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City of Verona, Italy
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Top 7 Amazing Things to do in Verona Italy in 2024

Verona in Italy is the second-biggest city in the region behind Venice and has a populace of 269,000. In 89 BC, Verona turned into a Roman settlement and held an unmistakable situation in Northern Italy as it was situated at the crossing point of two significant streets. Settled on a U-turn on the Adige River, Verona is one of the most visited cities in Italy and is famous for its Italian culture and a bunch of astonishing architecture and design. Verona pulls in many travellers because of its rich history and centrality, and its horde of old structures, for instance, the Arena and the Ponte Scaligero. Come, let us explore the Top things to do in Verona, Italy.


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1. Field di Verona 

Field di Verona
Image Credits: Unsplash

Keeping aside the Colosseum in Rome; Verona has its own adaptation that is similarly as fantastic and perhaps more preserved. This national architecture is obscure to many. However, it remains as a triumph of Roman building and is a true miracle. Situated in the city centre, the Arena is a monstrous Colosseum that contains indeed of its seating and outer arches. Built-in 30 AD, it is surprising that this structure has remained in such an excellent condition. 

Different shows and games would are held here, for example, the Roman Ludi. At its peak, the amphitheatre would have held 30,000 spectators. Today you can walk inside the Arena and appreciate its design, which is a good view. 

2. Mansion Vecchio 

Sitting on the banks of the River Adige, the Castle Vecchio is a colossally important structure. It has remained since its underlying development in 1354. Filling in as an essential means of defence for the city, this mansion was the best accomplishment of design for the Scaliger line. 

The front gatehouse of the Castle is very forcing and highlights two watchtowers. 

Inside there is a historical centre dedicated to the historical backdrop of the château that contains a horde of ancient gems and displays. 

Besides, there is the fabulous Castle Vecchio Bridge that is connected to the first complex and gives incredible views down the river. 

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3. Ponte di Castle Vecchio 

At the time of its construction, the extension was the largest of its sort on the planet. Compared with the Castle Vecchio, the scaffold is built in a similar style as the walls of the Castle. It includes an incredible combination of crenulated bulwarks that you can see through down the River Adige. 

Similarly, as with a large portion of the notable structures of Verona made during this time, the scaffold is built using a red stone, which makes it contrast the scene of the city. Besides, there are a few series of steps that goes to the towers from where you can have a view of the whole city of Verona. 

Besides walking in the Castle, ensure that you walk along the river bank to see it and click a few pictures of it from the side. 

4. Basilica of San Zeno Maggiore 

Basilica of San Zeno Maggiore in Verona
Image Credits: Unsplash

The Basilica of San Zeno is one of the most significant religious structures in Verona, basically for its surprising architecture, yet also on the grounds that it was the anecdotal place of the marriage of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. 

Situated on the west side of the River Adige, the Basilica sits at the most distant end of the Piazza San Zeno. The front façade of this congregation is very basic. It has a huge circular window and a fabulous bright wooden entryway. The Inside of the Basilica is charming; however – the floor is secured with peach and dim tiles, marble parts hold up the curves, and the roof has a progression of beautiful tile-work. 

5. Piazza Delle Erbe 

Piazza Delle Erbe in Verona
Image Credits: Unsplash

Verona has a large number of enchanting squares, and the Piazza Delle Erbe is probably the best square to stroll around and best among the other shopping places in Italy. The Piazza is diamond-shaped and lies in the core of the notable focal point of the city. It fills in as one of the primary concerns of action. During the Roman Empire, this Piazza was chosen in as the first house for the settlement. Different notable structures are also in the square including the Torre Lamberti, the Palazzo Maffeia and the Casa dei Giudici. Moreover, there is a choice of bistros and Restaurants, just grab a set and satisfy yourselves with the best Italian foods. Also, a few fountains and marble sculptures, make your evening walk to this place a memorable one. This is best when it is explored by self.

6. Giardino Giusti 

The Giusti Gardens are situated in the grounds of the palace of a similar name on the eastern bank of the river Adige. The Castle itself is a Neo-Classical structure, and the gardens can be found at the back of the building. Structured in an Italian Renaissance style, the gardens are the best places to visit in Verona and give a delightful experience to the rushes of engineering that is available in the city. Divided into 8 unique squares, each part is a unique design and has a beautiful fountain. 

Kept up to a delightful pattern, it is anything but difficult to see the thought and attention that is placed into the style of gardening. Just hold hands of your loved ones and spend a great time walking through this beauty. 

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7. Piazza Bra 

Image Credits: Flickr

This is the biggest Piazza in Verona, the Piazza Bra is one of the topmost visited places by travellers to the city. It contains an incredible number of notable structures, open courtesies and restaurants. Without a doubt, the main fascination of the Piazza is the goliath Arena di Verona, and the free space surrounding this landmark offers some excellent photographic chances making it an insta worthy places to visit. Besides, there is the Gran Guardia and the Palazzo Beriberi, which are two remarkable structures in their own right.

The Piazza Bra is unquestionably the best place to begin your vacation in Verona.

Well, Verona is definitely a visit-worthy place to visit if you choose to take your vacation on a little off-route. Be it a romantic vacation or a family trip to Italy from india. Verona has everything for your ultimate Italy Bucket list. Just log on to Pickyourtrail and add Verona to your Itinerary and book your Italy vacation at the best deal in place for you!

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