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spanish beer
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Spanish Beers -Best Cervezas To Try Out During Your Trip.

Spain is definitely one of Europe’s top and biggest producer of beer. You will want to try out some una cerveza or a couple during your trip to Spain. Most abundantly you will find local beer served in every corner, but of late even the craft beer scene has picked up immensely. The list of Spanish Beers starting from craft beer but also the classic favourites. Find below the list of best cervezas to try out during your trip.

Spanish Beers To Try Out

Mahou Cinco Estrella

Mahou Cinco Estrella: Spanish beers
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una cerveza (a beer) or una caña (a little beer) is what youll get if you ask for beer in Madrid. It first came into Madrid in 1936 and has been served in a lot of tapas bar ever since. The blonde colour beer is refreshing to down when a sunny day in Spain. It is the official drink in Madrid so its all around every corner so get ready to enjoy a few glasses especially on the day of matches.

La Virgin

This crafted beer is made in Las Rozas right outside of Madrid city has a unique taste. This fruity tasting beer has different choices starting from the Madrid Lager, a pale lager, the Jamonera, an Amber Ale, the 360 pale ale or the brand’s own IPA. Additionally, you can choose visit breweries for a tour or go in for tastings. If beer is not your fancy, then you eat a meal in one of the relaxing restaurants at the breweries.

Estrella Damm

Estrella Damm
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Barcelona is second largest city in Spain. This city serves this fancy flavoured beer exclusively. The brand was first discovered in 1876 which is why it the oldest in Spain. Their beers have a dense, malty taste (the establishment is one of the final ones in the world that makes all of its malt barley in its very own malthouse).


This is the only one of the Spanish beers in the entire country that has its label written in Catalan. Moritz is Pilsner larger made in Barcelona. It is instantly available all throughout Spain and is a popular drink choice for many locals and tourists alike all throughout the country.


This beer has a medium roasted malt taste which also gives it a vibrant amber colour. The beer has a smooth and balanced taste making it one of the most refreshing and famous Spanish beers.It is made in Zaragoza, where the oldest breweries in Spain is located. The brewery offers guided tours which is required to be booked much in advance.The brew has been awarded four medals back in the 2016 World Beer Awards.

Cruz Campo

Cruz Campo: spanish beers
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Spain’s largest beer brand is right now belongs to Dutch brewing behemoth Heineken. It was discovered in Seville back in the year 1904 by two siblings belonging to the Osborne sherry family. The family is also known for being the makers of the famous Osborne bulls. The brand, which is particularly renowned in all of Andalusia, brews various different kinds of beer. But the Pilsner lager is the most famous one consumed all over the country. It was the first among the Spanish beer brands to make and beer completely free of alcohol. This was done in 1976 and the brand is now the official sponsor of the national football team of Spain.

La Pirata Tremenda

The story behind how this beer was made is pretty interesting. The team of makers of this Barcelona based specially crafted beers started from their home! Before the IPA took off, home is where the beer was brewed out out of. The roasted malt taste along with the dark amber tone of the drink really compliment each other. Just like how the fruity taste of the drink goes with the bittersweet after taste. This brand has become a preferred favourite in the list of Spanish craft beers connoisseurs and is available to purchase in specialised beer shops and pubs all over Spain and around Europe. This is on top of the list of Spanish beers you must try.

Rosita Negra

Do not mistake this for a bottle of honey! This honey coloured drink is yet another famous add to the list of Spanish craft beers and adds to the popularity of the scene. The taste of this drink is fruity. You will be able to taste a bit of banana and red apple mixed together. Additionally, a back taste of molasses. The beer is brewed in three different ways: Rosita Original, a honey-coloured ale; Rosita d’Ivori, a light blonde coloured brew and Rosita Negra, a brown coloured drink.

Cerveza La Cibeles

Cerveza La Cibeles
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This artisanal brewery from Madrid produces 12 varieties of drinks. Additionally, the brewery provides tours often, has guests over for tastings and even beer making classes to learn the art.This brewery’s amazing tour opens up the the world of beer making to the entire world to discover.This is not only one of the Spanish beers you have to try but also a brewery experience you have to take on.

In conclusion, Spain has some of the best beers that you must surely try. Head on to Pickyourtrail and check out our curated list of Spain tour packages . You can also drop a Whatsapp enquiry for find out about more options.

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