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ArcelorMittal Orbit and slide: Are you a dare-devil?

Are you a dare devil?? Then tick off the most thrilling crazy ride in the ArcelorMittal Orbit. It’s enough to make rethink life for the 40second of your life. A 178m long, with 12 round and round twists is enough to make you have goosebumps all over your body. It winds through the tallest UK structure giving a bird’s eye view of the entire city. Located in the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, Stratford in London.

Anish Kapoor and Cecil Balmond created this splendid structure. The loopy ride for all the thrill-seekers was built to mark  Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park and the London 2012 Games. This is open Friday to Monday from morning 11 am to 3 pm in the evening.

Long rides
Image Credits : Unspash
  1. Experience
  2. Covid Secure rules
  3. Connectivity around the place
  4. Opening and Closing times
  5. Foods and Drinks
  6. The Design


Once you visit the ArcelorMittal Orbit, you will get to see the whole of London from a different perspective. Once you reach the base of the tower, you will get to explore the twisty structures created by the great Anish Kapoor. You get on the lift that will straight up take you to the highest platform where you can get stunning views of the London sky. But, then you get into the tunnel and let gravity take the call. Consisting of 12 super curvy twists your speed can go till 15miles per hour. Crazy isn’t it! Well, it’s definitely not for the faint-hearted. It absolutely takes your breath away for the literal 40sec of the ride.

Once you get down and catch up with your lost breath and calm your nerves, you can again climb again to the top. You may ask why! That’s to mesmerize at the amazing view that it provides especially at the sunset. Wiegand, the world’s leading manufacturer of slides seems to have built the main body of the slide. No wonder it’s a great masterpiece. The slide is almost 800mm in diameter and made from 3mm stainless tubes connecting at 30 parts. Some parts of them are also transparent to get you a view while you are whirring down.

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Covid Secure

So this is what you may wonder, the safety and precautions that are carried out. Owing to a heavy inflow of people throughout the time, they make sure you are safe and go back home safe. They do a temperature check at the entry itself where you have a temperature, you would be warded off. You will have to make sure your face is masked properly even throughout the ride. The place that is very frequently touched is sanitized frequently in a day. The whole thing is fully cleaned and sanitized at the end of the day. Even the Slide’s protective tools like elbow pads and helmets are regularly sanitized between each use for ensuring maximum safety.

Image Credits :Unsplash

Connectivity around the place

A 10minute walk can take you to the ArcelorMittal Orbit from the Stratford Station. Stratford Station is well connected from most of the parts of Europe, with fast links between the different parts of the city. Luckily, Stratford Station being so well connected easily boosts your tourism out there and also has good affordable stays located nearby. Underground trains can take you to the place in 11mins from the city and roughly 20mins from London’s west end.

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Opening and Closing times

Are you looking to go for this place on your next visit to Europe? Make sure you book your tickets in advance to beat the long queues. There has always been continuous demand for the place, ever since last opened in June 2016. So ofcourse, you don’t want to return back home from your European trip without riding the dare – devil world’s longest slide. So we are saving you that disappointment and the details of the opening and closing times are detailed below.

Monday – Thursday: CLOSED

Friday: 11am – 3pm

Saturday & Sunday: 11am– 5pm

The Slide will open 30 minutes after the attraction opens. And also annual passes are available which means, you can get the passes now and travel later anytime in the year.

Foods and Drinks

So whether it is to warm up before the ride or for your hungry growling stomach, you have a lot of cute little cafes nearby. There are plenty and amazing restaurants, cafes, and bars to cater to all the kids and adults all along. Getting a quick ice cream to calm your nerves after the whole ride, you will be filled gratified.

So some of the quick bites where you can try are
– The Last drop serves you a fresh selection of cakes, pastries, light lunches, and snacks  Timber Lodge Café is a great place to relax and refuel.
– Canalside at Here East has a wonderful stretch of restaurants
– East Village alive with tasty snacks, coffee brunches, etc

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Image Credits : Unsplash

The design

The Slide was made by German craftsman Carsten Höller at the greeting of Sir Anish Kapoor, creator of the ArcelorMittal Orbit. It is an interesting joint effort between two of the world’s driving craftsmen and a significant workmanship establishment for London, just as one more motivation to visit Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park – London’s most thrilling destinaton!

You might wonder how the idea to build this great masterpiece came into effect. Well, that started with a small little chat between the Mayor of London,  Boris Johnson, and Lakshmi Mittal from steel company ArcelorMittal. By then Olympic Minister Tessa Jowell and Johnson needed to make an extraordinary milestone for the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games to remember.    

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