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Top hippie destinations around the world

The hippie community is known for their bohemian and unconventional way of living and dressing that is unfamiliar from the mainstream culture. Beyond those tie-dye tees, long dreadlocks and the casual attitude, there lies a heart that’s very friendly and pure. If you’d like to get closer to the happy-go-lucky hippie community, just bid goodbye to all worldly attachments for a while and be a free soul at these hippie destinations around the world.

1. Ibiza, Spain

Ibiza is a beautiful Spanish island with golden sand beaches that meet the Mediterranean Sea. The island is home to luxury villas, spas, resorts and nightclubs where people from all around the world gather to chill and have fun. The hippies here love to laze by the beach during the day and can also be spotted swimming or sunbathing. If you are in the mood for some shopping, check out all the quirky products on sale at the stalls. The evenings in Ibiza are all about colourful dresses, crazy dancing, good music, delicious food and lots of happy vibes.

2. Nelson, Canada

Nelson, Canada has become a paradise for hippies due to the natural environment and culture that exists there which is devoid of anything artificial. The street canals, cafes and walls are covered with bohemian artworks that reflects the free-spirited nature and beliefs of the hippies.

3. Nimbin, Australia

Australia is known as the “Queen of Islands” and its world-class beaches are great for surfing and water sports. The Nimbin is a small town in Australia with a lovely atmosphere for all hippie lovers to experience the tranquillity, have fun at the beaches, shop at the local boutiques and party non-stop at dusk without anyone to intervene.

4. Tulum, Mexico

Tulum is wrapped with all the goodness of nature. It has beautiful beaches, lush greenery and ocean waters to calm your senses. Tucked away from the city crowd, this little paradise is inhabited by hippie community who has lived here long enough to spread their positive energy and love all around. There are beautiful markets and restaurants where people can chill when they come here

5. Boulder, Colorado

The hippie culture in Boulder has been prevalent for a long time. The city is full of high spirited, happy and helpful hippies who are there to help you with anything. You will find most of them trekking or hiking to the local mountains. You can also shop handmade eco-friendly products sold by the hippies in local shops and boutiques.

Just let go of all your stress and head straight to any of these hippie destinations a ultimate happy trip. Ask Pickyourtrail to customize a travel itinerary fo you today or DIY here.


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