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Written by Rohitha Bollipalli on February 5, 2019 Share on

Where to travel in June

Planning your vacation ahead is always good. This will save you a bomb on flights, stay and some activities too. So when summer arrives, do not feel lost in the chaos of planning last-minute. June is the month of music festivals, dance and food fairs all over the world. Most importantly, cold countries become super active and social, which make it welcoming to the travellers. Below are those destinations that will make June your favourite month of the year.

1. Sweden

When days are long and people are buzzing, it’s a great time in Sweden. The summer solstice brings out all the party hats. The Pagan traditions that run high in Swedes will ensure you a great time in June. Coffee, herring and beer is everywhere and the people are super merry!

Festivals: Midsommar or Mid-summer festival.

2. Indonesia

The ever-warm Indonesian sun shines a tad bit brighter in summer. The rivers flow swifter and the renowned sunrise and sunsets are fiercer in every shade. Summer is full of street festivals and traditional dances too.

3. Hungary

The Danube is very pretty in the summer as opposed to its misty behaviour in the rest of the months. The Danube carnival hosts hundreds of artists from all over the world. Added to this is the summer festival that brings a lot of song and dance to the streets of Budapest. Produce from the local vineyards are brought to the markets, so maybe try a wine or two whenever you come across one!

4. Canada

If your jaws tremble at the thought of snow and eternally frozen terrain, June’s your saviour! The wallpaper locations are slightly unfrozen during June, so make your way to Canada. For instance, this is Alberta and this lake could be your next vacation. There’s not much snow too!

5. New York

New York becomes a music lover’s city when summer arrives. Food trucks and farmers markets apart, everybody is on the streets to get some sun. Huge music festivals take up kilometres of space and they are something tourists should definitely look forward to!

Festivals: Mountain Jam festival, The governor’s ball, Pride month and week. 

6. England

The weather is beautiful during June, with none of those nasty rains and snow. With the extra music festivals and fairs, England doesn’t get any better. Glastonbury, for example, is world-class! Five days of crazy art and music- who wouldn’t want that?

FestivalsGlastonbury Festival

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7. Reykjavik

Reykjavik, the vibrant capital of Iceland has so much more to offer than just icebergs and Nothern Lights! As if statues popping up out of the random wasn’t enough, the art scene gets more and more interesting along with the rising degrees of temperature! It has brought thousands of artists together since its conception in 1970. Design, photography, theatre, visual art, opera and music- all find their respective places in the grand show.

FestivalsReykjavik Arts Festival

So pack your bags, this June is going to be the best. Here’s a little nudge towards the mentioned locations.

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