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Evening sunset view of Maldives
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Maldives in July 2024: All-in-One Guide!

Since the Maldives is essentially a tropical destination, you will witness eccentric weather every month. The warm sea winds blow all day long, with the sun shining brightly in the sky. The light showers occur once in a while, and the refreshing evening winds beat the high temperatures. In July, being in the middle of the rainy season, the weather conditions deviate from the standard conditions. Get ready to enjoy Maldives tourism and have a wonderful Maldives packages with your loved ones.

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Maldives Weather in July 2024

The Maldives experiences eight to nine hours of sunshine daily, despite July being one of the rainiest months. The average temperature is around 28-degree celsius, while the nights are relatively cooler. The downpours, which last only a few minutes are unpredictable. You will find the clouds hovering in the sky throughout the day. The islands see the major part of rain at the beginning of the month and it reduces as the month progresses. The sea temperature is around 30-degree celsius, making it pleasant for water sport in Maldives.

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Evening sunset view of Maldives resort
Image Source: Unsplash

Top 6 activities to do in Maldives in July 2024

The rain may play spoilsport, but with careful tracking of the weather forecast and proper planning, you will still be able to enjoy the island lifestyle to the fullest on your Maldives honeymoon packages. Here are our suggestions for activities that can keep you entertained throughout the day 

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  1. Engage in Adrenaline Pumping water sports
  2. Soak in the glory of the sea in a breathtaking cruise
  3. Island Hopping experiences
  4. Awe at the Marine life in a Whale Submarine
  5. Have a rejuvenating experience at the Spas
  6. Try your luck at fishing

1. Engage in Adrenaline Pumping water sports 

Scuba diving experience at maldives
Image Source: Unsplash

How can water sports in Maldives not be on top of your things to do when there is water all around you? Quite literally! The serene beaches are so inviting that anyone visiting the country will take part in some water activities, both amateurs and experts alike. Snorkel to view the magnificent coral reefs, swim along with turtles and dive to explore the hidden treasures of the ocean. You will find operators by the beach for booking surfing, paddle boarding, canoeing, windsurfing and other water-related adventure activities. An abundance of such mind-blowing water activities are a must-do in any Maldives vacation and the local Maldivians have learned this art to make your experiences even more breathtaking.

2. Soak in the glory of the sea in a breathtaking cruise

Aerial view of Maldives Cruise
Image Source: Unsplash

Cruising aboard a luxurious cruise is the most extravagant way of exploring the islands. Cruise is sought after by all age groups, the kids find it awe-inspiring, the seniors love the grandeur it adds to their vacation and for couples, what’s more, romantic than the breathtaking sunset on a cruise? That’s right, we get the Titanic feels too! You will witness some of the most divine sunsets and alluring seascapes aboard these cruise liners. For the lucky ones, you will find playful dolphins swimming along with the cruise, and what a sight to behold that is. The cool breeze in July makes cruising one of the most recommended Things to do in Maldives.

3. Island Hopping experiences

View of Maldives Island
Image Source: Pixabay

Around 2000 islands together form the country of Maldives. With a mix of private island resorts, uninhabited and local islands, this paradise on earth is incomparable to any other country. Tourists from across the globe are curious to experience this uniqueness and hence island hopping is a popular experience that guests demand. For this you can choose from the three options available – cruise in style to experience royalty in a breathtaking luxury experience where you get a personalized intimate journey; to catch a glimpse of bird’s eye view of the ocean, choose the seaplane ride in Maldives, truly one of a kind experience; dash through the waters on a speedboat if you want to go easy on your vacation spent.

4. Awe at the Marine life in a Whale Submarine 

Semi Submarine experience
Image Source: Lilybeach

A miniature submarine in Maldives is yet another sea escapade to experience the mesmerising waters of the Indian Ocean. Designed and operated for tourism purposes, you will have a jolly good ride in the wondrous whale submarine. The perfect weather of July aids you to experience the close encounters of marine life. From the school of fishes to shipwrecks, you will get to witness the hidden treasures of the mysterious ocean. The unique venture of riding in magnificent vessel fascinates both kids and adults alike. You can choose to book your ride during the time slots available with the resort you are staying in.

5. Have a rejuvenating experience at the Spas 

Refreshing Spa experience at Maldives
Image Source: Unsplash

The Maldives resorts have mastered the art form of exotics spas and relaxing massages. There is a wide range of international and traditional options to choose from. One may choose to opt for romantic spa Maldives, favoured by honeymoons are couples on vacations and even moms-to-be can relax at the destressing rituals. The spa options are carefully curated to rejuvenate your body, mind and soul. Many resorts offer exclusive spa packages in Maldives that are meticulously looked after by spa professionals. There are also synchronised massages to help relieve body pains caused by the stress of daily city life. The decor of these spa settings is chosen carefully to render a soothing environment. 

6. Try your luck at fishing 

View of Maldives ocean
Image Source: Unsplash

This is an activity that the mild rains of Maldives act favourably for. Most localities are dependent on fishing for their bread and butter owing to the huge number of lagoons and fishing grounds in the vicinity. The rainy season brings an abundance of sea planktons and insects and you will find fishes coming to the surface in aplenty to feed on them. Folks trying their hands on fishing for the first time needn’t shy away from this, its the experience that matters. Dhoni Maldives, the small traditional boat is popularly used for fishing expeditions. You can follow the experienced fisherman in their actions and watch as they attract the fishes with rods and catch them. The cherry on top of the hat is that you get to keep the fish you catch as a souvenir.

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FAQs on the Maldives in July

Q: What type of weather conditions can I expect in the Maldives in July?

A: You can expect occasional rain in this month, along with temperatures ranging from 26 °C to 31 °C.

Q: Is July a good time to plan a trip to the Maldives?

A: Yes it is a good time if you are looking for fewer crowds, and discounted rates, July is a month you can plan for. This is the time when it rains a lot, so if you can cope up with this then it is great time to plan your trip.

Q: Should I book water villa accommodations in the Maldives in July?

A: Due to rainy season it is better to book beach villas as water villas are prone to wind and occasional rain, also may result in seasickness.

Q: Are tourist attractions open in the Maldives in July?

A: Indeed, most resorts and tourist attractions stay open during July.

Q: What to pack for the Maldives in July?

A: You need to pack lightweight waterproof clothing, umbrellas, sunscreen, and insect repellent for your trip to the Maldives in July.

Now that we have covered what Maldives has to offer to you in July, we hope the idea of a quick getaway to the magical islands of the Maldives sounds very exciting for you. So start planning your perfect honeymoon packages for Maldives a nature’s miniature paradise. Our folks at PickYourTrail will help you with resorts that best suit your interest. You can also browse through our Maldives packages page to take inspiration from the recently booked vacations. Happy Holidaying!

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