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Monks in Bhutan
Written by Kajani Shivam on May 27, 2020 Share on

Bhutan in September- Find out the reasons why you should visit this beautiful country in September

Bhutan is like nowhere else in the world. It is a magical destination which will give you the heaven kind of feeling with its beautiful Himalayan landscape, where the snow-capped peaks will make you fall in love with the land. The Buddhist Kingdom has a huge number of monasteries located at the harmonious valleys and has a rich culture which is worth visiting. Bhutan is also known as the trekker’s paradise where every trekker would love to make it here one day. Anytime to Bhutan is a nice time but here I bring you the reasons, why travelling to Bhutan in September can be special. Bhutan in September is filled with colourful festivals and a lot more than you can imagine. The autumn will always make it more special in Bhutan. Find out the reasons why Bhutan in September is special.

A beautiful view of Bhutan
Image Credits: Unsplash

Weather in Bhutan in September

After the end of the heavy monsoon season, the troubling rains would have been stopped. With clear skies, September is an ideal month for a lot of travellers to visit Bhutan. You can see travellers flocking to Bhutan during September. If you are planning for a good trekking experience and to visit the Buddhist festival, then September tops the calendar. Bhutan is September welcomes the tourist with pleasant weather.

Reasons why you should visit Bhutan in September

Bhutan provides a perfect fusion of nature and adventure which leaves the travellers with an unforgettable memory in their travel diaries. We here at Pickyourtrail have curated the list of reasons which should be enough to make your travel to Bhutan in September. And the list goes on…

1. Festivals and Celebrations

Festival at Thimpu, Bhutan
Image Credits: Unsplash

It is always amazing to be a part of a festival. The festival vibes are unmatchable and will give you hope towards the good in life. Bhutan in September has multiple festivals to display the tradition and beauty of the country. One such festival which you can’t miss is the Thimphu Tsechu festival. Be a part of this 3-day event with the Bhutanese people and cleanse your bad karma’s. It happens at the Thimphu Dzong where you can witness the venue is completely crowded with people. The highlights of this Bhutanese festival are the mask dance such as Guru Tshengye, Shaw Shachi and traditional dances too.

2. The Homecoming of The Black-Necked Cranes in Phobjikha Valley

Black necked cranes in Bhutan
Image Credits: Google Images

September in Bhutan means the homecoming of the Black-necked cranes to the Phobjikha Valley. One of the best experience is to witness the beautiful cranes. The Buddhist believe that the cranes are heavenly, avatars of long-gone ancestors and lost loved ones, which signifies longevity, peace, and prosperity. You can see the painting of these birds at many houses, business places. This shows the cultural importance of the locals. This place also serves as an eco-tourism destination.

3. Time for the Trekkers

Trekking in Bhutan
Image Credits: Unsplash

Bhutan is September is a perfect time for the trek lovers. Zuri Dzong trek in Paro Valley is a place which will make you in Awe and wonder. It has the phenomenally fine murals in the upper chapels. You will be able to spot a bird-eye view once you reach the peak which gives you goosebumps. It is also believed that Lord Buddha came to a cave over here at the 8th century to meditate. This place gives you divine, tranquil and unique trekking experience.

4. For the Clear Skies and the Lovely Weather

A lovely view of Bhutan
Image Credits: Unsplash

How can you not talk about the perfect weather in Bhutan? Well, as already said, Bhutan in September brings in the clear blue skies with lovely weather for the visitors. You can feel the air caressing your skin, pouring all love towards you. Also, it is better to have a jacket and woollen clothing which are the most suitable clothes during September. Take a stroll with your loved ones in the lovely weather. Well, it can be one of the most romantic things to do in this magical land.

5. Make your way to the Tiger Nest Monastery

Tiger Nest Monastery
Image Credits: Unsplash

As we all know Bhutan being a Buddhist land has numerous monasteries. Among the must-visit monasteries in Bhutan, you can never skip the Tiger Nest monastery. Also known as the Paro Taktsang, it is one of the most recognized spots in Bhutan and a collection of Buildings settled on a cliff, 900 meters off the ground. Your trip to Bhutan is never complete without visiting this fascinating beauty. It might be a little hard to reach but the effort is all worth it. Ensure you bring the required hiking equipment for a hiking experience.

Prayer flags in Bhutan
Image Credits: Unsplash

On the way, you will also find a bridge with colourful prayer flags which is quite beautiful. The weather in September makes a clear way to the tourists to reach the Tiger Nest. And yes, not getting your camera could be the worst thing to do. So do not forget your camera and take some breathtaking clicks!

6. Take a drive to the highest pass in the country

Beautiful mountain view in Bhutan
Image Credits: Unsplash

Bhutan is a land of mountain passes and Bhutan is September makes the best time to take a drive to the mountains as you will be able to see some clear views. The weather being favourable, it is an amazing experience to do in your vacation. Reach the highest mountain pass, Chele La in Bhutan in September for some mind-blowing views.

And here the list comes to an end with the top experiences curated by Pickyourtrail to the visitors to have a splendid vacation in Bhutan in September. Still unsure about visiting Bhutan is September? If yes, have a quick look at the FAQ’s and help yourself in not resisting your travel to Bhutan in September

Some Frequently Asked Questions About Bhutan In September

Question: What to wear in Bhutan during the month of September?

Comfortable and warm clothing are highly suggestible, down jackets and woollen sweaters are best to wear. Also, have a good and comfortable pair of trek shoes if you are planning to trek the most in Bhutan.

Question: Does Indian SIM work in Bhutan?

Indian SIM Cards will work up to only a few meters around Bhutan. Anyways it is highly advisable to buy a Bhutanese SIM Card. Bhutan has two operators – Bhutan Telecom (Govt) and Tashi Cell (Pvt)

Question: Do Indians Need To Get Bhutanese Visa?

No, a visa is not required to visit Bhutan. Anyways Indians should carry any of these two valid documents which are (a)Valid Indian Passport having a validity of minimum 6 months or (b) Voter Identity Card, issued by the Election Commission of India.

Question: How about the food in Bhutan?

The most distinctive feature at the Bhutanese Cuisine is the spiciness. Some of the Bhutanese people do not consider the food if there is no spice in it. Almost every dish has a spiciness. A wide selection of western and Indian foods are available in many of the restaurants.

Question: How is Bhutan is September?

For Bhutan, September is one of the best times to visit. The weather during this time is warm and the festive mode is completely on. The weather is completely fine for trekking adventure and clear mountain views.

A small view of the monastry in Bhutan
Image Credits: Unsplash

Well, sure about visiting Bhutan in September? It is a beautiful month to experience the best of Bhutan. When you have finished visiting the country, your heart will find reasons to come back again. You will find your own reasons to love this country. Start planning with Pickyourtrail for some cool itineraries and plan your trip to Bhutan. Happy travelling!

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