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Things to do in the town of Cheltenham while travelling around England

A perfect mixture of the old tradition and the new, the town of Cheltenham in England is the most perfect place to refresh your mind. Highlighting the education, connectivity and culture of this beautiful town, it was awarded as the Best Place to visit in the South West 2020. Does that not convince you why you must visit this place? Read on to know more about the town and its amazing places to visit. After the discovery of mineral springs in the 1700s the market town of Cheltenham had never been the same again. A hundred-year process of development has happened that saw a peak in the Regency Era during the 19th Century. With beautiful spa facilities to enhance your mind and body, opulent gardens and terraces of decorated houses, a visit to this ancient town can be really special. Here are the best things to do in Cheltenham.

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Town of Cheltenham
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Things to do in Cheltenham

1. Montpellier District

Montpellier is the most famous district of Cheltenham in England. It is the elegant part of the well-to-do town. The Montpellier District was developed in the 1830s. It is filled with beautiful Regency townhouses. It is a mix of excellent restaurants, beautiful architecture, bars and eclectic shops. Above all, this place is best for people who love shopping and dining. Here, you can spot many establishments, from antique dealers to design shops. More than that, shopping can be unique here, so why are you waiting to experience it?

When you are walking on the Montpellier Walk, you would feel like you are in Athens, Greece. The Montpellier Arcade, which was completed in 1832 is one of the UK’s oldest galleries. It is located just around the corner.

2. The Promenade and Long Gardens

Located in the northern part of the Montpellier District is one of the most valuable and treasured streets for shopping. The Promenade was established in the year 1818. It was first organised as a tree-lined avenue. As you walk along the path, you will soak in the beauty of the avenue and its trees. There are Regency houses on the front side. You can also find modern buildings which make the place more beautiful.

The Promenade and Long Gardens
Image Source: Unsplash

This beautiful pathway houses cafe, restaurants, midmarket medley and retailers. Go for a walk at the back of Municipal Buildings. Relax and stretch your muscles while enjoying the sun. The Long Gardens which is the ideal place for bicycle riders and walkers. Hire a bicycle and pedal around. Do not forget to carry your camera along. The place also has decorative flower beds. Soak in the beauty of these flowers and take many Instagram worthy pictures. The spot is enhanced by the breathtaking Neptune Fountain which was developed in the year 1893. Above all, the Neptune fountain resembles the Trevi Fountain in Rome.

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3. Pittville Park

In 1825, the park was first opened and it was taken care of by the renowned Pittville Pump Room.

Pittville Park
Image Source: Unsplash

For the people who were getting the waters from the pump room, this 33-hectare space was a place for relaxation.  It was an ideal place for bird watchers. More than that, the bird park also has an attractive pond which lures its visitors. When you are here, you must surely visit the Bird Park and say Hi to the avian species.

Across Evesham road further to the west you can find a big lake, which is just perfect for boating. It is also accompanied by a beautiful boathouse that has a cafe. You can rent boats here and enjoy your evening. Above all, you can choose from the pedal and rowboats during the summer season. If you are travelling with kids, we guarantee you, they can have some fun in the newly developed play area. Above all, it has a tennis court and a golf course, where you can spend your evening outdoors. What a perfect way to spend an evening, right?

Park Pittville
Image Source: Unsplash

4. The Wilson Art Gallery and Museum

Located in a Regency building with modern developments is the Wilson Art Gallery and Museum. You can find a unique collection of crafts and selected arts. Inside the museum, there are ceramics, textiles, paintings, silverwork, wood cravings and jewels. More than that, the English countryside was glorified by this museum. If you are an artefacts collector, then this is the place for you to visit during your trip to Cheltenham.

In 1912, during an expedition by Captain Scott, a Cheltenham born explorer died during the expedition. The Edward Wilson Gallery is a space that was dedicated to him. Above all, you can indulge yourself in the human history of Cheltenham.

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5. Everyman Theatre

The Everyman Theatre was opened in the year 1891. It was designed by Frank Matcham. It is one of the best performing arts venues in Cheltenham. Here, you can notice elaborate gilded stucco, bespoke wallpapers and cherubs paintings. In 2010, the theatre was restored and a big amount of money was spent. If you would like to watch the opera, ballet dance, it is an apt venue for entertainment and fun.

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For four years, Cheltenham has managed to retain the Purple Flag Award. The Purple Flag Award is given the cities which are appealing, welcoming and safe. Oh yes, If you are a person who loves history, head to Cheltenham, England. Visit Pickyourtrail website to check the super cool packages available for England. Need more? How about customizing your vacation as you need with just one call? More than that, you can leave us a Whatsapp message and we will get back to you shortly. Experience safe travels with Pickyourtrail.

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