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Top Spas in Valencia
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Spas in València: 8 Best Places to Relax in the Spanish Region

It is also a smart thing to visit a spa or fitness retreat. An intense shopping day, an overcrowded beach or a cloudy or rainy morning is also excellent excuses to choose to relax and de-stress with a hydrotherapy circuit, treat yourself to a relaxing massage or wellness treatment, or enjoy the properties of a hot spring treatment with hydrotherapy. If this sounds appealing then you should be happy to hear that there are loads of choices in Valencia when it comes to spas. Here is the list of Top Spas in València.

Spas in València
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8 Top Spas in València

  • Balneario La Alameda
  • Spa Urbano Navarro Catalán
  • Caroli Health Club
  • Spa Las Arenas
  • Hammam Al Amira
  • Hidrópolis Aqua Spa
  • Balneario de Verche

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1. Balneario La Alameda

The popular historic building houses a Roman spa system of hot and cold bathing pools, water jets, sauna and Turkish bath. You may also select from therapies such as mud bath, complete body massage and many more. The one drawback is that on weekends, this popular spa can get crowded, so if you can, visit during the week.

2. Spa Urbano Navarro Catalán

A small but highly recommended spa with dim lighting, candles and soft music in central València, known for its sophisticated atmosphere and zen style. Enjoy a luxurious rose-petalled bath while sipping jasmine tea, before a massage of Cleopatra oil or body scrub. A treat you ‘re sure not going to forget in a hurry.

Spa Urbano Navarro Catalán, Top Spas in València
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3. Caroli Health Club

Located in a beautifully refurbished traditional home, this luxurious spa is identified as an oasis of relaxation in the city centre and is situated at the trendy Westin Hotel. The large spa area (over 400 square metres) includes a 12.5-meter saltwater swimming pool, Jacuzzi, Finnish sauna and Hamman, all in the Valèncian orange groves’ surroundings. Work out in the workout room, take a pilates session, or simply lounge on one of the hotel’s rooftop terraces before indulging in a chocolate facial or wine and champagne body massage. This is one of the best natural Spas in València

4. Spa Las Arenas

The variety of luxury services offered at the Las Arenas beachfront hotel can blow you quickly. The hotel’s salon includes a massage system with hydrotherapy, a steam room and an ice bath, and all manner of organic and Eastern-inspired remedies and makeup services using Sisley goods. You will rest in one of the private cabins in the resort, where time appears to stand still and you can receive free, relaxing treatments. There are also two outdoor swimming pools and perhaps the most refreshing thing of all is lounging in the garden, enjoying the cool Mediterranean breeze coming in from the sea.

Spa Las Arenas, Top Spas in València
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5. Hammam Al Amira

In many cultures, bathing has long been and still is necessary, for both hygienic and purifying purposes, and for the social dimension. Some of these customs have transcended cultures and in Valencia, for example, you can visit both an Arab and a communal Turkish bath. This one amongst such Spas in Valencia. A visit to this hammam includes a manual black soap exfoliation, before enjoying a traditional Turkish steam bath that relaxes the muscles, opens the pores and eliminates toxins by sweating. Topping off with aromatic oils with a massage might be the perfect finish touch.

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6. Hidrópolis Aqua Spa

This modern, popular spa in the city centre is small in size but offers everything from thermal baths to facials and massages that you might want or need. Based on what you’re doing, it sells several separate bundles, like several weekday discount bundles. The website is in Spanish only, although the nice, (sometimes) English speaking workers at the spa are really supportive. This is one of the recommended Spas in València.

Hidrópolis Aqua Spa, Top Spas in València
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7. Balneario de Verche

The legend goes that when passing through the region of Serranía, a Sultan discovered these. The waters of such baths boil up at 23 degrees near Valencia (less than 60 km from the capital) and have been used since at least Roman times for therapeutic purposes. Both consuming it and using it for hydrothermal therapies will reap its benefits. The liquid factor enhances respiratory, intestinal and skin problems which makes it one of the best Spas in València.

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Best time to visit Valencia

Valencia’s best time is the sweet spot full of warm weather and void of crazy crowds in April and May. The city generally boasts a Mediterranean climate with always pleasant weather. Valencia actually sees an average of 300 days of sunshine per annum. The mean high times vary from 60 degrees in the colder months to 85 degrees in summer height. Even wintertime is very pleasant and the town is more or less tourist-free. The downside is that some of the attractions shorten their operating hours.

Best time to visit Valencia
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November to March

Tourists leave in the winter months but bear in mind that many sites run under reduced hours and some of the more remote restaurants shutter throughout the week if you intend to do any sightseeing. We suggest contacting the must-see attractions in advance for their hours of service. In autumn, notably October and November, rainfall is most common.

April to May

Whether you like to escape the traffic, return throughout the April and May months. In the low 70s, the temperatures are lingering nicely, the water is moist and the crowds have not yet found their way to the area.

Valencia, Spain
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June to October

That is the best time to catch a few rays. The temperatures are staying in the mid-70s, even in October. You may consider the beaches too crowded to match your taste. Pack plenty of sunscreens, particularly in June and August, with plenty of sunlight and sometimes high humidity from the summer days on the Spanish coast. Hotels are also more expensive and more difficult to book, as it is peak season. Make bookings at least four months in advance. Keep in mind that the rainy season starts in September so you’re going to want to pack paragliding items.

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