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Swiss roll
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Top Swiss dishes that you shouldn’t miss trying at Lucerne

Lucerne is a small city in the heart of Switzerland with snow-capped mountains and crystal clear lake. Lucerne is too beautiful to be described in words. A trip to Switzerland is incomplete without a visit to Lucerne’s top tourist places like the “Lion Monument” or the “Spreuer Bridge”. Lucerne is Central Switzerland’s prime cultural and economic hub.  The public transport system in Lucerne is also worth mentioning with fully integrated railways and roadways network.

Adventurous Switzerland getaway
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Spreuer Bridge in Lucerne, Switzerland

There are a number of hotels to stay in Lucerne according to the budget of the travellers. When in Switzerland, try out the famous Swiss cuisine. Lucerne has plenty of highly rated restaurants and cafes that serve lip-smacking local cuisines. When in Switzerland, one must try the dishes made out of Swiss cheese. One of the most popular and highly ordered dishes is “Fondue”. Fondue is made with a mixture of melted Swiss cheese and bread cubes. The dish is traditionally served in a ceramic pot called the “Caquelon”.

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Cheese Fondue served in a Caquelon

At Lucerne, you can also try ordering “Raclette” made with mainly cheese and potatoes or another similar dish called “Rosti”. When in Switzerland, you obviously cannot ignore the Swiss chocolate; Swiss chocolate is available at the local shops and supermarkets all over Switzerland. Swiss cuisine has the world reputation for the variety of desserts it offers. The most popular among them are “Swiss meringue” and “Swiss Roll”.

Swiss roll
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Swiss roll

Along with sweet and savoury dishes in the Swiss cuisine, they are also known for their locally produced beverages like “Rivella” which is a lactose-based carbonated drink. Apple juice is also widely produced and consumed in different parts of Switzerland. Bon Pere William is a famous regional Swiss brandy produced from pears and contains 43% alcohol by volume. Some parts of Switzerland are also known to produce wines.

Bon Pierre William
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Bon Pere William

While visiting Lucerne, you can try all these dishes at local restaurants. Some of these restaurants also customize the traditional dishes to give a twist of taste for people who like to try out experimental cuisine. You can also interact with the local chefs to know more about the Swiss culinary history in details. Are you planning to visit Switzerland soon? Take a trip to Lucerne and enjoy the taste of Swiss cuisine.


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