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Dubai Kidzania
Written by Rushenka Christopher on April 20, 2020 Share on

What to Expect in KidZania in Dubai

Dubai being a flashy and glamorous city, it definitely is a treat for adults but the best part about this Emirati city is that it not only caters to the sophisticated needs of adults but is also a paradise for kids. Traveling to Dubai with Family can be one of the best vacation decisions you make. With its stunning skyscrapers and world-class hotels, it also has a ton of activities to keep the little ones entertained which solves one of the most challenging parts of traveling with kids.


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With many attractions solely dedicated to keep kids on the run and experience the best parts of the city, KidZania definitely tops the list by offering a unique edutainment experience that not only keeps the kids on their toes but also ensures that adults accompanying these kids don’t get bored. KidZania is a Mexican based fake city where kids get to live the life of an adult for a day. They get to choose between over 80 jobs that are available and perform activities from which they can earn money which can be used for shopping or recreation. KidZania allows kids to live in a made-up world where they get to see what the life of an adult would look like and all the challenges that come with it.

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As soon as you step into this land of fun and learning, you will be taken into a completely different world that will keep you and your kids pumped throughout the day.  It’s a complete city built to scale and every activity is super interactive with real-life jobs to earning money through them and then spending them on whatever they like. It’s truly a surreal experience.

Activities to do in KidZania

All these activities are set-up to ensure kids learn tangible life skills that allow them to grow personally and interpersonally while keeping the needs of society in mind.

1. Dental Industry

Kids can play the role of a dentist and learn all about the importance of oral hygiene and they even get to perform dental surgery.

2. Fire stations

With firemen uniforms and bid red firetrucks, kids will thoroughly enjoy the experience of playing a fireman as they get to put out fires. This activity can only be availed once per day.

3. Hospitals

While parents get to role-play being patients, kids are taught about emergencies and simple surgeries. They also get to take care of babies in the nursery.

4. Fashion Boutique

This is every little fashionista’s dream come true. Kids can learn all about dressing up to how to catwalk in a runway show. They get to dress up and showcase their favorite pieces while their parents can be a part of the audience.

5. Pizza Express

Pizza express is as fun as it sounds. They can learn how to make their own pizza with their favorite toppings and they can take it home with them as well.

6. TV studio

Kids get to play the role of actors, celebrities, cameraman, editors, anchors, etc by learning about the art and executing it in real-time.

7. Bank

The banks in KidZania is run by kids as well. The economy is of the city is very unique. Kids have their unique bank accounts and they also get to play the role of a banker by performing tasks.

8. Supermarket

Kids can either choose to learn how to attend to customer needs and run a supermarket or challenge themselves to shop within a certain budget, they are going to enjoy it either way and perhaps as parents, this is one skill you definitely want your kids to learn. Shopping with kids might get a lot simpler after this exercise.

9. Chocolate factory

This fun activity involves kids making different flavors of chocolates and taking them home with them for their family to enjoy.

10. Flight Simulator

Kids get to learn how to fly a plane with their state of the art flight simulator based on a real flydubai aircraft. They also get to just be passengers if they like where they are taught the importance of safety procedures in a flight and they are served food during their flight. There are over 80+ activities to choose from and based on what your kids are interested in, you can pick and choose to accommodate these activities throughout the day.

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Few things to note before you visit KidZania:

  1. KidZania is primarily for kids from the age of 4-16 although there is no age restriction for entry.
    For toddlers between the age of 2-3, there is a separate zone called the fun toddler’s zone where they have activities to entertain toddlers as well.
  2. It’s advised to purchase fast track tickets beforehand to avoid long queues as you might end up spending a lot of time there otherwise.
  3. If you’re looking at a less crowded time to visit, you might want to schedule this on a weekday.
  4. These activities involve a lot of running around so wearing comfortable shoes could do you a lot of good.

This is a fun way to spend time with your kids and the best part is that it’s extremely educational and entertaining. You and your kids will never fall short of things to do in this beautiful city. Located in the Dubai Mall, this is definitely worth a visit if you’re traveling with your family.

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