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Written by Akshaya Devi on August 5, 2019 Share on

Sri Lanka’s visa-free entry for 48 countries including India—A complete guide

We know Sri Lanka recently announced free visa for 48 countries including India, in its attempt to fortify Sri Lankan tourism which took a hit by the Easter incident. It came to effect this August. Here’s a guide of what’s in store.

Rambukkana in Srilanka

Why this move now?

John Amaratunga, Tourism Development Minister says the free visa will be in effect from August 1 for the next 6 months, for countries like Australia, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore etc. Considering that Sri Lankan tourism has a lucrative visa system, this bold move may be attributed to the April 21 attacks which have diluted the otherwise bustling tourism destination.

How and where to get it?

Travellers planning to visit Sri Lanka can either apply for a visa online via the official embassy website or avail one upon their entry into the Bandaranaike international airport.

Is it safe to visit Sri Lanka now?

Firstly, Sri Lanka’s Ministry of Defence assures it is.

“Special islandwide precautionary measures have been taken by the Tri Forces, police and intelligence services together with other state security agencies to provide protection to places of worship, public places, tourist locations, state facilities, airports, ports, hospitals, etc. It has been a while since the tension has relaxed”

Secondly, Sri Lanka is worth it and we cannot relinquish travelling to a beautiful destination that depends a lot on its tourism income(which, by the way, is tightly secured now!)


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Seasonal highlights:

?On a side note, the timing of visa waiver just cannot go unappreciated. Although Sri Lanka enjoys good weather all throughout the year thanks, Sri Lanka is a monsoon paradise to be specific! Some of the standouts are its tropical weather, best beach experiences, and greenest landscapes.

Visit the Unawatuna beach town

Celebrate the Esala Perahera Festival, the biggest festival of Kandy like a local!

Indulge in seasonal delicacies like Rambutan, Uguressa and Thambili.

Savour Colombia’s delicious street food!

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