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Unique experiences in the Philippines you shouldn’t miss

Travellers tend to have their own ways when it comes to enjoying a vacation. A few of them visit the museums/old buildings or architecture to understand the country’s history. Others get to be a beach or a mountain person. A place is set to be unique based on the experiences it provides. Philippines is one such where we have unique experiences that everyone can enjoy.

The ideal time to visit the Philippines is from December to February

You might have gone through a lot of emotions if you had Paris or Italian trips. What if there was a destination that would be terrific and you just haven’t noticed? It is the Philippines. From graffitis to mega buildings and rice fields, the Philippines can be your next go-to destination. There are some incredible unique experiences in the Philippines that you shouldn’t miss on your trip. Also don’t forget to get those awesome souvenirs as well 🙂

Philippines waters
Image Courtesy: Photo by Cris Tagupa on Unsplash

10 Unique experiences in the Philippines that you can enjoy

  • Get onboard the Jeepney
  • Biking at Bohol
  • Eating Balut
  • Getting a tattoo from artist Apo Whang Od
  • Visiting the Banaue Rice Terraces
  • Bathing in a large cooking pot
  • Climbing El Nido’s limestone
  • Throw plates into wall
  • Dine by waterfalls

1) Get onboard the Jeepney

Jeepney in the Philippines
Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons

When it comes to transportation, the Jeepneys are pretty famous in the Philippines and a ride in these colorful jeepneys is one of the unique experiences in the Philippines. They are jeeps left by Americans during the colonization. Usually found in the mountain provinces, you can take this if you wish to try riding atop the Jeepney.

2) Biking at Bohol

Biking lovers need to get to Bohol. One of its attractions, apart from the Chocolate Hills and thus the tarsiers, is that the biking up within the air activity. You would like to bike your way through a 500-meter distance rope and pedal on your own. While you’re at it in fact, you’ll see Bohol’s scenic beauty from above.

3) Eating Balut

During your trip to the Philippines you should definitely taste their famous Balut. It is a hard-boiled duck egg with an embryo inside, certainly one of the unique experiences in the Philippines to have. People say you would like to eat the fetus for you to experience eating balut, but awkward and bizarre it tastes. You will find this protein-rich egg sold within the streets.

4) Getting a tattoo from artist Apo Whang Od

If you love tattoos, you must visit the 100-year-old tribal tattoo artist Whang Od. She’s known to be the last mambabatok(hand-tap) artist in the Philippines, making her the oldest tattoo artist.

5) Visiting the Banaue Rice Terraces

Banaue Rice Terrace, Philippines
Image Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons

One of the greatest sites in the Philippines is the rice terraces in Banaue. It is a singular heritage site by UNESCO and dubbed to be the Eight Wonder of the planet. History has it that these were made with bare hands by ancestors 2000 years ago.

6) Bathing in a large cooking pot

Post your adrenaline-pumping activities, you can take a soothing dip at the large cooking pot or Kawa in Tibiao. These are sort of jacuzzi tubs who can give you the much-needed relaxation, one of the most unique experiences in the Philippines to have during your trip.

7) Climbing El Nido’s limestone

If you like to trek somewhere in the Philippines, El Nido is the place to be. It is like island-hopping and seeing the breathtaking small and large lagoons at its heart. Within the town you are able to climb a giant limestone where you will trek up to reach its summit. The climb is not easy but once you reach the top, it is worthwhile as you get to see the amazing views.

8) Riding Bamboo bikes

Steer down memory lane by visiting Intramumoras in Manila. It is a walkable area which got preserved post the Spanish colonization. You will be able to ride around using a horse carriage but there’s an option to tour around with a bamboo bike. They are handmade ones by the villagers and one of the unique experiences in the Philippines to have. These bikes are available for rent in case you want to try them out.

9) Throw plates into wall

There’s a special restaurant in Tarlac which gives you an unusual experience. In the Isdaan restaurant, you will be able to throw plates into a wall, called Tacsiyapo. Tasciyapo refers to as “shame on you” which you need to shout while throwing things. It sure is an aggressive option in case you want to unleash your anger.

10) Dine by waterfalls

There are many dining experiences within the Philippines. you’ll dine by the beach, in high buildings, or have a picnic during a park. But there’s one dining experience you would like to try—and that’s to dine beside a waterfall. In Villa Escudero Waterfall Restaurant, you’ll eat with the falls next to you. You would get to choose from a wide variety of their menu offering from seafood to mouth-watering meat dishes. This place is usually frequented by families and is one of the best unique experiences in the Philippines that you can have.

Without a doubt, the Philippines is a beautiful country with great attractions. If you wish to customize itineraries with the list of these unique experiences in the Philippines, Pickyourtrail is the website you need to visit. Book your next Philippines vacation Philippines Trip Packages and click some awesome memories to show the entire world.

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