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Written by Rohitha Bollipalli on October 17, 2018 Share on

15 best travel instagram accounts you need to follow now

I’m sure no day goes by without hours of swooning on Instagram. Some of the people we love are the ones who just travelled and travelled, they just took to that lifestyle. They lazily decided to post snippets of that life on Instagram and the rest was history. These beach bums, hazy mountains, pina coladas, and kangaroo selfies do much more to the heart than anything else. They spur you on to travel. The travellers below are some of the wildest and unbothered wanderers. Again, this isn’t a list of peeps with a million followers but is of the best travel instagram accounts on the platform, that you shouldn’t miss.

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1. Christian Byfield Travel:

A cliff with a beautiful oceanic view!!! An ocean that is getting sick. Today we are doing a beach clean up in Bali with and @corona, the idea is to make more and more people concious of the problematic of our oceans! Every action counts, we can reduce our consumption of plastic bags and bottles easily! For our oceans ??Nusa Penida, Indonesia ?? #ThisIsLiving #CoronaBaliProtected #coronaxparley————————- Un acantilado con una vista oceánica!! Hacia un mar que se está enfermando! Hoy empezamos una jornada de limpieza con y @corona en Bali con la intención de generar conciencia de la situación de nuestro mar. El apoyo de cada persona cuenta, menos bolsas plásticas, menos botellas, menos polucion!!! Por nuestro mar ? ?

A post shared by Christian Byfield Travel (@byfieldtravel) on

‘Columbian, I quit my job, decided to collect smiles and travel the world’, is this photographer’s Instagram bio and all of his 2980 posts stand true to that.

2. Tony Hoffman:

Icy day at Tegernsee

A post shared by ↟ Toni ↟ (@t.d.hoffmann) on

There are many photographers out there that will give you loads of travel inspiration and wallpaper photographers at the same time. Tony Hoffman is one such photographer whose Instagram profile is a pleasure to scroll through. He travels around Europe and takes stunning photographs of several series. These are not just any photographs but are a perfect synchronisation of light play and location settings.

3. Nastasia:

Just a happy little camper with a gelato ? #thatsamore #ftloxdametraveler ☺️ ??

A post shared by Nastasia ن (@nastasiaspassport) on

This profile is all about sunshine and exotic travel. This girl travels to the finest parts of the globe and poses to make up extraordinary pictures. Her fluffy attitude is splattered all over her photos, making her IG profile, a must-follow.

4. The Bucket List Family:

New profile photo ❤️??

A post shared by The Bucket List Family (@thebucketlistfamily) on

Imagine a cute family of three kids travelling all over the world and taking pictures. The Bucket List Family lives a ‘goals’ life. The kids are super cute and the whole family has a riot travelling. 1M followers are proof that this IG profile is awesome.

5. Marek Pavala:

I like this place. ? One and only @renatamuchova_

A post shared by WILD CHEF (@marekpavala) on

This wild chef has taken outdoor cooking to different scales. One awesome knife, a pair of gloves, game, a forest of herbs and a fire are all the things he needs to whip up mind-boggling dishes. Follow him for some crazy platings in forests all around Europe.

6. Christina Vidal:

Dress for the job you want. ?? . I’m sure you guys have seen in the media that we’ve had quite a few earthquakes lately in Indonesia! While it’s definitely scary to feel the ground tremble under your feet (and I probably shouldn’t make a habit of sitting on cliffsides like this) the quakes have left no damage here in Bali… I want to assure you guys checking in from around the world to take the click-bait articles you read about “Bali earthquake!!!” with a grain of salt. The media loooves to blow things up!!! Rather than feed into that, I like to show you guys the real side of what’s going on here in Bali on @jetsetchristina – and how life in paradise is still in full motion! It’s still completely safe to travel, there are no tsunami warnings, the sun is out, and we are all smiles & lucky to be safe, with no damage to this island we love so much. . Sadly, others are not as lucky. Things are not as peaceful in our neighboring island Lombok, Indonesia, which has been the epicenter of the quakes that we’ve been feeling here. The earthquakes have been absolutely devastating to this island and their communities. My heart goes out to those affected there and their families, those who were not as lucky as we were here in Bali. . These past weeks have been a constant reminder that each day is a gift, and that we truly cannot control anything in this life, even though we love to believe we can. We are so lucky to be safe & pray for those who weren’t so lucky. . #LombokStrong #BaliEarthquake #Bali #Readyforthequakestostopnow

A post shared by Christina Vidal ✨ Luxe Travel (@jetsetchristina) on

Want an overload of blue, bikinis and vitamin sea? Follow Christina Vidal. Her food and travel pictures are wonderful. There’s just too much blue on her Instagram profile to make you fall in love with it!

7. Alvaro Rojas:

“Don’t give me that look Marty, you know I can’t take you home!”

A post shared by Alvaro Rojas (@wanderreds) on

This crisp, buffed up fellow travels, travels and travels. So much so that he is about to be the youngest Spaniard to visit every country in the world.

8. Lesley:

Hardly home but always reppin??Happy 4th of July y’all!

A post shared by Lesley • The Road Les Traveled (@lesleyannemurphy) on

Lesley Anne is an LA-based travel blogger who has been breaking numerous hearts since the time she walked in. Fashion, wellness, adventure and wanderlust all blended into one person.

9. Johan Lolos:

Before starting the hike to the Augstmatthorn at 3pm, I have been staring at the mountains from the window of my hotel room the whole day, hoping for the low clouds to lift up. For 6 hours, the clouds were sticking to the mountain ridge, and I had very little hope of seeing anything from the summit. But hey, this was my last day in the Jungfrau region and I didn’t want to leave without having hiked to that peak. With a couple of new friends we decided to go anyway, and try our luck. Maybe it was going to be a huge failure, maybe not. We just had to try. At the trailhead, we could see fast moving clouds dancing with the ridges. Again, it was impossible to say what the conditions would be 90min later up there. So we started to hike, hoping for something good. And these are the conditions we got once we arrived at the summit. An insane sea of fog covering just half of the mountains. Luckily I had someone to pose for me to give the whole scene an apocalyptic scene. Those clouds stayed there for about 10 minutes, then slowly started to lift up. 30min later, we could see Lake Brienz down the valley, and the heavenly foggy conditions faded away just like an old dream. Definitely one of the most intense moments of my trip photography wise! #peaksofeurope Shot for @myswitzerland | @myinterlaken

A post shared by Johan Lolos (@lebackpacker) on

Johan Lolos or Lebackpacker is my favourite European photographer. Some of his pictures taken in Iceland are the best of their kind. They hit you in the right places and do stuff to move your heart. It’s people like these that make Instagram a great place to be in.

10. Altug Galip:

Lavender fields in starry night Valensole, Provence? with @dreamtoursworkshops ?

A post shared by ALTUG GALIP (@kyrenian) on

Everything that touches Altug Galip’s camera becomes a great picture. How can one person produce so many great pictures of already seen locations? Trust me with these angles and compositions, you will know some places like never before seen.

11. Chris Burkard:

One vein leading back to the heart.

A post shared by ChrisBurkard (@chrisburkard) on

Chris Burkard is the biggest thing on Instagram. His photos are so majestic that they are magnanimous. Grandeur is written all over it. Each of it is an intricate work of art. If you aren’t following his IG account already, do it now. You can expect nothing less of steady brilliance.

12. Brie, Reuben and Oliver:

Vancitywild comprises a group of travellers who are based in Canada. They camp, explore and capture the best of wherever they go. The result is a splendid carousel of wanderlust arousing pictures.

13. Chelsea Kauai:

Smolderingly pretty girls who travel. That’s the perfect recipe to become a celebrity on Instagram. She is a complete poseur cut out especially for your feed. Her pictures are just waiting out there to allure you!

14. Peter Mckinnon:

Just out here makin’ vids. Missing @alenpalander ???

A post shared by Peter McKinnon (@petermckinnon) on

Snowy mountains and coffee mugs welcome you as soon as you enter his profile. You will very soon realise that he is a very talented individual who isn’t hard on the eyes too(have you seen his man bun yet?). His aerial shots, motion captures and object photography are unparalleled. What’s more? He travels. A lot. He is evidently in love with dark woods and dewy landscapes.

15. Ian Merculieff:

I’ve always wondered how this guy captures that many sunsets, in a land like Alaska. Take a look at his profile, you’ll know. It’s a blur of amber, orange and fiery red, like this one above. When did swamps start looking so pretty?

Is your heart thumping with the desire to travel already? Take after the above folks and get out already. Do check out our website for more.

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