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Smallest countries in the world by population that you should visit

How would you like to spend a holiday in a country which is not so populated? I know visiting highly populated countries is common, but how about you visit some of the smallest countries in the world by population for a change? In fact, visiting these small countries means you get to tour the entire country in a short span of time. So, if you’re planning a vacation and you’re looking for someplace nice and small, then you must check out the list of the smallest countries in the world by population. We’ve curated this list to make it easier for you to decide a destination for your upcoming trip. 

Smallest countries in the world by Population

1. Vatican City

St.Peter's Basilica
Photo by Sean Ang on Unsplash

Famously known to be the home of Pope, Vatican City is first on our list of smallest countries in the world. The country’s population is so small that it didn’t even cross the thousand mark. Vatican City is an idyllic place for all you history buffs. It is a trove of some of the world’s most iconic art and architecture. Some of its world-famous attractions include St.Peter’s Basilica, Sistine Chapel,  St Peter’s Square, and the many Vatican Museums. The only time the country is filled is when there’s an influx of tourists visiting its historical attractions. Although it’s a small country, it’s still packed with a plethora of magnificent sights that are worth visiting. 

The population of Vatican City: 801 

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2. Tuvalu

Tuvalu - smallest country in the world by population
Image credit: Wikimedia

This scarcely populated island country is located in the Polynesian subregion of Oceania between Hawaii and Australia. Tuvalu comprises of 9 islands that are home to thinly populated atolls with palm-fringed beaches and World War II sites. Tuvalu is a treat for both nature lovers and history lovers. And if you love them both, then you’ll love Tuvalu for what it has to offer. Besides surrounding yourself with nature and history, you can also have some fun at Tuvalu. You should try its traditional sport, ‘kilikiti’, which somewhat resembles cricket. You’ll be surprised to know that, Tuvalu, one of the smallest countries in the world by population is ruled by Queen Elizabeth II. This place is definitely worth considering. 

The population of Tuvalu: 11,792

3. San Marino

San Marino smallest country in the world by population
Photo by Thomas Haas on Unsplash

San Marino is one of the smallest countries in the world that is encompassed by North Central Italy. This beautiful country has some really stunning landscapes and lush mountainous surroundings. Besides the stunning scenery, San Marino also has a lot of historical significance too. It is stated to be the world’s first-ever Republic. Not just that, San Marino gained its popularity when it remained neutral against the war that Italy declared against Austria and Hungary during World War 1. San Marino is a beautiful country both in terms of scenery and history. 

The population of San Marino: 33,948

4. Monaco

Exotic Garden of Monaco
Photo by Julien Lanoy on Unsplash

The country might not be highly populated but it sure is popular. You would’ve heard about the country of Monaco quite often. Monaco might be one of the smallest countries in the world by population, but it is also one of the most beautiful countries in the world. For all those of you, who are confused, Monaco is neither a Republic nor a Kingdom, but it is a Principality. It was fully recognised as a country and had been granted a United Nations membership. Monaco might not be a part of the Europian Union, but it follows the Europian Union customs, border controls, policies and also its currency. Brush up your French skills as it might be useful for you when in Monaco. 

Now, to get to the interesting part. Monaco is a stunning country that offers heaps to do and plenty to see. The country looks extremely beautiful with its breathtaking landscapes and harbours. For those of you looking for some entertainment, do not forget to head to the world-famous Monte Carlo Casino. Monaco is also a paradise for all you sports lovers. It is home to one of the best Grand Prix Circuits in the world and also boasts a local football team – AS Monaco FC. This place is definitely worth visiting. 

5. Liechtenstein

Photo by Henrique Ferreira on Unsplash

Liechtenstein is the doubly-locked country principality between Austria and Switzerland. This German-speaking country is slightly more populated than Monaco, however, you’ll notice that these two countries keep switching their positions when it comes to population. Bordered by two of the most scenic countries in Europe, Liechtenstein also offers stunning scenery. Besides the beautiful scenery, Liechtenstein is also home to a football team – Liechtenstein national football team. Liechtenstein is one of the smallest countries in the world by population and you must not miss out on it. 

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