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Prayer flags in Bhutan
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Bhutan Travel Tips – Make your vacation seamless with these essential tips

Nested in the Himalayas, Bhutan is a Land of Happiness. Clean roads, high altitudes, stunning views, spicy dishes, prayer wheels, coloured prayer flags and yes, a lot of happiness almost sums up Bhutan. Everybody would definitely want to make their way to Bhutan at least once in their lifetime. People might think that getting to Bhutan might be easier, but it is really important to know some basic travel tips while travelling to Bhutan. Done with all the waiting? Planning to visit the land which is nested in the Himalayas? Well, here are a few Bhutan travel tips which you should definitely be knowing. Make your Bhutan vacation perfect with these Bhutan travel tips.

prayer wheel in Bhutan
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10 Bhutan Travel Tips you should be knowing before you travel to Bhutan

To make the best of your vacation, it is important to know a few tips about the land you are visiting. Here we at Pickyourtrail have brought down the top 10 Bhutan travel tips to make your vacation smoother. Common, go ahead and give a read to have the best experience.

1. Entering Bhutan

A person driving in Bhutan
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If you are a resident of India, Bangladesh or Maldives, you don’t need to apply for visa prior and can get a entry admit at the entry port. If you are not a resident of these mentioned countries, you will need to collect a visa prior to entering Bhutan. Travelling to Bhutan all on your own isn’t allowed as per there government regulations. In that case, you will need a licensed Tour operator to take you around the Bhutanese Kingdom. You will need to transfer an amount of 40USD Visa fee to the Tourism Council of Bhutan’s account to get your visa processed in 72 hours. Clearance letter and the Visa should be provided at the port of entry while you visit the Bhutan Kingdom.

2.Travel during the festival times

festival in Bhutan
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It is always interesting to visit a country during the festival time right? Full of celebrations, colours and you will get to know more about the country’s culture. So make sure you plan your vacation to Bhutan during the festive times. Thimphu Tshechu Festival, Paro Tshechu Festival are some of the must-visit festivals in Bhutan. One of the Bhutan travel tips is that you should plan your vacation accordingly to witness the beautiful Bhutanese festivals.

3. A Few Phrases In Dzongkha will always help you

student's learning in Bhutan
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Learning a few basic phrases in Dzongkha, the official language in Bhutan, is one of the best Bhutan travel tips which will help you. Even though you will be able to find English speaking guides and drivers, a few phrases in Dzongkha will definitely help you among the locals. Some words such as ‘La’ is very simple to remember which is a sign of respect to the person you are talking with. Few phrases to remember are ‘Kuzoozangpo La,’ which means ‘Hello’, ‘Dilu Gadem Chi Mo’ for ‘How much is this?’ and these phrases will help you while shopping. And end your conversation with ‘Kaandinchey La’ which means ‘Thank you’.


People dressed traditionally- One of the important Bhutan travel tip
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Another important thing which tops in the top ten list is dressing. You can carry a pair of light sweaters, jackets, jeans, comfortable shoes for trekking. Sometimes the weather is unpredictable in Bhutan, so it is always advisable to carry Woolens and Shrugs. Also, Bhutan being a cultural land it is very important to dress accordingly at most of the places. Especially when you visit a Dzong, you cant simply enter with a jean or a jacket. Make sure you wear the traditional Gho or Kira while you enter a Dzong. Hold on, wondering what is a Dzong? Well, a Dzong is an ancient fortress with towers, courtyards, temples and administrative offices.

5. Cash and ATMs in Bhutan

ATM's in Bhutan-one of the main bhutan travel tips
Image Credits: Google Images

Waiting to know about this? Well, continue reading. You will not worry much about the currency after you read this. Well, you can use the local currency in Bhutan and yes that’s very obvious right? And amazingly, you can also choose to pay in USD or INR. Sounds great, isn’t it? ATMs are also available at major towns around Bhutan. Tourists can withdraw money using a Mastercard or Visa. Bank of Bhutan, Druk Punjab National Bank and Bhutan National Bank are the three banks that accept foreign credit cards.

6. Sim cards in Bhutan

Will Indian Sim cards work in Bhutan? This would have been the question wavering around your mind. To answer that, Yes, Indian sim card does work in Bhutan but only to a few meters. In order to get a good network, you can use any of the two Sim cards available in Bhutan. Bhutan Telecom (Govt) and Tashi Cell (Pvt) will be available in Bhutan and you can get one as soon as you land.

7. Bhutanese Foods

Food in Bhutan
Image Credits: Google Images

Here comes the craving part! I can feel the excitement. You will find a variety of amazing dishes, let it be street foods or the best restaurants in Bhutan, your tastebuds will dance in delight. Best known for its spices, you will find most of the dishes being spicy. Kewa Datshi, Shakam Paa are some of the famous dishes which you can’t miss trying. Love momos? You will love Bhutan for sure as you will find Momos almost everywhere in Bhutan.

8. Tobacco products are illegal

Selling or buying tobacco products in Bhutan is strictly prohibited. So if you are willing to do any of these, it means you are welcoming some serious problems in your vacation. So ensure, you don’t take part in such illegal actions.

9. Choose Homestays

Homestays in Bhutan is one of the important Bhutan travel tips
Image Credits: Unsplash

Choose homestays to know more about the country’s heritage and you will learn a lot about their traditions too. Amazing homestays services are provided such as spacious rooms and homemade food. Homestays are also an amazing way to connect with the locals of Bhutan.

10. Flight facts

flight in Bhutan- main Bhutan travel tips you should be knowing
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Flights in Bhutan are weather dependent. Flights do not operate during the night time or during unfavourable weather conditions. So, flights can be really tricky in Bhutan. Ensure you have your basic necessities in the hand baggage as unexpected delays and stop-overs are highly possible. These flight facts are some important Bhutan travel tips which you should be knowing for sure.

As Bhutan is not a DIY destination, it is highly important to know these Bhutan travel tips to make your vacation a great one. Now, as you have almost covered the top 10 essential Bhutan travel tips, you are all set to make your ways to the Kingdom of Bhutan. No more delaying! All you need to do is to reach Pickyourtrail website and get your own travel packages to Bhutan. Simple as that huh? It will be more fun. And guess what, we also have an amazing 24/7 App support. Pickyourtrail is waiting to map your itinerary! And you just need to click our website to make the wonder happen. Happy vacation!

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