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Prayer wheels in Bhutan
Written by Kajani Shivam on May 29, 2020 Share on

Bhutan In October- A must visit for all reason and season

Ever wanted to visit a country which will make you feel like heaven? Well, I think then you would have heard about the Buddhist Kingdom Bhutan. A peaceful country blessed with dramatic landscapes, beautiful monasteries, best hiking experiences, rich culture and snow-capped Himalayan views which will make you in Awe. Every kind of tourist will find something attractive to them in Bhutan. You can enjoy adventurous hiking or peacefully sit at a monastery and stir prayer wheels admiring the charming beauty of the country. Feels great, right? Well, to experience the beauty of Bhutan, one should definitely witness it. Make your ways to Bhutan in October. You must be wondering why October? Well, find out the reasons why to travel Bhutan in October. Lets virtually fly towards Bhutan.

A view of Bhutan in Paro
Image Credits: Unsplash

Weather in Bhutan in October

How about the weather in Bhutan during October? Is the weather favourable? This should be your major question wavering your minds, right? Well, not to worry at all. Bhutan in October welcomes the tourist with the mild weather making Bhutan the most visited times during this month. Usually, October being the Autumn month is flocked with tourist in Bhutan. The weather is perfect, skies are blue, clear views, Sunny and chilly. You can witness the landscapes turning gold in colour as the rice crops ripened to be harvested. This is a complete visual treat to watch for the travellers. Never miss witnessing this beauty in October which perfectly matches the seasons and reasons to visit.

Must-visit places in Bhutan in October

1.Taktsang Palphug Monastery

Tigers nest
Image Credits: Unsplash

Taktsang Palphug Monastery, which is popularly known as the “Tigers Nest” is one of the top places to visit in Bhutan in October. This sacred Buddhist site located near Paro. You can never imagine skipping this place from your itinerary. You will always find this place on the Cover images, Instagram posts, Cards and what not. This place remains as an ideal spot in Bhutan. It is a monastery of small buildings perched on the on a cliff, 900 meters off of the ground. You can have an amazing hiking experience, the best clicks on Bhutan and to find peace. Let it be any month, you can never skip visiting Tigers Nest.

2.Chele La

Chele la in Bhutan
Image Credits: Unsplash

Another attraction which tops from Paro is Chele La. Hikers? Mountain lovers? This is a perfect place you should be visiting in Bhutan in October. You can capture some breathtaking views from Chele La. The views are perfect beyond your imaginations. Just a 36 km drive from the town of Paro, Chele La is also a good choice for a road excursion.

3.Buddha Dordenma

Buddha Dordenma
Image Credits: Unsplash

Buddha Dordenma is a spectacular artwork treat for tourists. The golden Buddha will mesmerize the visitors. Buddha Dordenma is a 169 feet tall golden statue of Shakyamuni Buddha built to commemorate the anniversary of King Jigme Singye Wangchuk. Yes, you heard me right. It is a 169 feet golden statue. In addition, you will be able to view 1,25,000 smaller Buddha statues inside the premises. Reach Thimphu to view these massive place which will is simply amazing.

4.Punakha Dzong

Punakha Dzong
Image Credits: Unsplash

Punakha Dzong which is located in Punakha is an impressive building which is best-renowned for its architecture and historical significance. Almost all the kings of Bhutan have been crowned at Punakha Dzong. Currently, it serves as the Administrative centre of Punakha District. October becomes the perfect month to visit this place as the hills and forests looks lush and makes a clear path to reach Punakha Dzong with its favourable weather.

Festivals in Bhutan in October

Let’s find out what are the festivals celebrated in Bhutan in October. Let’s get some festive vibes

Thimpu Festival in Bhutan
Image Credits: Google Images

1.Thimpu Festival

Thimpu Festival is one of the largest festivals which takes place in the capital city, Thimphu. You can witness a massive crowd of people all over the world willing to take part in the Thimpu festival. Some o the best dance performance is the the ‘Dance of the Black Hats’ and the ‘Dance of the Terrifying Deities. Comedy skits are also performed to highlight messages to society. One interesting thing you can find throughout the festival is the Atsaras. Atsaras are basically known as clowns who entertain people by dancing and fooling.

2.Tamzhing Phala Choepa Festival

The Tamzhing Phala Choepa Festival happens in early October. Traditional mask and folk dances such as ‘Dance of the Three kinds of Ging’ and the ‘Dance of the Four Stags’ takes place to bring good luck and people believe that takes away the misfortune for all who watch.

3.Thangbi Mani Festival

The final Bhutan festival which has topped in our top 3 is the Thangbi Mani Festival. This festival is set against a backdrop of the full moon and features some unique traditions such as throwing of dough balls and offering buckwheat noodles to guests.

Quick tips for travelling for Bhutan in October ?

  • Warm clothes are also required for high-altitude areas. If you are planning for trekking, a pair of comfortable and durable shoes are highly recommended.
  • As Bhutan in October is one of the peak seasons, it is highly advisable you book your flights, accommodation very well in advance.
  • October is a month where you can find most of the Bhutanese festivals. So, on your visit to Bhutan in October never miss experiencing the Bhutanese festivals.
  • From the street foods to the top restaurants in Bhutan, you can taste the best of dishes. So, never hesitate to grab a bite.
A lady walking in Bhutan
Image Credits: Google Images

When Bhutan is packed with soo many amazing things to do in October, why don’t you make your way to this happiest country? Bhutan in October is occupied with multiple festivals, attractions and lovely views of nature which will make you feel heaven. Bhutan can never disappoint a traveller, especially Bhutan in October can never do that. So, take your partner, family, friends onboard and plan a wonderful trip to Bhutan to witness the beauty. Make the right choices by choosing Pickyourtrail. Reach out to our website and get the coolest travel packages. A trip to Bhutan will be more exciting with the Pickyourtrail’s 24/7 support through our very own app. Just make it happen to have an incredible vacation.

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