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park guell barcelona
Written by Kajani Shivam on May 14, 2020 Share on

Walkthrough Gaudi’s Imaginative work of art – A visit to Park Guell

Park Guell
Image Credits: Unsplash

Park Guell is one of the mesmerizing art done by Antoni Gaudi’s. This marvel located in Barcelona is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Güell Park is a major touristic attraction, as it combines a charming hill with lots of trees and pathways for soft hiking, along with this Gaudi open museum. You can witness Gaudi’s work throughout the place and it will fill you with Awe. 

The shapes, columns, and walls do not follow any kind of standard pattern. It is filled with colors and thousands of details. Park Guell is a fairyland, both structural applicable and magical.  Park Guell is a feast of color, happiness, and life.  

Top 5 Famous Attractions of Park Guell

1. Mesmerizing Trencadís

Park Guell - Trencadis
Image Credits: Unsplash

Trencadis is a style of mosaic. It is created using pieces of old tiles, buttons, glass, shells, and broken chinaware. All these pieces are cemented together to create designs, patterns, and even images. Gaudi and his collaborator Josep Mario together created these mosaics which is one of the attractions in the Park Guell. The idea of Trencadis was a method used for both aesthetic purposes and also to recycle the old materials. You can see a set of Trencadís designed all the way through the park.

2. Dragon Fountain

Park Guell- Dragon Fountain
Image Credits. Unsplash

The Dragon Fountain is one of the most loved attractions of the park. The Dragon Fountain can be found at the entrance of the park. The fountain got a natural look with its irregular shape. You could literally get a feel of a dragon that sits at the entrance within the staircase. 

3. Gaudí House Museum

As you walk through the gardens, you will reach Gaudi’s house which was now converted into a museum. Gaudi lived here from 1906 to 1925. This house alone was designed by Francesc d’Assís Berenguer I Mestres, not Gaudi himself. The museum contains various models of his art, furniture designs, and many more works he planned for his future buildings. It is also said during those days when Gaudi lived here, he took nature as an inspiration from the garden and made his future designs. 

4. The Casa Larrard

Casa Larrard was once the residence of the Guell family. This was the first project done by Gaudi for Guell. The Casa Larrard was initially an old mansion that was renovated in 1907 by Gaudi. The old Spanish architecture is still prominently on display. The brilliant red brick is a pop of color amongst the green trees and sandstone arcades. The best part is the intricate alternating colored brickworks which creates stunning patterns on the outside of the building.

5. Turó de Les Tres Creus

You will be stunned by seeing the most incredible view of the city at the top of the park. At the top of the mountain, there are three crosses, pointing to the Cardinal directional points. This is one of the best ways to end the tour. 

How To Reach Guell Park

Although Park Güell is a bit of trek from the center of the city you’ll be more than rewarded for your efforts. 

1. Metro

Metro is the best way to reach the Park.  Get on the Green line (L3) and ride it to Vallarta station. From here you have about a 15-minute walk up to a steep hill to reach the park entrance. Vallarta station is the preferred access point since parts of the hillside here have an escalator to help you up to the hill. Also, it is highly advisable to get your bottles filled with water during the summertime. 

2. Bus

You can take a  bus 24 or 32 which will drop you off right by the park’s front gates but tends to run on a more limited schedule than the metro. The Bus Turística also stops near the park if you already have a pass to accessible. 

Entry Fees for Guell Park

  • The ticket price for Park Guell costs 10 Euros. 
  •  The guided tour to Park Guell with skip the line entrance facility is also available at 24 Euros

Timings for Park Guell

Monday to Sunday
10:00 AM- 6:00 PM

While you walk through this park, you really start to live inside the vision of  Gaudi. His dreamlike creations do make you feel like you’re wandering somewhere outside this earth. Somewhere you have only ever seen in dreams. Excited? Plan your trip to Barcelona on the Pickyourtrail Website by crafting a perfect itinerary to experience this amazing creation of Gaudi.

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