that time. It was in the year 1671, that the ‘Sinhagad Fort,’ witnessed one of the most epic battles of its lifetime. It is said that this historical monument is home to the ‘Bhuleshwar range,’ of all the great Sahyadris. 

The entire fort is a massive monument, that has been built at a height of about 1312 metres, above the sea level.

One of the best things about the ‘Sinhagad Fort,’ remains the number of breakneck slopes that the fort houses within itself. The sole motive behind this logic is for the fort to remain protected from every which side. 

Tourists can begin their exploration of this amazing fort, with a sightseeing adventure of a lifetime. The first on your list would be, ‘ Rajaram’s tomb,’ a definite must-visit while in Sinhagad.

For all you first time visitors, you are fortunate to catch a glimpse of the ‘monoliths of Tanaji Malusare.’ History records that the monoliths were responsible for the safeguarding of the fort, from the era of ‘Shivaji Maharaj.’

The ‘Sinhagad Fort,’ is graced with a sheer number of marvels, that tourists can investigate and explore for themselves.

Regardless of whether it’s the ‘Tanaji Samadhi,’ ‘Pune Darwaza,’ ‘Kade Lot,’ or maybe even the ‘Amruteshwar Temple,’ – the sheer elegance of this fort cannot be accounted for. 

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How to Reach Sinhagad Fort

When it comes to visiting some of the greatest architectural wonders in India, tourists most often find themselves unsure as to how to commute to and fro the same. It is extremely essential for tourists to ensure sufficient research is done before they venture out on their journey.

The ‘Sinhagad fortress,’ in itself finds itself located in close proximity to the ‘Pune Airport,’ which also happens to be the closest airport to the fort. Tourists can opt for multiple ways to travel, once they’ve successfully landed in the region.

The ‘state-run buses,’ and the ‘private buses,’ are two of the probable options up for you to consider.

The most convenient of them all being the ‘private cab service,’ that takes tourists all the way to the fort premises.

We’ve jotted down some of the alternatives you could consider when it comes to the most accessible methods of transportation. 

1. By rail:

By rail
Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

When it comes to travelling by train, tourists will have to make their way to the ‘Pune Railway Station.’

This is the only station that is located close to the ‘Sinhagad Fort.’ Once you’re in the region, tourists can opt for the use of either the local bus services or maybe even book a private cab service.

Your means of commutation entirely depends on the kind of experience you’re looking at. 

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2. By road: 

By road
Image Credit: Pixabay

Locals from Pune or International tourists looking to explore the fort from the region are most definitely looking at the travel of about an hour and 15 minutes. This is the least possible time that it could take you to make it to the fort.

Tourists could either consider driving all the way to the ‘Sinhagad Fort,’ on their own, or they could opt for car rental services like – ‘Ola,’ or ‘Uber,’ along the way. 

3. By bus: 

By bus
Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

There are a plethora of bus services that operate to and fro the fort on a daily basis. Tourists do not have to worry when it comes to the frequency of buses available to them. 

All of these buses, are sure to commute you between point A and point B with much ease, through the course of your journey.

Tourists will have to make their way to the ‘Pune Bus Stand,’ to go ahead and book the buses of their choice. 

There are also a number of other MSRTC  deluxe buses that are available to the ‘Sinhagad fortress,’ beginning from the ‘Pune Bus Stand.’

The region of ‘Sinhagad,’ isn’t just wholly connected to Pune, but also has some great transportation facilities form Nagpur and Mumbai, as well. 

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What Not to Miss at Sinhagad Fort

The ‘Sinhagad Fort,’ has a great number of attractions that tourists can enjoy and explore, as they journey through this monumental structure. Each and every attraction within the fort has something truly unique and distinct to it. 

Tourists are most often accompanied by a guide, who provides with all the information they may need. It’s important for tourists to adhere to the customs and traditions of the region, as they begin their exploration.

We’ve given you a gist of some of the places to visit in and around the ‘Sinhagad Fort.’

Make sure to read through the entire blog, to find all that you need to know about this fort.

1. Late P.L. Deshpande Garden:

Late P.L. Deshpande Garden
Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

The ‘Late P.L. Deshpande Garden,’ is a rather significant contribution of the ‘Indo-Japanese friendship,’ that existed during that time.

Stretching across about ten acres of land altogether, the gardens remain a sheer display of the incredible cultural heritage that Pune has held, over the years. 

Whether it’s the ‘artificial forests,’ lawns,’ or maybe even the ‘ponds,’ – the entire region is filled with a number of amazing central attractions that tourists are sure to love. 

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2. ISKCON Temple, Pune:

ISKCON Temple, Pune
Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

The ‘ ISKCON Temple,’ has got to be one of the must-visit places on your to-do list. Known for its spiritual setting, floods of tourists are seen making their way to the temple, every single year. 

There are a number of activities that are held within the premises of the temple – the ‘youth training,’ ‘Lotus Voice,’ ‘women empowerment session,’ – being just some of the many events. Tourists can witness these activities and truly soak in the cultural environment of the region. 

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