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Srilanka Tour on Budget – A friends trip which is Pocket Friendly

Srilanka is one place where everyone has to have a look at. It is a Place filled with ethnicity and culture. People go there mostly to blend in with nature and forget about stress. Srilanka has so much to offer. In spite of many jaw-dropping sceneries in this god blessed country, It is known all over the world for the civil war that happened. Negating that, Srilanka is a beautiful filled with the wonderful scent of nature which is just therapeutic.
Colombo is the largest city of Srilanka is the commercial centre, while Sri Jayawardenepura Kotte is the Legislative Capital. One thing that Srilanka is famous for is its Ceylon tea. This tea is famous all over the world and in high demand. One major hiccup for every traveller emptying their pockets till their last penny. This article “Srilanka Tour on Budget” Will help you plan the perfect budget trip.

Sri Lanka Landscape
Sri Lanka Landscape | P.C – Google Images

Srilanka Tour on Budget

Planning a trip itself is a hard job. There are many things in it. The place that we are going to, the itinerary planning, the stay, logistics and many more. But most importantly the budget. Your trip alters to the budget that you keep for your trip. Here we are here to make a worthwhile trip without emptying your pockets. Free activities, local logistics, budgeted stay, local cuisines are certain things that free up the budget. We will be taking a look at it.

Budget Ideas
Budget Ideas | P.C – Google Images

Top 5 Places in Srilanka with free entry

Climbing Adam’s Peak:

This is one of the holy mountains in Srilanka. It is just located a few hours from the city of Colombo. The localities climb this mountain as a religious thing. Some people do the Asian way of Climbing, which is starting the climb at night and reaching the top before sunrise. This hike takes 3-4 hours each way to climb. Tourists are more than welcome to come and climb with the other pilgrims. The best way to climb the peak is during day time. It is almost impossible to lose your trail as the mountains have steps and steep trails. It is in the Nuwara Eliya District. This is one of the activities that will need no spending.


Sri Lanka Package Starting @ ₹14,562

Hike to the Lipson’s Seat:

This is one of the famous points in Sri Lanka. The Lipson’s seat is a place where Mr.Lipton would sit and look at all of his properties. This hike is a 2-3 hour steep hike through the tea plantations. A very fresh and exhilarating view it will be for you. There will be many curious Tea pickers that you will pass by. They will point you to the Lipton’s seat. This is one of the best lookout points with jaw-dropping sceneries from the top with loads of fresh hair will a panoramic view of the tea estates. This hike is free of cost and a must-do activity in Srilanka. This is a viewpoint in Haputale.

Lipton's seat (Srilanka Tour on Budget)
Lipton’s seat | P.C – Google Images

The amazing Srilankan Temples in Kandy

Kandy is one such place where the religious spots are very famous for. The Temple of Tooth relic very famous here. this temple holds “Buddha’s Tooth” and it is one of the common Pilgrim centres to all the Buddhists. The non-Buddhists just go inside out of sheer curiosity, just to take a peek at the tooth. But unfortunately, this temple charges fees to go inside. But there are many temples that are free of cost entry. Just opposite the Tooth relic temple across the lake is an old monastery with a very interesting museum in it. The Monks here give you a free guided tour to explain the museum. In the middle of the town is a Hindu temple with murals and day-glow 3-D Hindu gods decorate the interiors of this temple.

The Buddist temple in Kandy (Srilanka tour on Budget)
The Buddist temple in Kandy | P.C – Google Images

Enjoy an evening stroll alongside the Kandi Lake:

Kandi is the centre of the ancient Kandy Kingdom. The town is around a small lake that is bordered with huge trees and several temples. The walk will be the most enjoyable activity for tourists. This lake is located just 2 hours from the inland Colombo. An early morning walk will give you the best experience in the lake. This is the time there will be several swarming screeching of various birds and flying bats. This one such experience that is never to be missed and This is one of the top things to do in Kandy, Sri Lanka.

Kandy Lake
Kandy Lake | P.C – Google Images

The Walkthrough of the Wander Galle’s fort wall and charming streets

A wonderful souvenir that the Duch left for Sri Lanka is the Galle fort town. The whole town is put in between the V walls of the fort that juts the Indian ocean. This is place is 50 Km south of Colombo. The whole town still consists of the original house, hotels, shops and guest houses. Wandering the Galle’s little stone lanes, stepping into many boutiques and museums. The walk on the fort wall alongside the sea is a famous activity done by many tourists. This is a town which will need a few days to stay and explore. You could easily strike a conversation with the locals and know more about the town.

Galle Fort Tower (Srilanka Tour on Budget)
Galle Fort Tower | P.C – Google Images

Budget Hotels in Sri Lanka

One of the main aspects of a budgeted trip stays. Tourists spend most of their Budget on a comfortable stay. Here are the top 5 Budget stays in Sri Lanka that will give you a Srilanka Tour on Budget.

  • Beach Hut, Arugam Bay – Price: 800 INR approx (Double Room)
  • Siesta Guesthouse, Tangalle – Price: 500 INR Approx (Double Room)
  • Surfing Life Guesthouse, Midigama – Price: 600 INR Approx (Double)
  • Aqua Hotel, Trincomalee – Price: 1750 INR Approx (B&B)
  • Ivory Inn, Mt Lavinia, Colombo – Price: 2000 INR Approx (B&B)
The Galle Face Hotel, Colombo (Srilanka Tour on Budget)
The Galle Face Hotel, Colombo | P.C – Google Images

Sri Lanka Package Starting @ ₹14,562

Budget Transport in Sri Lanka:

Logistics is one thing that we will have to concentrate on to not overspend on just travelling from one place to another. For travelling the cheapest option will be that of a public bus. Do note that the bus will be overcrowded and uncomfortable. Double the price of the public bus ticket is the ticket of the airconditioned bus where your seat is confirmed. The next best option the three-wheeler also called as the Tuk Tuk. This is more expensive while compared to the Bus but not as costly as a car. This Optimization will give you the Srilanka tour on Budget that you planned.

Sri Lanka Public Bus
Sri Lanka Public Bus | P.C – Google Images

Using the following options given, you can create the best Sri Lanka Tour on Budget that you always planned and save the rest. Build your own budgeted trip on the Pickyourtrail website. Pickyourtrail’s travel experts will help you in creating your own Sri Lanka Tourism Packages from India. Travel to this god blessed city and do activities in Sri Lanka that helps you blend in with nature. Do follow more articles on travels nd leave you comments on suggestions.

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