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Haputale sri lanka
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Thrilling Things To Do In Haputale For Every Solo Traveller

Haputale is a district town of Badulla in the Uva State, Sri Lanka, which is administered by a Municipal Council. The elevation above sea level is 1431 meters. The area has a rich dense bio-diversity, with numerous flora and fauna varieties. Haputale is surrounded by hills covered by cloud forests and tea groves. This place is quieter than the other places in Sri Lanka and this place is visited only by people who want to remain secluded. There is not just one reason to visit this place, but many. This is a small town but within the boundaries of Haputale, the ambience and the attractions around it give you a wide range of things to experience.

Haputale sri lanka
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Sri Lanka is a nation that can be visited with mates, family or your spouse, but when visited alone this place becomes more breathtaking. This idea is simultaneously frightening yet exciting. Travelling solo is one of the easiest places to mingle and make lifelong connections with other strangers.

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Best Time To Visit Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka ‘s weather is a little bit temperamental for such a small country. Since this island nation is dominated by two different monsoon cycles, holding this aspect in mind is not only important but also crucial, before you settle on the best time to visit Sri Lanka. What this often implies is that in some of the other portion of the country, often in the organization, good weather would be found around the year

Between January and March, the perfect time to travel to Sri Lanka is. The visitors will be able to bask in the warm sunshine while embracing the cool breeze. In Hill Country, the average temperature would mostly be cooler than the towns, while the white beaches on the west and south coasts remain sunny.

Usually, from December to June, the strongest season to hit the west and south coasts and valleys, while the worst weather on the east coast is from April / May to September. The island ‘s environment is determined by two big monsoon seasons, and as they overlap, Sri Lanka can be used as a holiday destination during the year.

Humidity is often high everywhere in the country and can sometimes go up to 90 per cent. Whereas in the southwest as well as in the rest of the country, the typical humidity is about 60-80%.

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Best Places To Visit 

Lipton’s Seat

The tea plantations around Lipton ‘s Seat are among the most spectacular one can ever see and it was a truly memorable experience to see the sunrise from Lipton ‘s seat. Watching the sunrise above this beautiful countryside and lush green plantations were magical, quiet and the early start that needs to be made to get there is well worth it. This would put it up here in Haputale is the best thing to do.

Lipton's Seat Haputale sri lanka
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Haputale Railway Walk

This will give you the opportunity to be like a local, walking along the train paths and is one of those hidden gems off the tourist track. It’s one of the most interesting activities you will do at Haputale, definitely. The walk is a really nice loop starting from the monastery of Adisham, taking you through the sanctuary of the Thangamale bird and following the train tracks back to Haputale.

Glen Falls

One of the best activities to indulge in here is to visit this place. Lush foliage, smoggy air and the rhythmic sound of water render the visitors appealing this autumn. It is easily accessible as this waterfall is only within walking distance of the centre of town. This waterfall is surrounded by dense forest which makes this place more adventurous and camping in the fall is another recommendation. 

Diyaluma Waterfall 

It’s hard work to climb to the peak of Sri Lanka’s second-highest waterfall but it’s worth the rewards.

There are many infinity pools from the top which give magnificent views and are the perfect place to cool off from the sun. There are not many views anywhere in the world that is quite like it and, if timed correctly, it can be experienced without a crowd.

Demodara Nine Arch Bridge

One of the best places to visit in Ella happens to be the Demodara Nine Arch Bridge. It’s a 30 min walk through the woods to find a piece of stunning architecture tucked amid lush green tea fields, and trains speeding by. The expectations are worth it. This place is 1.3 km from Adam’s peak and one of the spectacular places to visit throughout the tour. The bridge is antique.

Dhowa Rock Temple

Dhowa Rock Temple is one of the best places to visit in Badulla Sri Lanka and is a designated heritage spot. It is a small, old village located in the lofty mountains of the province of Uwa. Renowned for its stunning sculptures and paintings that adorn temple walls, this site is a common attraction in the city. The ornamental doorway and the immense stupa are two of the temple highlights. It even has a cave and a tunnel. Nobody is allowed to go inside the tunnel though. There are a variety of the cave and tunnel-based legends.

Haputale, Sri lanka
Source: Unsplash

While planning a holiday to any new place, one is wondering what the best time to explore this place is. This is one essential thing everyone should bear in mind before planning a trip as it helps you plan better. Being an island surrounded by oceans on all directions, Sri Lanka gets rainfall almost all year round. 

Haputale can be found in the southern region of Sri Lanka where the temperature ranges from nearly 27 to 29 degrees Celsius year-round. The weather is getting better during the end months of the year, however. So if you want the best Sri Lankan experience then plan your excursion between October and March.

Lipton's seat Haputale sri lanka
source: Unsplash

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