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Abu Dhabi Mosque
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Qasr Al Hosn – All That Your Need To Know For Your Abu Dhabi Vacation

The History of Qasr Al Hosn

Your trip to Abu Dhabi will not be complete without a visit to Qasr Al Hosn. Not only is it the oldest building in Abu Dhabi, but it is also the most important building in the culture of the UAE. Qasr Al Hosn is from where the city was formed and is the focal point of Abu Dhabi. This stands proud as a testimonial to the history of UAE’s formation.

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Qasr Al Hosn was built in 1790, actually as a watchtower. This was used to oversee the trade routes in and around the UAE coast. This building surely has a mark in history for playing a very important role in UAE’s overseas trade relations.

Qasr Al Hosn Structure
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The Structure of Qasr Al Hosn

There are two primary building in this structure – the Inner Fort and the Outer Palace. This building has donned multiple roles in history. Though opened as a watchtower, it was then used as a royal residence, a central government building and a council meeting place. Qasr Al Hosn is currently the national archive of the most important records and documents of the United Arab Emirates.

The structure of Qasr Al Hosn is also used as a museum. You can see old relics, manuscripts that take you back to the time Dubai was a small fishing village. You will be amazed at the tools and weapons displayed here. Will you believe me if I say some of them are dated before 6,000 BC. If you are looking to understand and relish the true spirit of UAE, this is a must-visit.

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  • Built-in 18th century
  • First concrete structure in The United Arab Emirates
  • Home to Global historical artefacts
  • Developments of UAE recorded in Manuscripts, Stories and Relics

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Address – Rashid Bin Saeed Al Maktoum St(2nd St) – Al HisnW3 – Abu Dhabi – United Arab Emirates


  • Saturday to Thursday – 0900 Hrs to 1900 Hrs
  • Friday – 1200 Hrs to 2200 Hrs

Entry Fees

  • Adults – INR 600
  • Children – INR 300 ( Between 6 and 13 )
  • Children below 6 – Free of Cost

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Abu Dhabi, known for its architectural grandeur had a very humble beginning. Qasr Al Hosn stands witness to that. So next time you plan your vacation to Abu Dhabi or Dubai, don’t forget to include it in your itinerary. Abu Dhabi is less than an hour away from Dubai and many take road trips between these cities.

Abu Dhabi Skyline
Image Source: Pixabay

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