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best sri lankan foods
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10 Sri Lankan Street Foods that are an Absolute Delight

Food culture is seen as a component of travel by travellers all around the world. There cannot be a better way to understand the country and its people without exploring the authentic cuisines. This is applicable all the destination across the world. If you are a foodie, get ready for some mouthwatering culinary expedition.

The Authentic food of a country can be served anywhere but if you are looking for the authentic taste then you have to get down to the streets to get some glimpse of what’s there in the Sri Lankan recipes. Now without further ado, let’s get right into the compilation of the top 10 Sri Lankan street food items that are a must try on your trip to Sri Lanka.

Top 10 Sri Lankan Street Food Items

  • Egg Hoppers
  • Kottu
  • Roti
  • Achcharu
  • Vadei
  • Pol Sambol
  • Curries
  • Thosai
  • Thambili
  • Samosas

1. Egg Hoppers

Egg hoppers
Source: Google Images

This recipe is served often for breakfast. You can pretty much find it anywhere in Sri Lanka. It’s crunchy and kid of pancake but with Sri Lankan style. Usage of eggs depends on the type of foodie, but most often served with egg. Imagine waking up in the morning to the stunning sea views and having a bite of it. Just Bliss! This in combination with the chutney will make you crave for more. This is some recipe that you cannot miss and one of the best street food in Sri Lanka.

2. Kottu

Kottu is a dish full of flavours, made from chopping the Godhuma Roti. It is better-served piping hot. Vegetables, egg or meat along with spices can be added and served. Otherwise can also be accompanied with chilli sauce or Masala sauce to give your taste buds a real treat. More than the quality of ingredients used, what makes it tasty is the perfect balance of the ingredients. It has another cheesy version as well, which is very popular among the locals, and also one of the best traditional foods of Sri Lanka. You can find this in every shop from evening to late at night.

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3. Roti

Roti is a term used in many parts of the world near the Indian subcontinent as the word is from the Hindi Language. Except for Sri Lanka Roti means a plain flatbread. But the Sinhalese people took it to another level by adding some flavours to it. They have many version of the Roti including plain roti, vegetable roti, egg roti, and meat or fish roti.

This is properly assorted with hands to get the authentic feels and the taste. This can also be found very abundantly in shops all over Sri Lanka. This is a delight of the Sri Lankan Cuisine.


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4. Achcharu

Achcharu has a strong, piquant flavour or smell. It has both sweet and sour in it, a kind of Tangy Pickle. This can be made with fruits, vegetables, even meat or fish before they are ripe. This is mixed with salt, sugar, seasoned vinegar, and chilli powder, This is simple and easy to make, thus it is an on-the-go snack in Sri Lanka. You can buy this even from a street vendor.

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5. Vadei

For all the South Indians out there, it is very much the same ‘Vada’ that we use to get pretty much everywhere in South India. The process remains the same as the case for Roti, but again the Singhalese people have the tricks up their sleeve in providing Variety.

In general, It is a mouth-watering Lentil Patty. When this recipe was adopted by the coastal people they provided variety by introducing ‘Isso Vadei’ which is made using prawn. And a different dal was also used by them called ‘Urad dal’. Vadei is one of the must-try and one of the best Sri Lankan street foods.

6. Pol Sambol

Pol Sambol
Source: Google Images

Pol Sambol is another staple meal in the food culture of the Sri Lankan people. It is made of coconut along with red onion, lime, tomato garlic and few other spices. It is very spicy and you might have to drop a tear or two. You can have this with any other dish, like Roti or you can use it with white Rice and consume.

This again is another easy to do a recipe. And the reason for this is because people were highly self-sufficient with whatever they had. They didn’t have the need to search for ingredients. They had everything and they made everything out of what they had and hence it is one of the traditional foods of Sri Lanka that you must have on your Sri Lanka trip.

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7. Curries

Curries have derived their roots from the Indian food. But unlike the Indian lentil curries, Sri Lankan curries are made using a lot of Coconut milk. The most famous variety of curry in Sri Lanka is the Brinjal curry which has the taste of Honey somehow, all the more reason for you to not miss this delicious dish. The other varieties of curries served all over the Island nation are made of cashew, banana flower, and even jackfruit.

8. Thosai

Dosa, srilankan cuisine
Source: Google Images

Thosai is another south Indian dish that has its influence on the Sri Lankan food culture. This is made with Ulundu flour and a special pan is required to make this. It’s fairly simple to make and can be eaten in combination with Sambol or chutney. This can be served often in breakfast or dinner.

More like all the other dishes in the list, this again is found everywhere in Sri Lanka.

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9. Thambili (King Coconut Water)

This is not necessarily a dish but a sweet beverage from the god of Nature. This is a special type of coconut that grows in this part of the world. Which is rich in Vitamin E, calcium, carbohydrates, iron, potassium, and other nutrients. Locals call this as Thambili. This could give you some instant energy in when you are rushing for the sights. This could quench your thirst in minutes. This is Sold by roadside vendors all over the country.

10. Samosas

Samosas, sri lanka culinary
Source: Google Images

Finally, we come to the minimal and modest of the dishes all around the world. Favourite for almost all Indians. samosas are one of the predominant snack items available on the roadside streets of Sri Lanka. It is a triangle-shaped crispy dish stuffed with a variety of spices. It is a pure delight to have some of these on your vacation to Sri Lanka.


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As you can see, pretty much all the dishes are simple in nature and not costly as well. There are several other dishes as well but these will keep you covered for the most part. Want to know more about the destination? Check out our guides page. We at pickyourtrail help clients with customizable itineraries to all your dream destinations. Head straight to to see the best Sri Lanka tour packages we offer.

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