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Tattoos that will kindle your wanderlust

Not that you need much inspiration to pack your bags and “vacay-vacay”. But, it is so much fun to see how creatively people confess their love for travel. From cupid bow struck maps to a globe captured on wrists, the internet is brimming with so many interpretations of travel tattoos. We picked out the ones that made sense and were appealing to the eye. Go on, maybe you will find your inspiration for your next tattoo.

Still juvenile ? Never had a tattoo? What better way than to start with declaring your love to the fair maiden that travel is? (wink, wink).

An airplane finger tattoo
Image credit – seattlestravels

∝ Start with somehing simple, maybe? The little airplane so synonymous to travel is your go-to if you don’t feel too adventurous.

Globe and suitcase tattoo

∝ Can’t carry the world in your suitcase? Carry your suitcase around the world. And better yet tattoo that motto onto your arm – somewhere visible, of course.

Country stamps tattoo
Image credit – buzzfeed

∝ Avid collector of stamps of countries you have been to? But what better than inking those country stamps onto yourself. Next time a travel conversation comes up, just flex your biceps (if you have them inked on your hands)! Pictures speak a thousand words, like they say.

Compass tattoo
Image credit – buzzfeed

Compass tattoo

∝ There are many, many interpretations of the compass – the generic mark of everything travel. Want it as an element of a bigger story your tattoo narrates? Maybe you want to fashion it colourfully, act as reminder to where you want to go? The choice is yours!

Map tattoos
Image credit – popsugar
Wanderlust tattoo
Image credit – buzzfeed

∝ Overused but still. How cool is it carry the world map on your shoulder or arm or wherever you want it set. Here’s another idea – colour in the places you travel after tattooing it. A sense of fulfilment and a beautiful tattoo!

Dreamcatcher inspired tattoo
Image credit – aplus

∝ A dream catcher inspired tattoo. Or a dreamcatcher itself. Now, maybe, all your travel dreams will COME TRUE.

Travel pulse tattoo
Image credit – aplus

∝ Once in a while a great tattoo opportunity comes by. Or a great tattoo sample comes by. And, when that happens, take a bow, people! This gives life to the line – every pulse beats for travel. The deeper your love for travel, the better the interpretation.

Find your interpretation of travel today and tell us about it. Yes, we’d love to hear from you!

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