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Solang Valley in winter
Written by Priyanka Sharma on May 12, 2020 Share on

Let Solang Valleys Beauty Be Your Next Stop In 2020

Life is not about settling in one place, it’s all about exploring the beauty this world has got to offer. One such place is the Solang Valley, feels like heaven on earth! the valley is positioned about 14km upward Manali in Himachal Pradesh, on the banks of the river Beas. Solang Valley got its name from the locals which is a combination of two words Solang meaning Nearby Village and Nullah meaning Water Stream.

Solang valley has it’s unique beauty round the clock throughout the year. This is one such place which mesmerizes you with its encircling glaciers alongside the marvelous valleys extending within Solang and Beas Kund. Right from indulging yourself into a variety of activities to figuring out the best time to visit this blog has got it all. Continue reading to find out more.

Lake of Solang Valley in Winters
Image Credits: Rishab Agarwal Unsplash

Why Visit Solang Valley

As mentioned above this place’s beauty is at its peak throughout the year. It depends upon you as to what you’re looking for, in a vacation to visit this place. Solang valley is definitely worth the trip uphill. If you are an adrenaline junkie wanting to indulge in activities like paragliding, zorbing, and gondola rides then the lovely summers are the perfect time for you to visit whereas if you are more adventurous then the Winters have the skating and skiing on your plate. While you have the snowcapped mountains during winters the summers vaunt beautiful sun rays which are warm and comforting, while you can gaze at the stars in the night.

Things to do to in Solang Valley

Solang valley has a lot of activities that one mustn’t miss. Irrespective of the age group or the season this place has got something for all. Below are a few activities that are a must-try as that would make your happy escape vacation worthwhile.


Paragliding is a magnificent experience in Solang Valley. This ride has two jump stations 1 on the lower level and the other on the higher level letting you fly high just like an eagle owning the sky.

  • Cost of Paragliding: INR 600 to INR 800
Paragliding at Solang Valley
Image Credits: Unsplash


What can be more fun than plunging downhill with your loved one in a transparent ball? It sounds exciting right! Well the fun zorbing offers, there nothing that can match up to its level. Increasing your pulses with the ball rolling up and down in between the grassy hills making this one of the most fun activities in your trip.

  • Cost of Zorbing: INR 350 and above
skiing on the snow
Image Credits: Google Image


Have you ever imagined floating over the snow? Yeah that’s right Snowmobiling allows you to slide and float over the white snow allowing you to take a Solang Valley sightseeing tour.

  • Cost of Snowmobiling: INR 500 and above

How to reach here?

You can reach here by Air, Road and even Rail. The airport is at Bhuntar town, Joginder Nagar, Chandigarh (310km), and Ambala (300km) are the closest railways stations and by road which is most preferable by many is to book a cab from either Delhi or Chandigarh.

This is not it Solang Valley has a lot more to offer along with conducting camps, gondola ropeway ride, quad biking, and many more exciting activities. Visit for many more exciting itineraries and let us help you make your getaway vacation a memorable one!

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