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Shop at these unusual markets around the world

Markets are an inevitable part of modern life. In the past, there used to be separate markets for selling different commodities. With time these markets have now become much more compact and people can shop for different commodities under one roof itself, we usually call these establishments as supermarkets. Add restaurants, food stalls, a gaming centre and a multiplex to these supermarkets and they become malls, something that seems to be blooming in different parts of the world.

Food items, clothes, electronic goods and fashion accessories are commonly sold at every market but have you ever been to a market that is different from the ones that we find everywhere? By different, we mean that either these markets sell very unique products or their way of selling goods is quite different than the others. If you can’t think of any, we will tell you about 6 unusual markets around the world that will make you want to visit them right away!

1. Damnoen Saduak Floating Market, Bangkok, Thailand

Ever tried shopping from huge colourful boats floating in the water? No? Well, you can do it at the Damnoen Saduak Floating Market in Bangkok, Thailand where you can see the local vendors sitting on boats and selling a variety of products like fresh fruits and vegetables, tasty local food items, fresh flowers and various fashion and stationery goods. You can hop on a boat to reach this market and then shop sitting right at your boat or you can quickly hop off at the sidewalks and explore the market. The canal on which this market function is wide enough to accommodate a large number of vendors with their boats and you can easily spend 5-6 hours here shopping, eating and admiring this unique and unusual market.

2. Freitag’s Container Shop, Zurich, Switzerland

Enjoy recycling at its best in Switzerland’s Freitag’s Container Shop where used and rusty freight containers are put to good use by assembling them together and creating an 85 feet tall structure. The best part about this shopping complex is that it is not just built of recycled material but it also sells recycled and eco-friendly products like bags made of used truck tarpaulins, bicycle inner tubes, seat belts and airbags.

3. Ka Firushi Bird Market, Kabul, Afghanistan

A paradise for all bird lovers, the Ka Firushi Bird Market in Kabul, Afghanistan is a small market that sells different varieties of exotic birds. As you reach near the market, you can instantly figure out where exactly it is located due to the beautiful chirping and chattering of birds. The sellers in this market are into the business for generations and have great knowledge about the different bird species they have to offer. No matter whether you visit this unusual market out of curiosity or with the intent of buying, you will definitely fall in love with the tiny creatures present there.

4. Izmailovsky Market, Moscow, Russia

Russia is famous for its nesting dolls, known as Matryoshki locally. These dolls are handcrafted and painted with bright colours and have an identical structure that roughly resembles the figure 8. Each of these dolls come in a set of 4-5 where each doll is a smaller version of the other. The Izmailovsky Market in Moscow can be considered as a treasure house for all Matryoshki lovers. Beautiful hand painted vases, plates, crockery items and home decor products are also sold here along with the dolls. Visit this market if you heart everything colourful and quirky.

5. Khan Al-Khalili Market, Cairo, Egypt

The Khan Al-Khalili Market is a little Turkey inside Cairo. The market boasts some of the most precious and unusual collections that originally belongs to the old Turkish empire and are now sold as antiques. You can also find artistic and aesthetically beautiful items like lamps, embroidered carpets and rugs, utensils, vases, pitchers, jugs and many more products that are hard to find anywhere else. The market was once the hub for spice market in Egypt but is now famous for selling Turkish souvenirs.

Try visiting these markets for a unique experience that you won’t find at the local malls. If shopping makes you happy, these markets are sure to get you excited and happy. Not sure how to go? Pickyourtrail is just a call away, tell your requirements and get a custom itinerary ready within minutes.


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