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Bhutan’s Perfect Timing: Discover the Ideal Visit Season

Bhutan is one unique experience for those who go forward to exploring it. It is such a beautiful place with celeste and lush gardens in one end and from another end the viewpoint of the greatest mountain range, The Himalayas. Some explorers just come here with the motive of seeing this beauty. As compared to other places, the temperature here is always at a lower side as the city is in high altitude. This article will shed light on the best time to visit Bhutan, the god blessed country. One great thing about this country is it still is a staunch believer of Buddhism.

Tigers nest Bhutan
Tigers nest Bhutan | P.C -Google Images

Best time to visit Bhutan

Many expert opinions give out that Bhutan is best visited at various standpoints. As for Bhutan, it has something to show to the tourists all the time. But as for this, the summer season is the best time to visit as you will not be cold nor sweating it out. This season comes between the time of June – August. This is also the time when tourists flood this country. The footfalls are always on the higher side during this time. But let us look at what Bhutan has to offer during the other time periods/seasons.

Summer | June-August

This is the best season for you to get a closer look of the Himalayan Mountain ranges and also enjoy the lush greenery and the breathtaking Landscapes spread throughout Bhutan.


The summer season is a time in Bhutan which will see an average day temperature to be as 22 – 25 degrees Celsius approximately. With mild Humid filling out the air, the weather is crisp and clear. The place will be completely dry during these days. There is often a misconception that the summer season here is surrounded by monsoon clouds. But that is not the case here. There might be mild afternoon showers one in every 3 days.


The major significance of the summer season brings to the country is the Haa Festival. It is celebrated among the alpine forests in high altitude and this festival is a celebration of the Bhutanese way of life.

Why Summer?

Summer presents us with the significance of a very good climate to roam around the city to explore it. This is the time that majority of the tourists visit this country. This is the time you will be able to have a one to one conventional style tourism in Bhutan. You will have a very relaxed trip.


A blend of light summer clothes to winter clothes will be needed. If you by change reach the Southern reason, it can get cold. Prepare for monsoon rains with a raincoat too.

Bhutan Travel
Bhutan Travel | P.C Google Images

Winter | December-February


The temperature across the country will be between 10 degrees – minus 5 degrees celsius starting from the month of December stretching to February. It can get very cold during this season. Winter prevailing there, still most of the places will be dry. During mid-January, you will even get to see mild snowfalls in the city Thimpu and Paro.


This marks the festival of Punakha Dromche and Tshechu. This festival is about the founding of Bhutan in the 16th century. They all come to the old capital of Bhutan, Phunaka, to attend the function. This is also to escape the winter by actively participating in the festivities.

Why Winter?

A wonderful time to get a view of snow-filled Bhutan with great view of Bhutan as a whole. With the tourists not so much people being there, you will love the soliciting experience.


Carry heavy winter garments to protect you from the sub-zero temperature places. Have medications foe fever, cough and the common cold. Have SPF cream, sunglasses, socks to fight the frost. The climate can even be adverse with heavy snowfall disrupting the roads for transport. Make sure you are ready for these situations.

The National Library of Bhutan in Winter (Best time to Visit Bhutan)
The National Library of Bhutan in Winter | P.C – Google Images

Spring | March-May
(Best time to Visit Bhutan)


During this season, it varies across regions from being 3 degrees – 21 degrees celsius. This is perhaps one of the best time to visit Bhutan. A perfect climate to explore Bhutan by foot as the climate is dry and less humid. Best time to also indulge in trekking activities.


May is the month where the Jacaranda flower blooms in Bhutan. Jomolhari trek also commences at this time with Paro Tshechu festival starting to unfold in full swing.

Why Spring?

This is the season where apart from the beautiful flowers and the gigantic Himalayas, you will get to meet the King of Bhutan during the Paro Tshechu. He will be there to attend the festival.


Carry sunglasses, camera and a good pair of walking shoes and Bhutan explored by walking is much more beautiful.

Jacaranda Flower Bhutan
Jacaranda Flower Bhutan | P.C – Google Images

Fall | September-November


The temperature is diverse among different regions in the country. The temperature varies from place to place from 10 degrees – 23 degrees Celsius. Nature is majestic and rewarding at the same time. It is sunny and chilly making it one amongst the best time to visit Bhutan. There is no rainfall that happens during this season.


During this time, in the gorgeous Phobjikha Valley happens the black-neck crane festival. Around the city, Thimphu Tshechu festival happens at the Modern-day capital Thimpu. As a lot of festivals happening through the country during this season the hotels are normally fully booked. The more you explore the more festivals you will be a part of.

Why Fall?

The lush green land that you see will turn into Gold, as it is being a harvest season for the farmers. Each place has something unique to offer at this season as there are many events and festivals happening in Bhutan during this time. You will get to see the authentic Bhutanese people celebrating their way of life while celebrating their customs and traditions.


We would suggest you prebook the hotels during this time because as mentioned earlier the hotels fill much faster during the season. This is the season where the rates of the hotels and the flights raise. Plan well in advance to strike good deals with the prices of the fare and the stay.

The Black Necked Crane Festival (Best time to Visit Bhutan)
The Black Necked Crane Festival | P.C – Google Images

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