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Abu Dhabi
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Souks of Abu Dhabi – Modern Amenities with the Traditional Charm

Dubai has been the focal point for the United Arab Emirates since the past few decades. But, off late one of the places that are growing in popularity and recognition is the capital of the United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi. Abu Dhabi has developed its infrastructure and amenities to a level in which it does not play second fiddle to Dubai but has a stature and solidarity of its own. Abu Dhabi is one of the lesser-explored cities in the middle east and it should be on the bucket list of anyone who wants to experience authentic middle eastern culture with modern infrastructure and amenities. 

Abu Dhabi
Photo by Kel Avelino on Unsplash

In this article, you are going to read about something of great cultural significance in the middle eastern countries. The Souks of Abu Dhabi. The Souks are traditional market places where the local vendors set shop and sell all kinds of products produced and made locally. The Souks are one of the best places to explore and get a sense of what the culture of the middle east is all about. Read on to know about some of the famous Souks in Abu Dhabi for you to explore on your vacation to UAE.

Best Souks of Abu Dhabi 

1. ‘The Souk’

The Souk is the place to go if you want to experience the old world charm and tradition of Abu Dhabi. It is considered as one of the best Souks in Abu Dhabi and is located in the old central market. The Souk is a 12-acre single-storey building has endless amounts of nooks and corners with memorabilia and shops selling various stuff. The Souk was built by the Egyptian architect Abdulrahman Makhloof and was opened in the year 1968. The Souk has gained popularity over the last decade and has helped more than a thousand small businesses.

The Souk was temporarily shut down in 2005 for an 8-year long renovation. When it reopened in 2013, The Souk had been upgraded with modern infrastructure yet it managed to retain its old-world charm. It is one of the best places to purchase gifts in Abu Dhabi.

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The souk
Photo by Ben Ostrower on Unsplash

2. Qaryat Al Beri Souk 

The Qaryat Al Beri Souk has gained immense popularity over the last couple of years and is host to various local and global brands. The Souk in Qaryat Al Beri is famous for its clothing, home décor, shoes, artwork, flowers, perfumes, cosmetics and a lot more. This Souk is built over a space of 60,000 Sq.m near the water canal at Shangri-la. It is a mix of Arabian architecture in a Venetian theme. It is similar to ‘The Souk’ in terms of shops.

3. Souks in Mina Zayed Port Area

The Mina Zayed Port Area is one of the most beautiful and happening places of Abu Dhabi. The Al Meena Souk as it is popularly known has different kinds of Souks in it. The most special ones are the carpet souk, the fruits and vegetables souk and the plant souk. It is an enjoyable place to visit in the evening.

The souks are a must-visit during your visit to Abu Dhabi. Reach out to the destination experts at Pickyourtrail to customize your Abu Dhabi tour package according to your preferences.

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