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Momos, famous street food in Bhutan
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Street Food In Bhutan – The Top 10 Treats To Your Taste Buds

Bhutan is one of the most picturesque and naturally beautiful countries that attracts thousands of tourists every year. The country is home to more than 2500 glacial lakes, majestic mountains and peaks, spewing rivers and a whole lot of flora and fauna. Bhutan is not only rich by geography but also rich by its religion and culture. They reflect on the history and heritage of the country. The street food in Bhutan is one such element that is part of Bhutan’s heritage and a collective representative of their culture.

Street food in Asia
Photo by James Sutton on Unsplash

The local food present over in Bhutan is a perfect blend of spices that gives a treat to the taste sense. The food is not only an important part of the locals there but also an important thing that attracts the tourists. Here is what the top street foods in Bhutan that you should taste on your next voyage there.

Top 10 Street Food in Bhutan

The diversity of the taste, texture and the spices that the Bhutanese street food have is wide. There are many street foods in Bhutan that are unique in their own ways. Right from the locals to the tourists from the different parts of the world will savour these amazing delicacies. Alright, Scroll down to know about the top 10 street food in Bhutan.

1. Momos – The Dumplings

This famous street food in Bhutan originates from Tibetan cuisine. Momos are simply but dumplings that can be seen in every corner of Bhutan. They are very similar to the Chinese Dumplings but they are unique in their own way. The dumpling is cooked by the process of steaming and it is steamed in the vapours of tomato soup so that it adds a tangy flavour. The momos are prepared and served in different ways such as steaming, frying and sauteing, etc. The stuffing inside the momos varies according to the type of momos. They include minced pork or beef, cabbage, fresh cheese, garlic, coriander leaves, etc.

A serving of momos, a popular street food in Bhutan
Image by Praveen Raj from Pixabay

2. Thukpa – The Noodle Soup

Thukpa is a flavourful and comforting dish and a right Thukpa at the right place can soothe your soul. It is yet another food which has its origin from Tibet and it is rich and diverse. The dish brings out the wholesome local flavour of Bhutan’s street food. The Green chillies add to the spice and increase the tanginess already provided by garlic, chopped onions, noodles and soup. There are both Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian Thukpa available. The only difference is the chopped vegetables is replaced by the red meat or the poached eggs in the Non-vegetarian variant. Also, The Vegetarian Thukpa doesn’t have any dairy products making it a good vegan dish too.

Thukpa, The noodle soup street food in Bhutan
Image credits: Wikipedia

3. Suja – A Tea made with Butter

This hot beverage is one of the street foods in Bhutan you shouldn’t miss to try and relish. It is a peculiar recipe where the butter tea is made with fermented yak or cow butter added to salt and 2-3 cups of water. The amount of butter added to the tea is proportional to the saltiness of the beverage. It tastes best when served alongside ‘zaow’ which is nothing but puffed rice.

A cup of tea with 2 biscuits
Photo by Rumman Amin on Unsplash

4. Jasha Maroo – Bhutanese Chicken Stew

This is a spicy Bhutanese chicken stew and a non-vegetarian dish that shouldn’t be missed when you are in Bhutan. The recipe is simple and is made from a mix of chillies, onions, tomato and coriander leaves mixed with freshly diced chicken. Yet, the dish is well flavoured and an excellent blend of tastes. The flavour of chicken broth mixes well with those spices to result in a delicious smack to your tastebuds. This is a wholesome food and also a nutritious one. The dish also can be made replacing the chicken with beef.

Jasha Maroo being cooked
Image credits: Wikimedia Commons

5. Ema Datshi – The National Food

This dish is the most famous street food in Bhutan. Plus, It is a classical Bhutanese stew made with Chillies and Cheese. You can have it in both thick and sticky textures. The food is almost served in every restaurant and food outlets in Bhutan. Along with the green, yellow, red chillies and fresh Bhutanese cheese, the dish also has an intermix of garlic, oil, split chillies, onions, and tomatoes. This stew is generally served with red rice.

Ema Datshi, The Nation food of Bhutan
Image credits: Wikimedia Commons

6. Yaksha Shakam – A Yak Delicacy

This dish is cooked with Yak as a primary component and Yak is very much like beef but a lot juicier and sweet. It is an absolute treat to the non-vegetarians and one of the tastiest dishes you can relish. All the Yak meat, Yak cheese, spicy chilli, and intermix of ingredients are cooked together to make arguably the best street food in Bhutan. Furthermore, The dish can be cooked in different ways by alternating the other ingredients around Yak meat.

Yak meat with spices
Image credits: Google Images

7. Goen Hogay – A Salad Sidedish

This popular dish is a Cucumber Salad and also the healthiest street food in Bhutan. It is also used as a side dish and is quite popular among the locals and tourists alike. The combination of cucumber with chillies, onions, cilantro, tomatoes, Sichuan, and pepper is not only tasty but nutritious too.

A cucumber salad in a bowl
Image credits: Google Images

8. Shamu Datshi – Mix of Mushroom and Cheese

This dish is very much like the to the Ema Datshi and cooked the same way but with Mushroom as the main ingredient. It is a perfect blend of chillies, onions, garlic, and tomatoes and is served across the country. Like the Ema Datshi, this is served alongside red rice.

9. Phaksha Paa – Confluence of Pork and Chillies

Phaksha Paa is a vintage food in Bhutan and is made of pork and a lot of red chillies. The pork meat is boiled with the ginger radish and chilli powder so that it absorbs the flavour. The addition of pork and chillies doesn’t end there as dry pork and chillies are added once the stew is cooked. The amount of spice in the dish varies from place to place. In some places, the mountain vegetables are added to increase the flavour. Phaksha Paa is mostly served with rice.

10. Kewa Datshi – The Cheesy Potato

Another street food that is popular among the locals in Bhutan is the Kewa Datshi. Moreover, It is a simple dish which is primarily based on Potato and Cheese. They fry the potato in thinner pieces and fry them to add with butter, chillies, and tomatoes. The main focus is on the potato and the cheese as they blend perfectly to deliver the perfect flavour.

These amazing street foods in Bhutan are yet another reason to visit the majestic landscape. With all these amazing delicacies you can spice up your vacation. There is no time too late or too early for planning a trip to Bhutan. Hurry up and begin mapping your journey to the land of the Thunder Dragon.

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